Why is Huma Abedin so well known

New hacking emails put Clinton under pressure

The US Federal Police FBI had just stirred up dust with allegedly newly discovered e-mails, when the platform Wikileaks is causing a stir in the Democratic camp. In essence, it is about the accusation that the acting party leader Donna Brazile, during her time as an analyst at the television station CNN, communicated questions in advance that were later asked in the party primary campaign of the applicant Hillary Clinton during a TV debate. At least that is what the correspondence between Clinton's campaign leader John Podesta and Brazile suggests.

CNN took the documents as an opportunity to finally bring its expert out the door. Brazile had already ceased operations in July when she temporarily took over the party chairmanship. "What we learned about your exchange with Clinton's campaign team during her time as CNN employee is totally uncomfortable for us," said a spokeswoman for the station.

Personnel with a punchline

The punch line on the Personnel Brazile: The long-time television analyst only moved up as interim head of the Democrats because her predecessor Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to resign - because of other revelations on Wikileaks.

Presents in the final sprint: Donald Trump

The Republican candidate Donald Trump has long been convinced that his rival Clinton had been informed in advance of questions in TV debates; However, he had not submitted any evidence for this. Regardless of this, Trump had announced that he would appoint a special investigator to the Democrat as president. It's about Clinton's handling of business emails during her time as Secretary of State.

Broken unwritten law

FBI chief James Comey said on Friday that his agency would examine newly discovered emails. These are possibly of importance for an FBI investigation that has already been completed on the subject. Comey's move was a break with the longstanding practice of not disclosing any information about investigative steps shortly before elections that could affect the election result. The latest news came from the email account of Clinton advisor Huma Abedin and was discovered on a computer belonging to her husband and ex-MP Anthony Weiner. Nothing is known about the content so far.

No more couple: Clinton advisor Huma Abedin with still-husband Anthony Weiner (archive image)

Trump was delighted: "Thank you, Huma! Thank you, Anthony Weiner!", He said at a campaign appearance in the city of Grand Rapids. For the first time since May, the populist billionaire is ahead of Clinton in a poll by ABC and the Washington Post. Accordingly, he comes to 46 percent approval - one percentage point more than the Democrat. It is completely open whether this will also be reflected in the voting behavior in exactly one week.

It is obvious, however, that the waning enthusiasm for Clinton can be traced back to the latest Wikileaks publications. The secret services suspect that the gift for Trump comes from Moscow: They see Russia as the originator of the hacker attack through which the published e-mails came to light.

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