How can I catch legendary Pokemon

Ten tips for catching Legendary Pokémon

Encountering rare and powerful Legendary Pokémon is one of the most exciting parts of any Pokémon adventure, and in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon you can get hold of more Legendary Pokémon than any other Pokémon video game! Catching them all is an exciting challenge, so you should take some time to prepare for it.

Here are some important factors to consider when it comes to catching Pokémon: the type of Pokémon you're trying to catch, its HP remaining, any status issues affecting it, and the type of Poké Ball you're using.

We're going to show you here how you can get the most out of these factors. Also, being tactical about catching a Pokémon can be a lot more fun than simply attacking it and throwing hyperballs at it. Most of these tricks apply to attempts to catch any Pokémon, so keep them in mind as you go on adventures.

Journey through the ultra gate

It's pretty tricky catching a Pokémon you've never seen! So the first step is to find the Legendary Pokémon of your choice. Before you can encounter these incredible beings, however, you must complete the majority of your adventure. The Legendary Pokémon that are native to the Alola region can be encountered on the various islands, so look everywhere! A good reference point are the respective ruins that are on the islands.

The Legendary Pokémon that are not from the Alola region can only be found on the other side of the Ultra Gate. As soon as you have progressed far enough in your adventure and have unlocked the ultra-warp, you can travel through the ultra-gate on the back of Solgaleo or Lunala.

Your journey begins at the Sonnenkreis podium (in Pokémon Ultra Sun) or on the moon disc podium (in Pokémon Ultra Moon) where you will find a glowing crack. From there you can step through the ultra gate, in which you show Solgaleo or Lunala the way. On the way you will discover numerous warp holes that lead you into different worlds. When you step inside, you can encounter Pokémon that are not found in the Alola region, including Legendary Pokémon and Ultra Beasts!

Warp holes have different colors and glow differently. The color of the warp holes determines the world they lead into, while the more glaring warp holes are more likely to have Legendary Pokémon. Each Legendary Pokémon can only be found in a certain world. Even if you can't find a Legendary Pokémon, the chances of encountering a Shiny Pokémon in the brightly glowing warp holes are increased. You'll have to travel far to get to the most interesting warp holes, so collect enough orange bullets along the way to increase your speed and avoid the electrifying obstacles.

Use Synchro to bet on the right being

You can only catch one copy of a Legendary Pokémon at a time, so make sure it fits in with the strategies you've come up with. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about Legendary Pokémon's abilities, and you can reach their full potential at any time with super special training. The only sticking point is the essence that cannot be changed later.

There's no guarantee that a Legendary Pokémon you encounter has a specific creature, but if you put a Pokémon with the Synchro Ability (like Abra, which you can find in Hauholi City) at the top of your team, you can increase the chances of it. That Pokémon should have the Synchro Ability and the creature you want the Legendary Pokémon to be (don't worry, this effect will take effect even if the Pokémon at the top is Knocked Out). If you can't catch a Pokémon that has the creature you want, you can try hatching eggs until the right Pokémon hatches.

Carefully weaken opponents

Once the fight starts, your next goal is to lower your opponent's HP as much as possible. The more HP Pokémon lose, the easier it will be to catch them. However, be careful with attacks that could send your opponent on the boards with a direct hit or cause them an undesirable status problem.

It is safest to use attacks that deal a predictable amount of damage. Super Tooth and Natural Wrath are great places to start combat, as they deal damage equal to half the enemy HP. You can even deal 75% of your opponent's HP in damage if you use the hooded Pokémon's exclusive Z-Attack, Alola's Guardian! The Night Fog and Geo Throw attacks do damage appropriate to the level of the user - so they're also great ways to deal predictable damage.

But you still have to be careful because all of these attacks can defeat the opposing Pokémon at some point. The best way to minimize your opponent's HP is through deception or restraint. Neither of these attacks will ever knock your opponent out. lead, which enables you to reduce your CP to 1 without risk. With the TM54, which you receive at the beginning of your adventure, you can easily teach many Pokémon deception. So before the fight, make sure that one of the Pokémon on your team can handle this attack!

Send them to the land of dreams

Another way to increase the chances of a successful catch is to trigger a status problem in the opposing Pokémon. Not all status issues contribute equally to this, so you should think about which ones to use. Pokémon that are asleep or frozen are easier to catch than those that are only poisoned, paralyzed, or burned. Freezing wild Pokémon in a targeted manner isn't easy, so focus on putting them to sleep.

The most reliable method of doing this is by attacking the fungal spore. Paras, Parasek, Knilz, Tarnpignon, Hutsassa, Bubungus and Lamellux learn them by leveling up, while you can teach a color eagle to imitate them through his attack. If you don't want to look for a Pokémon that has fungal spores, try yawning, sleeping powder, kissing death, hypnosis, grass flute, singing, or slumbering instead - these methods are less accurate, however. If you don't have a way to put a Pokémon to sleep, try Thunder Wave Paralysis (TM73, found in the Malihe Ornamental Garden).

