How to make perfectly shredded chicken

Cut up a chicken

Chicken goes well with sour flavors like lemon and strong spices. If you cut your chicken yourself, you can use the individual parts for very different recipes.

Cutting up a chicken - to the technique

  • In contrast to carving, the chicken is cut up before preparation
  • a chicken makes three dishes: with breast, thigh and leg as well as back and wings
  • sharp meat knife required, cuts are made at the joints
  • Whole chickens are cheaper than cut pieces

Cooking school: slicing a chicken

Cut a chicken - this is how it works

1. Cut off legs
First cut off the skin at the opening in the abdomen. Separate the legs at the lower legs.

2. Cut off the sash
Score the wings with a knife and cut them off as well.

3. Loosen the clubs
Incise the skin between the trunk and the clubs up to the joint of the clubs. Press the legs outwards and finally cut them off completely.

4. Breast fillet and cut out
Cut the breast fillet along the bones and cut with the wing. Cut off the wings and break them into small pieces.

5. Boning the meat
On the meat side of the lower leg, cut along the bone and loosen the thigh bone. Separate the upper and lower leg bones.

Additional tips from eat & drink

  • Chicken fillets are the most popular pieces of chicken and can be fried or baked in one piece. Chopped up they are suitable for shredded food
  • Oven-cooked chicken legs are popular for their crispy skin
  • Chicken backs and wings are great for soups
  • Carcasses and bones make a good base for a chicken broth

Recipes with chicken