How long should I rest after LASIK

Laser eye procedure: This is how the operation is carried out in the eye center

Are you too too vain for glasses or is wearing contact lenses too inconvenient and too expensive for you in the long term?

Then you can have laser eye surgery again more quality of life help.

After a successful operation, most patients can see clearly again without visual aids and often do without visual aids entirely.

There are various laser eye methods available for correcting eyesight, which differ from one another in detail.

Basically, however, you can always be prepared for the same eye laser surgery procedure, which we would like to describe to you in this article.

When can I have my eyes lasered?

Laser eye lasers can be the way to better vision for very different indications. It is recommended by the ophthalmologist for the following visual defects:

However, certain requirements for laser eye surgery must be met.

Laser eye treatment is excluded People under 18 years of age, pregnant women or people with high-risk pre-existing conditions.

These include, for example, rheumatic diseases as well Retinal damage and corneal diseases.

Even if you have cataracts, laser eye surgery is not an option for you.

Preparation for laser eye surgery at home

Your doctor will advise you of any preparatory measures. This includes, among other things:

  • Remove contact lenses 1-3 weeks before the laser eye surgery
  • Take specially prescribed eye drops
  • Avoid eye make-up, hot aftershave or perfumes on the day of the operation
  • Discuss medication with the surgeon

What is the general procedure of an eye laser operation?

First of all, an ophthalmologist must clarify whether your eyes are suitable for laser treatment. In the eye clinic there is then a medical explanation and appropriate Preliminary examinations instead of.

The different laser treatments for correcting the cornea

Different eye laser procedures are offered in modern eye clinics today. In the following we will introduce you to the most common methods: The Femto-Lasik method, the PRK method and the ReLEx Smile method.

Laser eye procedure with Femto-Lasik

Two different lasers are used in the Femto-Lasik procedure. With the Femto Laser, air bubbles are brought under the cornea to Corneal flap to create.

This lid is very thin and precise. It is simply opened for lasering and then closed again later. An excimer laser then corrects the ametropia. The laser removes the corneal tissue with micro-precision with laser pulses.

Advantage of this method: The cornea of ​​the eye is only open for a short time. This significantly reduces the risk of treatment.

Laser eye procedure with PRK

Only the excimer laser is used for the PRK method of laser eye surgery. First of all, the uppermost corneal layer of the eye (epithelium) detached and smeared with a mini plane.

The laser then corrects the cornea. It takes about 3 to 4 days for the epithelium to grow back. The overall healing process is also delayed with this procedure.

Laser eye procedure with ReLEx Smile

With ReLEx Smile OP we dispense with the creation of a corneal flap. There is therefore no large-scale incision in the cornea as with Femto-Lasik.

The VisuMax Femto-Laser generates a inside of the cornea Lenticuleswhich is removed laterally by the surgeon through a minimally invasive canal.

This procedure is particularly recommended for people with high diopter values ​​and for athletes.

The actual process of laser eye surgery step by step

1. Drops to prepare for surgery

On the day of the procedure you will be eye drop given in preparation for surgery.

2. Anesthesia of the cornea

So that the procedure is painless for you, your cornea is also covered with drops stunned.

3. Insert the eyelid holder

To keep the eye open during laser eye surgery, a Eyelid holder used.

4. Laser treatment

Now the real thing takes place Laser treatmentwhich is carried out depending on the diagnosis. The

5. Put on the protective contact lens

After the laser treatment has been carried out successfully, a Protective contact lens used.

After the laser eye surgery, the patient has to stay on site for some time and rest. As a rule, however, he can go home on the same day.

Note: Arrange for someone to pick you up from the laser eye surgery well in advance of the appointment. After the procedure, you will have very limited eyesight and will not be allowed to drive.

How long does the laser eye surgery take?

You can expect a relatively short laser eye procedure. The laser treatment will not take longer than 5 to 10 minutes per eye. In addition, time is required for preparation and follow-up, which is why you should plan around two to 3 hours in total for the laser eye surgery.

Follow-up care after the operation for laser eye surgery

Follow-up care can be provided by a trusted ophthalmologist. He removes the protective contact lens in the days after the procedure. You will usually be recommended eye drops that you will need to take for a while.

You should definitely avoid the following after having laser eye surgery:

  • Dusty and smoky environments
  • Draft (car, air conditioning)
  • Avoid direct sunlight in the eyes (sunglasses)
  • No eye rubbing
  • Great eye strain (watching TV a lot, driving excessively)

Procedure for laser eye surgery in Turkey

If you decide to have eye surgery in Turkey, you have to plan a total of 2-3 nights. On the first day you will arrive and check in at the hotel.

On the 2nd day, the preliminary examination takes place in the morning. Afterwards the laser treatment will be carried out in the eye clinic in Istanbul in the afternoon.

On the day after the operation, the ophthalmologists will carry out the necessary follow-up checks before you are taken back to the airport by shuttle bus. If you still want to see Istanbul, it is best to stay a third night in Turkey.

Frequent questions and answers

Is laser eye surgery painful?
Thanks to the anesthetic drops, the procedure itself is completely painless. Some patients report an uncomfortable sensation in the eyes immediately after the procedure. This can continue into the initial healing phase. Common side effects of the procedure include pain, dryness in the eyes, itching, and burning sensation. However, these symptoms subside in the next few days after the procedure.
When can I see properly again after having laser eye surgery?
That depends on the surgical technique used. With PRK laser eye surgery, healing takes a little longer because the epithelium has to grow again. The entire healing process can take up to 3 weeks before stable vision is possible again. With femto lasers, you can usually achieve a visual performance of 100% the next day.
How long will the result of the laser eye surgery last?
There is no guarantee that the result of laser eye surgery will last. At the latest when presbyopia sets in in old age, laser-cut eyes also need glasses again to see in the vicinity.
Who pays for the laser eye surgery?
Unfortunately, the health insurance companies do not cover the costs of laser eye surgery. This is not a medically necessary treatment in the sense of the health insurance companies. Patients bear the cost of the procedure themselves.
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