California will slip into the ocean

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The well-developed tourist infrastructure makes traveling in most parts of California easy. In terms of accommodation, a distinction is made between hotels (mostly in the city), motels (practical because you park right in front of the door), inns (houses with the character of country inns) and bed & breakfasts (private accommodation, mostly in very well-kept houses).

In American accommodations, sleeping comfort is generally given high priority. Uncomfortable beds with a width of 90 cm or 1 m as in this country are not encountered anywhere in the USA. In better hotels and motels, guests have the choice between queen-size beds, which is approximately 1.40 m wide, and king-size beds, which turn out to be regal lawns with dimensions of 2 mx 2 m. Twin beds are two queen-size beds.

Washing machines and dryers that can be operated with coins are practical in many motels. Washing powder is taken from machines or given a package at the reception. If necessary, you have to go to the nearest supermarket. Public coin laundries including a dryer (coin laundries) can also be found in every town. In better accommodations, iron, ironing board and coffee maker are often standard equipment. In addition to partly heated indoor and outdoor pools, more and more hotels are also offering fitness studios with more or less large ›machinery‹. If rooms are equipped with minibars, it is better to find out more about the prices, which are often a multiple of what you pay for a drink or a chocolate bar in the supermarket, before reaching into the full. Valuables can be stored in your own safe in your room or you can leave them for safekeeping at reception.

Often in the USA one comes across accommodations that rent out rooms including a more or less well-equipped kitchen. Depending on the hotel category, the utensils provided are clean or usable. The use of the kitchen is usually only profitable for stays of several days, as the purchase of cleaning products (which are often not available) does not pay off for a single use.

If you are looking for a room in the USA towards evening, a typical American practice turns out to be very helpful: Many hotels and motels switch on neon signs with the words vacancy or no vacancy on after 6 p.m., so that you can do without them from the car get out and see if rooms are available or the hotel / motel is fully booked. The hotel tax applicable in the respective city is added to the room rates (San Diego 10%, San Francisco and Los Angeles 14%). Sometimes other local taxes are added.

Bed & Breakfast

Bed and breakfast accommodations are common in California. Often these are upscale private houses with antique or plush furnished rooms, in which TV or other achievements of modern technology are sometimes in vain. Instead, you can slumber in four-poster beds, symbols of the good old days for Americans fixated on tradition. It is not uncommon for these accommodations to be luxuriously furnished and cost half a fortune. In rural areas, however, you can also find inexpensive houses. Some B & Bs only accommodate non-smokers. Anyone who can communicate in English will have fun chatting with other house guests over breakfast about God and the world.


Staying on a ranch makes every vacation in America a very special western experience. Slipping into the role of cowboys and cowgirls is quite expensive, but you should take into account that in addition to meals, many leisure activities are usually included in the price. Working ranches are cattle or horse breeding businesses that usually only offer space for a few guests, but also offer the opportunity to tackle their daily work. Dude or guest ranches are more geared towards strangers and offer the comfort of hotels, but also provide entertainment for guests, for example at campfires with music and a BBQ in the evening. Ranch resorts have either little or nothing to do with the everyday work of cowboys, but rather demonstrate the relationship with real ranches mostly only through a rustic ambience (;

Vacation Homes & Apartments

There is a huge range of holiday homes and apartments available to vacationers in the USA - from rustic cottages for romantic togetherness to luxurious villas for several families. There is also no need for providers. The best thing to do is to enter your preferred destinations (state, location, time) in Internet search engines and choose the appropriate one from the masses of offers.

Youth hostels

Those who travel on a small budget can save a lot of money by staying overnight in youth hostels. In large cities, accommodations are often open around the clock (around $ 30–40 / bed), while in the country they are closed during the day and only reopen in the late afternoon (around $ 15–20 / bed). As a rule, beds are offered in dormitories, and sometimes more expensive private rooms. Not only young backpackers but also entire families can be accommodated in hostels. In most houses it is mandatory to have your own thin cloth sleeping bag (Hostelling International USA, 425 Divisadero St., San Francisco, CA 74117-2242, Tel. 415-701-1320, Fax 415-863-3865,


Private, state or municipal campsites or parking spaces for recreation vehicles (camp mobiles) are a dime a dozen. The National Park Service and Forest Service facilities in particular are inexpensive (approx. $ 5–15), although not nearly as luxuriously equipped as, for example, the private KOA campgrounds distributed throughout California ($ 20–40 / night, www., where you can often rent cabins. These cabins are wooden houses with one or two rooms for up to six people.

Camping lodges and camping cottages with a kitchen, air conditioning and bathroom are even more comfortable. You have to bring your own sleeping bag and kitchen utensils. A cottage for two people costs around $ 50–60 per night including parking space ( Anyone traveling with the camper is not allowed to spend the night on the street, but must drive to a campsite. The Chambers of Commerce and the Visitors Bureaus provide free directories of all campsites.