Will my ex girlfriend contact me again

Ex-girlfriend is always looking for contact

Hi Guys,
after reading several stories from you, I (28) wanted to tell mine too:
My girlfriend (25) broke up about two months ago because she no longer loves me and the last year has been terrible for her.

We met about 3 years ago and she was my first friend too. From the beginning it was like a dream, we got on really well, we were inseparable and our friends always said that we make a great couple. However, she lived in another city during this time because of her education. So we only saw each other on weekends when I drove to her or she's, which was almost every weekend. That went on for two years. But we were on vacation together twice during the long-distance relationship.

Then her training was over and she moved back to her parents, who live closer to me, and started working. She then wanted to move in with me and I agreed with reservations and we then moved in together. I feared that new work and building a household together might be too much of a burden all at once.

Well, because of work, she often came home late (often worked up to 10 hours or more) and was often sick because she works a lot with children and then she got infected. On top of that, she didn't enjoy the work at all. But she didn't want to change anything about the working hours or the position at all. I then tried to cheer her up and stand by her, but after that went on for several weeks, at some point I could no longer and unconsciously kept my distance. Did something more on the PC again. She always said that it was okay when I asked if she was bothered.

At some point she came to me crying that she couldn't take it any longer, but I didn't know how to help her because I thought it was because of her work. She also wanted to do more with me, but all the stress got me so exhausted that I didn't really feel like doing it. And most of the time she was too exhausted to do anything.

Then in the middle of the year she had to take antibiotics and then stopped taking the pill. In the meantime I've read on the Internet what kind of enormous withdrawal symptoms this triggers. That put additional pressure on the already stressed relationship.

In October she said she couldn't go on like this any longer. I then suggested a break in the relationship. However, we didn't really stick to the contact ban. But after three weeks she wanted me to come back. After that it actually went better and she said to me again that she loves me, which she couldn't say before.

Then Christmas came and I noticed that she was pulling away from me. She also had a lot of stress there again. We then went to visit my and her parents and she was happy again as if nothing had happened. Well, and between Christmas and New Year's Eve she said she wanted to move out and live alone for now, but she wanted to continue to have a relationship with me. The next day she broke up for good. Then I moved out and haven't seen her for almost 2 months.

The worst thing about the breakup, I think, is that such enormous pressure would probably have ruined a lot of relationships, and it wasn't because of the two of us. But she sees me as the guilty party for having felt so badly and has always looked for faults in me and thinks she cannot live with me. I've seen the problem in her 45-48 hour week, which burned her out completely, which hasn't changed to this day.

After the breakup, I made some of the typical mistakes again, of course. It's a shame I discovered the forum so late.
In any case, I tried to block contacts three weeks ago. It's not easy, since we still have a few things to clarify about the apartment.
Two weeks ago, after I wrote three hours earlier that I needed a break and that we shouldn't write any more, she wrote that everything was getting too much for her and she couldn't stop crying. I then comforted her because I didn't want her to do anything stupid.

After that she wrote to me almost every day and I talked to her nicely and then said goodbye. I've also told her twice more that I need a distance, but she won't let up. She also said she really wants us to stay friends. Preferably S ..
So far I have always answered evasively, but let it be known that it will probably not be the case.

I hope someone bothered to read this. Has become a little longer than expected now.

I just don't know what to do now. I do not understand their behavior. She broke up with me but doesn't want to be without me?

I would like her back, too, because we are a very good team and I am so fond of her. Above all: we still get on very well despite the separation, if the separation is not the issue.

Any advice for me?

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