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Anal Sex: These tips will have fun for both of you

Anal sex and me - let's say it's complicated. Maybe it's a bit like my foster horse back then: it accidentally ran into the electric fence once, it hurt, then it was afraid and became restless just seeing the evil fence from afar. My first experience with anal sex was similar: my first boyfriend and I had sex standing up, he slipped or out of me, but was still in full swing and in the next move his cock accidentally rammed a full pound into my butt. My legs almost slumped in pain - and I was first served. And later attempts to gain something from the topic of anal sex failed because of my tension and the impatience of the male participant. But: I haven't checked off the topic yet. That would be a shame. And therefore asked three people who are either already real professionals or who have just discovered their desire for pop sex. A woman and two men, one preferring the bottom, the other preferring the top - after all, the active part also has to have its say.

Anal sex: tips from the active part

Timo *, 32: “I have sex with men and I'm usually top, that is, the active part. Basically, for good anal sex, it is important that both sides can relax - but above all of course the bottom part. If the sphincter is tense, it will hurt. There are a few guys out there who want their tail penetrated right away. I don't know how they do it. But generally only very few immediately open both wing doors and shout "come in". Taking your time is important. And I always try to create a pleasant atmosphere for men I only meet for sex.

I think rimming is great as a foreplay. Because when you lick your partner's ass, you first notice quickly when the muscles relax, and everything becomes nice and moist. It is also possible to first feel carefully with your finger, but not everyone likes that. Here is also a crucial moment: Most guys are prepared accordingly, but it can also happen that you suddenly have suspicious brown marks under your fingernail - then there is obviously still a need for action with the bottom. Because a shit spectacle is more of a special interest. And then you say “you, here's a towel, maybe go to the toilet again, don't rush.” That rarely happens, but it is possible. Communication and a basic trust are all the more important, because such a situation can of course be very uncomfortable.

If both are then ready, most of them like to take it easy, want to start immediately in the manner of a porno steam engine - or very few can. It is usually most trusting when the passive part sits on top of me. Then he can determine the pace and intensity with his body movement. Gradually you can get to the point faster if everything goes well. And: Sometimes spit is enough, but mostly I use lubricant in addition to the condom - this is of course always a must for anal sex with men whose status I do not know.

Anal expertise from a bottom man

Marco *, 31: I'm versatile, sometimes top, sometimes bottom, but at the moment prefer bottom. If I know I want to have anal sex, I like to use a butt plug an hour or two beforehand. Then everything is stretched nicely, that definitely makes a difference. Preparation is great, but sometimes you naturally want to have anal sex spontaneously. Then the atmosphere and my own mood are decisive. Whether at home or in the club, I have to feel good, have a certain trust in the other man - and of course the degree of my own horniness is also decisive. If you feel that it doesn't feel good and you are tense, you shouldn't do it. Then it won't be fun.

As for the position: some bottoms like to sit on their partner at the beginning, but I don't think that's ideal. If you crouch more or less on top of the other, you are in control, but you also have to strain your legs a lot. I find it comfortable to lie on my stomach, then you can fully relax all muscles. I also think the classic doggy position is great. But then it is important to clearly communicate to the partner that he should start slowly. Anyway, talking to each other is a good idea to avoid misunderstandings and thus pain. "

Anal sex tips from a woman who learned to love it

Lavinia *, 36: “Until I was 35 I didn't enjoy anal sex, nor did I have partners who knew how to make it a great experience. But now I've become a real fan. On the subject of preparation: If you know that you want to have anal sex, you can of course prepare and, above all, go to the toilet beforehand. But actually I think it's good when it happens spontaneously during sex. In my opinion, it is important how the partner approaches, then it doesn't really matter how well prepared you are.

In the course of foreplay or during vaginal sex, the woman usually becomes so wet that the man can start massage the anus with a moistened finger. Ideally with the middle finger, because it can penetrate particularly deeply later, while the thumb and index finger can simultaneously stimulate the clitoris. It is important to massage the anus with your finger until the sphincter has got used to the feeling and gradually loosens by itself. Then the finger can slowly penetrate, and once it is in it can usually go deeper without any problems. Because the touch deep inside creates even more pleasure.

At some point it is the penis' turn. As for the position: doggy style, i.e. on your knees, is more for professionals in my opinion. I can't relax my abdomen at all. I prefer to lie on my stomach and the man lies over me and slowly pushes the penis into my bottom. I also like the spoon position. If you have strength in your legs, you can also sit on the man. Then the tail can penetrate very deeply and at the same time, as a woman, you have control over the movements. Basically, trust and a lot of time are essential, especially for beginners in anal sex.

And another important note that men in particular often do not have on their radar: The same finger must never be used in the anal area and on the vagina, because the intestinal bacteria can promote infections or bladder infections. So always strictly separate: one hand or one finger only for the bottom, the other fingers for the vagina. "

Anal Sex: Some Differences, Many Similarities

You can tell from the experiences of these clever people: Needs and preferences are of course also individual when it comes to anal sex. But there are also similarities that you can hang over your bed as golden rules. A basic trust is important, even with sex acquaintances, as well as communication and a pinch of humor - because an ass is a special part of the body. And, that resonates with everyone: time. Just quickly in, out, that apparently only works in the rarest of cases and with the said “double door” professionals. Nothing works with pressure, I know that from my own experience. The sentence of a friend, with whom I also spoke recently about the subject of anal sex, sums it up nicely: Every asshole needs time to relax.

And hey, of course, anal sex is always a matter of taste. Some just don't like it when someone or something marches in through the back door, whether it slips well or not. In that respect, relax. Either way.

It's good that I asked about it.

Your Masha

* And this time, too, the respondents preferred to have aliases