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Customer Service, Easier Done Than Said.

Take advantage of the customer context to increase employee productivity, promote self-service, manage cross-functional service processes and increase customer satisfaction.

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Zoho Desk was launched in 2020 by Gartner in the

Magic Quadrant added to CRM Customer Acquisition Center (CEC).

Teams from the following companies trust us

  • Essilor
  • McAfee
  • LycaMobile
  • Godrej
  • Daimler
  • NHS
  • Sunderland College
  • Stella Telecom
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Attica Group
  • Cleartrip
  • Zomato
  • IIFL
  • Teleport Asia
  • Pioneer Insurance Philippines
  • Rio Tinto
  • KMart
  • University of New South Wales
  • Rhipe
  • Greenwich College
  • Dafiti
  • Azurian
  • ITMS
  • Sodimac
  • Digicel

Help desk functions

  • Omnichannel
  • Workflow automation
  • platform
  • Self service
  • AI


Manage your customer conversations across multiple channels, e.g. B. Email, chat, phone, social media, and your website. Respond and perform follow-up activities without breaking a sweat.

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Self service

Integrate a knowledge base, user community and AI capabilities into your website, SaaS product and mobile app so that your customers can always find answers quickly.

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Workflow automation

Automate repetitive manual actions and manage complex cross-functional service processes. Recognize bottlenecks in your processes and keep an eye on accountability at all times.

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Artificial intelligence

Proactively review support tickets, analyze your customers' needs and identify anomalies in ticket traffic thanks to Zia, the AI-powered assistant for Zoho Desk.

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Connect Zoho Desk with other tools your team uses and add custom functionality via REST APIs. You can even build your own in-house apps using SDKs based on the help desk. Be a doer!

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  • Increase employee productivity on a large scale

    Transform how your team defines productivity and keep your people working efficiently.

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  • Offer support around the clock, even without a global team

    Create a robust self-service operation and enable your customers to find solutions on their own.

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  • Manage support processes without errors

    Do everything right with the basics of your customer service processes and make life easier for your employees. Clearly defined processes, efficient employees, satisfied customers.

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  • Complaints lead to a meaningful conclusion

    Offer your customers consistent, high-quality support regardless of the products or services offered. Provide functions that support customer satisfaction and the timely processing of tickets.

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Rated as an industry leader by customers and experts

"Zoho Desk has Helpdesk US providing create Support Mobility across multiple channels, maintain prompt response times, and manage the overall customer experience without breaking a sweat."

Matthew Cianfarani, COO at Cartika Inc.

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