How can you best listen to music?

Listen to music online for free - list of the best services 2021

You can listen to music online for free and, above all, legally at various services. This list shows you which services can be used in 2021. We'll introduce you to the best providers and show you all the advantages and disadvantages.

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Streaming provider

There are several streaming providers in Germany that offer you access to millions of songs. These are financed by advertising between the songs and the opportunity to become a premium customer. But you don't have to use the premium subscription. You can also access all songs for free. It is also possible to create your own playlists. Streaming means that the songs are downloaded the moment they are heard. They are then not stored permanently on your PC.

You can find all the important providers in this list: ► A comparison of music streaming

Online radios

There are numerous online radios where you can listen to music for free and legally. Here, too, advertisements are brought in from time to time to finance the services. In the meantime there are also concepts in which a radio program is individually tailored to suit one's own musical taste. The classic radio with moderators and a fixed playlist is of course also available online.

  • Rautemusik.FM - Classic online radio with a fixed playlist
  • 1Live, SWR3, Regenbogen, FFH, Energy, Das Ding - listen to classic radio stations via web radio

We can provide a detailed test of the online radios here: ► Listen to the radio online

Video platforms

Video portals are another way of listening to music online. There are various providers where you can watch music videos in the browser for free. This is financed by advertisements and is therefore also a legal way to listen to music online.

  • Youtube music - all music videos on Youtube clearly summarized
  • - See and hear many music videos and all MTV videos online

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Alternatives without registration

There are also some platforms that use YouTube as a basis and display the videos in a clear interface. Most of the time, less advertising is played before the songs:

  • - Several portals in one clear interface
  • - Lots of playlists, music comes from Youtube videos
  • Last.FM - Many artists, music is played through Youtube videos
  • - music without ads, but rather smaller artists

Alternatives without advertising

There are currently no free alternatives for listening to music without ads.

In order for you to be able to listen to music, musicians have to put a lot of time and energy into their songs. In order for these songs to reach you, you need people who work on the radio, keep YouTube running or program the Spotify app. To name just a few of the many jobs that are required. These people have to be paid and therefore there is no way to listen to music for free and without advertising.

So if you listen to music for free, then advertising is making money. If you do not want to have the advertising, you can take out a premium subscription to Amazon, Spotify, etc. for an amount. Then the companies and artists have an amount from you directly.

So no matter which legal path you choose, it is important that you support the artists and the many people behind the services.

Why is it free?

In most cases, the platforms are funded by advertising revenue. A small part of this also goes to the artists. Here you will find a list of the simplest and most popular services. Just try out what is the most convenient way for you personally to listen to music for free. Since every person has a different daily routine and different habits, personal preferences when listening to music also vary.

More information on music sock:

How do you listen to music online? If you know more services, please write us an email. We'll then expand the list :-)