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Translation of "shit in your ear" in German

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Living with somebody spouting insane shit in your ear.
Why don't I take a shit in your ear holes, give you a little peace and quiet? I'm sorry.

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Miss Bracken don't ever try to fucking bribe me or I'll have you and Patchett in shit up to your ears.
Miss Bracken, don't ever try to bribe me or you and Patchett will get stuck in a hurry in the crap.
Mr. Delaney likes to stick shit in people's ears.
Since I was a kid, The Beast has been whispering shit in my ear.
I think he's got some of that pig shit in his ear.
There was this African monkey whispering all this creepy shit in my ear.
There was this African monkey that gave me loads of Garbage in the ear whispered.
Hey shits in ours ear, it's gonna blow back on you.
How about digging the shit out of your ears?
I wish that I had been hallucinating about somebody else, that any - anybody else was whispering 'all that hateful shit in my ear.
That I was hallucinating about someone else, that someone else was making me hate all of these Whispered shit would have.
Loving you, biting the ear other shit.
Love you, chew your ear from and so.
Take your shit out of my ears.
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