Asia Argento is an angel

Asia Argento: Who is the woman with the chest tattoo?

Asia Argento: Who is the woman with the chest tattoo?

At the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, Asia Argento stood out from the crowd. And mostly because she presented a huge chest tattoo. Where other women wore expensive diamond necklaces for a walk, Asia Argento performed rock'n'roll with a tattooed Victorian necklace. We took a closer look at the Italian director, screenwriter, and ex-actress (as she herself says) and show you the pictures of her many tattoos here. We'll also tell you from which films you may already know the all-rounder Asia Argento.

Who is Asia Argento?

Wild and non-conformist, these attributes go very well with Asia Argento, the real name of which is actually Aria Asia Maria Vittoria Rossa Argento and is the daughter of the Italian filmmaker Dario Argento. Asia Argento's Twitter and Instagram feeds are chaotic, full of impromptu videos and photos, and colorful. Suitable for the creative mind itself.

Asia Argento Films

Asia Argento has been married since 2008, but writes on Twitter that she has never felt more lonely than when she was married. What is certain is that Asia Argento has two children and lives in Rome. In addition to films like XXX and Marie Antoinette, she also played in Dracula 3D. At least on Twitter, she doesn't call herself an actress. Asia Argento says she is a filmmaker, musician, red witch, poet and priestess. OK.

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Asia Argento Tattoo

What is really interesting about Asia Argento are her tattoos. The most prominently placed is her latest tattoo, which she has on the chest pricked. The victorian chain first performed it on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.

Asia Argento had a Victorian necklace tattooed on her chest in 2014.

But also anotherTattoobelow is no less spectacular. Emblazoned below the navel in the lumbar area an angel with outspread wings, closed eyes and bare breasts.

A bare-breasted angel in the loin area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAsia Argento ...

On the side buttock right and left has become Asia Argento get a large tattoo with a geographical pattern and flowers.

Bottom tattoo at Asia Argento.

On Asia Argento's fingers there are four names to read. But these are not the names of their children, their husbands or their family members. Joe stands for the American painter Joe Coleman, Syd stands for Syd Barrett the co-founder of Pink Floyd, Moz represents the singer Morrissey and Bob is referring to the American musician and lyric poet Bob Dylan.

Need a hand tattoo? Asia Argento can also serve with this ...

What do you think of the big chest tattoo?