Why are apples imported to Vietnam

Apples have always been a solid product for countries outside of the tropical climate. Grapes also have an exotic appeal for people from tropical countries. Nevertheless, these two fruits are popular all over the world, including Vietnam.
The Vietnamese imports its grapes from three countries - Australia, South Africa and the USA. According to Tran Vac Chuc, Vice Director of the Fruits and Greens Company in Vietnam. “We're seeing a 20% increase in our grape sales. Our company has also noticed that the number of retailers has increased. Typically, Vietnamese people like products that come from the US, in terms of grapes, we import black seedless grapes and Autumn Royal grapes. At the moment we haven't traded grapes from other Asian countries such as Japan or South Korea. Trade with South Africa is also doing well. The quality and the number of varieties are increasing year after year and it is very fitting that the grape season peaks just before the Chinese New Year. "
As for apples, Vietnam usually imports from New Zealand, France, or the United States. “We get different types of apples. From the USA we get red apples, ambrosia and royal gala apples. We also get red and gala apples from France and we are also the exclusive distributor of Juliet apples. We are importing more and more from France because their products are 10-15% cheaper than the American ones. "
“Now there are stable prices and sales of apples. We also plan to import apples from Korea and strawberries and apples from Japan. We also recently received the starting signal for the import of cherries from Australia and kiwis from France, ”Chuc answers when asked about the future of fruit imports in Vietnam.