Was it worth defeating the axis

The story behind Ground Zero and the lesson of September 12, 1970

19 years ago, on September 11, 2001, jihadists belonging to the Al-Qaeda terror network of the Saudi Arabian construction company and Afghanistan fighter Osama bin Laden hijacked four airliners. Two of them directed them into the two twin towers of the World Trade Centers in Manhattan, one in the Pentagon. Almost three thousand people were killed. More than three thousand children lost their parents. With a fourth plane, the conspirators allegedly wanted to attack a building in Washington - perhaps the White House. The plane crashed after heroic passengers resisted the kidnappers.

They acted like the passengers who on September 6, 1970, along with armed Israeli flight attendants, overpowered the hijacker Leila Khaled. The connection is obvious: even then, 50 years ago, the terrorists - who belonged to the PFLP, the Marxist terror group within the PLO - hijacked four airliners at the same time, and later a fifth. Three of them, including a Swissair plane with 155 passengers that had been on the flight from Zurich to New York, brought them to the Jordanian airfield Dawson’s Field, a former airfield of the British Royal Air Force, which the PFLP had designated as "their" airport.

They steered a hijacked Boeing 747 that was too big to land there to Cairo. The attempted hijacking of El-Al-Flight 219 from Amsterdam to New York by Leila Khaled and her accomplice failed: The Israeli pilot refused to allow himself to be kidnapped and instead performed a dive maneuver that knocked the hijackers off their feet. Passengers and Israeli flight attendants were able to overwhelm the hijackers. The plane landed in London, where Leila Khaled said he was "treated like an official state guest" and then released (her accomplice died from gunshot wounds he suffered).

In Jordan, the kidnappers separated the non-Jewish passengers from the Jewish passengers and released the non-Jewish passengers - a selection reminiscent of the Nazi extermination camps. The Jews kept them hostage. That was on September 11, 1970.

The hijacking of the Swissair plane was the third terrorist attack on civil Swiss aviation. In February 1969, a plane belonging to the Israeli airline El Al was attacked by a terrorist squad on the runway at Zurich-Kloten Airport. Two terrorists fired Kalashnikovs at the cockpit. The pilot was fatally injured. One of the perpetrators was shot dead by an Israeli security guard who was on board the plane. Three others were overpowered and arrested by firefighters and police and sentenced to 12 years in prison in December 1969. Shortly afterwards, in February 1970, Palestinian terrorists bombed a Swissair plane near Würenlingen in the canton of Aargau. All 47 inmates died. When the third Swiss airliner and its occupants fell victim to Palestinian terrorism in September 1970, Swiss politicians apparently decided that it was enough - time to surrender! She released the murderers from Kloten. A few years ago, the journalist Marcel Gyr described the - at least informally - pact with the terrorists:

A standstill agreement between Switzerland and the PLO resulted from the secret talks, which have not yet been made public: While the Palestinian side promised to spare Switzerland from further attacks, the PLO was assured that it would go through the diplomatic process To support parquet. "

Leila Khaled saw a victory in giving politics to violence that confirmed that terrorism was the way to go:

"The success we had with the tactic of hijacking planes, making our demands and having our demands successfully implemented gave us the courage and confidence to carry on with our struggle."

September 12, 1970

On September 12, 1970 the DC-8 of Swissair was on the Dawson’s Field blown up along with the other two aircraft hijacked there. The terrorists had invited the world press and filmed the explosion themselves. If you look at the pictures of the planes exploding and burning Dawson’s Field today - 50 years later - one cannot help but see the similarity to September 11, 2001. With their infernal fire, the terrorists show their power and threaten: "You see what happens ...?"

They are like the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, who threatened anyone with the fiery furnace who did not bow their knee to his golden statue. Daniel resisted. Not so our governments. Around 1970 began the fateful path that Switzerland, the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria and other Western European countries have taken: Out of fear of the terrorists to theirs Allies become. At the political level, the governments followed what the terrorists did on September 11, 1970 Dawson’s Field in Jordan when they separated Jews from Gentiles. 25 years after Auschwitz, there were enough politicians in Switzerland, Germany and other Western European countries who were ready to say to the terrorists: Do us nothing, we are not Jews. The PLO set up an official office not only in East Berlin (where it belonged ideologically and morally), but also in West Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France.

Incidentally, the Boeing 747 hijacked to Cairo was blown up on September 7, 1970. Cornelius Van Aalst, a Pan Am airline employee, said the New York Times on the same day, the kidnappers were "very friendly" and had shown "exemplary manners". Most Western European governments adopted this affection for the terrorists of Yasser Arafat in the years and decades that followed. Did that protect Europe from falling victim to terrorism? With a view to Berlin, Paris, Nice, Brussels, Madrid, London and Stockholm, we have to say: no.

When Osama bin-Laden declared in 1998 that his “jihad” was directed against “Jews and crusaders”, we were meant - whether Jewish or not. Everyone who is for democracy and the secular rule of law - a state that jihadists consider Jahiliya (Paganism before the arrival of Islam) applies - he is a crusader, even if he does not carry a weapon. And when the terrorists kill, they don't ask about their ethos, ethnicity or religious affiliation anyway: most of the victims of radical Islamic terrorism are Muslims.

It did no good for Europe to hide and pretend terrorism was an Israeli problem. Every victory, every yielding intoxicates the perpetrators and spurs them on to further massacres. You cannot defeat terrorism by speaking to the terrorists, weaving wreaths for them, establishing diplomatic relations with them, letting them win. Even if the tactic of paying protection money to the terrorist organization X (in cash or in the form of diplomatic support) so that it spares us really leads to the result that X will no longer carry out attacks on us, it will be the terrorist organizations Y and Call Z on the scene, who saw that terror was worth it for X: They murdered and blew up planes, now they are respected and sit in the UNO. Yasser Arafat was followed by Osama bin Laden. So the yielding from September 1970 led to September 11, 2001.

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