Is Captain Marvel an avenger

No Avenger knows Captain Marvel's true strength, Screen Rant

Warning! Spoilers for The Avengers # 45 below.

Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful avenger and superheroes in the Marvel Universe, but she also has record strengths. In a new preview for the upcoming edition of avengerCaptain Marvel breaks the record for the heaviest free lift in the world. However, she doesn't want anyone to know and immediately decides to delete the recording to prove her strength.

Carol Danvers is a powerhouse who acquired her superhuman abilities in an accident with a powerful Kree device that gave her incredible powers. Captain Marvel has the ability to absorb and channel energy, has superhuman strength and speed, is nearly invulnerable, and can fly. There are few heroes and villains on the same level as them. In the MCU, Carol is so powerful that she ended up being the ace of avengers in the hole against Thanos' attack on Earth when she single-handedly destroyed his warship before fighting the mad Titan one on one, only to be pushed back when he used an infinity stone. Jimmy Woo even noted that Captain Marvel was the only other person besides Scarlet Witch who was on the verge of defeating Thanos.

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Marvel Comics revealed a new preview for The Avengers # 45 by Jason Aaron, Luca Maresca and David Curiel, who show the Avengers in different situations when they don't save the world against the King in Black and his symbiotic army. The preview shows the team at Avengers Mountain while Captain America takes a run (while breaking a speed record), Blade trains against mandroids in the combat area, She-Hulk in the library reads Intergalactic Law, what Iron Man is making improvements to his armor, Ghost Rider is working on his car and Thor is enjoying some alcoholic drinks. Perhaps the most interesting look at the Avengers is Captain Marvel, who is currently busy breaking records in the strength and condition center.

Captain Marvel lifts a massive weight that weighs more than 5,400 pounds. She has informed that she has just broken the world record for a free elevator. Captain Marvel doesn't want the awards as it tells the system to clear the records.

Captain Marvel's strength is obviously a by-product of her amazing powers, but nonetheless, breaking the world record for a free lift that none of her Avengers will ever know about since breaking the records is still an impressive feat. It is likely that she feels that her powers are giving her an unfair advantage. Although she takes into account her powers, her record strength and the fact that she is now even trying to learn magic, Captain Marvel proves that she is not only one of the strongest Avengers, but also one of the most versatile. avenger # 48 is in comic stores this week.

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