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Renovation work: why spring is made for it

1. The weather

Please keep in mind that renovation is not just about the interior. Spring is perfect for the realization of garden projects, as this is when the growing season begins. So invest in pretty flowers, shrubs and trees for your beds. The warm summer months encourage growth, so that your garden shines in lush green and bright colors in no time. Spring is also made for outdoor activities. After all, the sun shines longer again, there is less precipitation and in most parts of the world pleasant temperatures replace the winter freezing temperatures.

Another benefit is that soft ground at this time of year. This makes it easier to implement large-scale projects such as building terraces or pools. The faster the excavation work, the sooner you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

2. The market

Renovation work always has the potential to increase value. Because of this, many owners choose to redesign before marketing. Spring is generally considered to be a good time to sell a house and therefore also the perfect time to renovate.

3. The rest

The further the year progresses, the more often there are appointments in our calendars. In spring, on the other hand, it is comparatively quiet. This is another reason why this time of year is perfect for renovation work. The summer months are reserved for family holidays with the children, the Christmas stress is far away and you can concentrate on your project without annoying interruptions.

4. The perfect timing

When doing extensive work on the facade or in the garden, scheduling plays a decisive role. Create as large a time window as possible for this. Because there are often delays in major projects. The winter months are therefore extremely unsuitable for this. Because in bad weather, outdoor work comes to a standstill. Rain and squalls not only result in mandatory breaks. The building material can also be damaged. Schedule your renovations to be completed by summer. This gives your property enough time to "acclimate" before the cold snap again.

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