Who is the sexiest politician

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Convincing and successful: Federal President Doris Leuthard. (Photo: Keystone / Peter Klaunzer)

It would actually be a nice story about the successes of Federal President Doris Leuthard. How well she forges alliances, convinces opponents, helps templates to break through. But reading the “Weltwoche” cover story takes your breath away. The talk is of sex appeal, magnetic attraction, of her "seductive smile". In Aargau there was whispered about affairs because she went out to dinner with men. It is suggestive that she is flexible, her career is curvy.

It is astonishing that the “Weltwoche” does not allow itself to be deterred in its habit of judging the performance of women on the basis of their gender. The deputy editor-in-chief Philipp Gut was only recently convicted (in the first instance, not yet legally binding) because he had accused the former Zug Cantonal Councilor Jolanda Spiess-Hegglin of having "systematically" accused her councilor of drugging and desecration in order to suspect adultery cover up. The judge found that the proof of truth had not been provided. As well as? To this day there is no way of reading minds. Such accusations therefore remain unfounded defamations for the time being.

The rules of care and fairness

Months earlier, the same editor was convicted for writing that Svenja Goltermann, history professor at the University of Zurich, was not appointed because of scientific achievements and intellectual brilliance, but thanks to “vitamin B in strong doses”. She had a love affair with her current partner, Philipp Sarasin, who sat on the appointment committee. Apart from the fact that there was no evidence here either, the judge defended Goltermann. He considers it out of the question that she only got to the professorial position because of connections. Her track record was too good, the selection process too thorough.

Otherwise, the allegations made by Weltwoche would only be voiced during a coffee break. There are good reasons why different rules apply to the media. They can hurt someone's honor, destroy livelihoods. Of course, we, the majority of journalists who try to obey the rules of due diligence and fairness, are not perfect. We overshoot the mark, are sometimes sexist or politically incorrect. But we try not to be. The “Weltwoche”, on the other hand, seems to be downright proud of breaking the usual rules. Editor-in-chief and National Councilor Roger Köppel criticized Migration Minister Simonetta Sommaruga in a speech in front of parliament not objectively, but as follows: The Federal Councilor was taking people's houses away to accommodate “the young men she brought into the country”. That was in spring 2016. Sommaruga left the National Council chamber.

For Weltwoche, whether a politician is good or not depends primarily on her gender, sexuality and erotic charisma. In the case of Doris Leuthard with her “winning smile and sparkling hazelnut eyes”. Hopefully people never get used to this type of reporting.