How is a cat's eyesight tested

Myopia in cats - can cats be nearsighted?

Bumped into the door again - is the cat nearsighted? Can cats have such a vision problem at all?

What is special about cat eyes?

Cats are among the hunters in the dark. For this nature has equipped them advantageously. Cat eyes are relatively large, the pupils even larger than in humans, in order to take in a lot of light. To prevent glare on a bright day, the pupils form into narrow slits. When it gets dark, they widen in a circle. An extra large number of rods on the retina, responsible for light-dark vision, ensure good vision at night. On the other hand, there is a lack of cones, the photoreceptors responsible for color vision. The world of cats is not as colorful as that of humans.

Why do cat eyes glow at night?

The cat has a light amplifier in its eye: the tapetum lucidum (luminous carpet). This layer of cells behind the retina reflects the incident light and sends it past the retina a second time for double use. A part of the light comes out through the lens. That is why cat's eyes glow at night when they are illuminated by car headlights, for example.

How clearly and far can cats see?

The cat's field of vision (around 200 to 220 degrees) is wider than that of humans (around 180 degrees) - an advantage when hunting to focus on as much as possible on the left and right. Nimble fluttering, scurrying, scurrying - no problem for cat's eyes either. At least if it doesn't move too far away. Because with the hunters on velvet paws there is a lack of visual acuity in the distance.

So are cats naturally myopic? It is normal that house cats see the sharpest up to a distance of between two and six meters and outdoor cats between four and six meters. That is enough to reach the prey with a hop or two. Everything above - or below - appears blurry. The quiet four-legged friends are therefore not considered to be nearsighted.

Can cats be nearsighted now?

Yes, it does happen that cats get nearsighted. Research on dogs and cats has shown that as the cat ages, there is a tendency towards myopia. Almost a third of the examined group of cats showed myopia.

Can I treat myopia in cats?

Dogs are fitted with glasses and horses have contact lenses if they have ametropia. This has not yet happened in cats. But don't worry: cats orientate themselves quite well, even with limited vision, because they recognize movements and outlines. However, a short-sighted outdoor cat is in danger on the road: if it notices an approaching car much too late or not at all, it could be run over.

If the four-pawed darling runs into furniture, doors or walls more often, only going to the vet will help. He can tell if there is an illness behind it. Maybe the cat only has its weird five minutes - that's supposed to happen.

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