Unfortunately, there is a catch here, too, because some Legendary Pokémon are not impressed by these attacks. Powder attacks such as Sleep Powder or Fungal Spores have no effect on Plant-type Pokémon such as Kapu-Toro or Viridium. Electric Pokémon cannot be paralyzed, and Ground-level Pokémon like Demeteros leave Thunder Wave cold. It is probably easiest to dodge attacks like singing or hypnosis on these enemies, but if you really want to stick with thunder wave or mushroom spore, you can remove these immunities by using flooding on your opponent beforehand.

Train Pokémon specifically as helpers

Given the large number of Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon It makes sense to train one or two Pokémon specifically to help you catch other Pokémon. The color eagle seems to be best suited for this, which you will encounter in rare cases on Route 2, because it can learn four attacks of your choice with the help of imitators.

Here are a few attacks to consider:

  • Natural anger or super tooth to weaken opponents

  • Deception or reluctance to lower the opponent's HP to a minimum

  • Attacks to put the opponent to sleep (preferably fungal spore)

  • Flood, to enable your Pokémon to use mushroom spores against Plant Pokémon and deception, restraint and Super Tooth against Ghost Pokémon

  • Faces and Snoops also allow your Pokémon to hit Ghost-Type enemies with Deceit, Restraint, and Super Tooth

  • Healing blockade and mockery can prevent opponents from restoring their HP with attacks

Hoard Poké Balls

Hyperballs are usually a good idea to catch a Pokémon, but other Poké Balls can be more effective in certain situations. Whichever type of ball you ultimately choose, always have plenty of it in your luggage.

Net balls are more effective against Beetle and Water Pokémon than Hyperballs, making them an excellent choice in the fight against Kyogre, Palkia, Suicune, and Kapu-Kime. In Ohana, they can also be bought almost as cheaply as Hyperballs.

Timerballs can also be purchased in Ohana for a reasonable price. They are almost ineffective at the beginning of a fight, but you should use them if you have to go through a lengthy battle. If you have been facing the opposing Pokémon for a dozen or so unsuccessful rounds, timer balls prove to be an effective way to end the battle of strength.

The last type of Poké Balls you can get easily is the Dark Ball, which can be purchased on Route 8. These balls are particularly effective in caves or outside at night. Keep in mind, however, that their effect fizzles out in daylight.

Conjure the right ball out of your sleeve

Determining when to use rarer Poké Balls is far from easy, but what better opportunity than battling Legendary Pokémon? Some of the rarest balls give you the greatest advantage over Legendary Pokémon.

Turbo balls prove to be effective against the numerous nimble Legendary Pokémon. They develop their effect not only against Kapu-Riki or Mewtwo with their excellent initiative values, but also against Kobalium, Entei, Demeteros, Latios and many more.

Tall Legendary Pokémon are perfect targets for heavy balls. Dialga, Giratina, Groudon, Heatran, and Regigigas are the most vulnerable to Heavy Balls, but these particular balls do better than Hyperballs against more than a dozen other Legendary Pokémon.

Use your master balls sparingly

With a master ball you are guaranteed to catch every Pokémon, but at the same time it is also the rarest Poké Ball ever. That doesn't mean there is only one copy of it (you can get an extra Master Ball if you register your game with the Pokémon Global Link before January 29, 2018, or if you're lucky enough to win a raffle), but you should nevertheless, avoid using your master ball carelessly at all costs.

Be careful not to use your Master Ball on Solgaleo or Lunala, as they are both easier to catch than most other Legendary Pokémon. Even Necrozma is relatively easy to catch, so you should save your master ball for more elusive Pokémon like Mewtwo, Giratina or Xerneas.

Good preparation is essential

Before you go looking for Legendary Pokémon, you should not only stock up on Poké Balls, but also on revitalizers and items to restore your Pokémon's HP. Otherwise you and your team will soon reach your limits, because these Legendary Pokémon are incredibly strong.

Items to restore AP are more difficult to find than items to replenish HP, since Aether and Elixirs are not available in the Pokémon supermarket. However, you can easily create a virtually inexhaustible source of AP by growing Jonago Berries at the Pokémon Resort.

Don't forget the items your Pokémon are carrying. For example, give the leftover item to the Pokémon that is on the battlefield to carry while you are throwing Poké Balls. This way it can stay strong longer if the target repeatedly slips away. If you have a Pokémon whose only job is to use deceit or restraint, it could benefit from a choice ribbon or silk scarf to increase the damage.

Get support from Rotom

Your Rotom Pokédex can also be of great help against particularly demanding Pokémon.

The special items that you get from the Rotomat have a variety of powerful effects. If you're after Legendary Pokémon, look out for Fangbons in particular. It's best to save them for this occasion. The effect of comparable items, e.g. B. KP or AP tokens are less overwhelming, but they can still be of great use in lengthy battles.

Finally, we wish you every success in catching the Legendary Pokémon and hope that you enjoy your adventure in Alola to your heart's content. If you're interested in more articles and analysis on the Pokémon TCG, video games, and tournaments, visit