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Wednesday February 15, 2017

Brief reports
Well, that will please those who are haters of success and Brady haters, they can now officially call Tom Brady a cockroach and do not have to fear any charges for “hatspeech”.
A bet is to blame.
Atlanta Zoo bet with Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island, New England, which team will win the Super Bowl. The New England team won, the Atlanta Zoo lost. Betting stakes were the names of the quarterbacks. The loser should give a newborn animal in his zoo the name of the opposing quarterback.
Now you think of a cuddly newborn polar bear baby or something similar, but the two zoos knew that the loser would be pissed off. Therefore, according to The Boston Globe, a daily newspaper in Boston, they negotiated that a newborn Madagascar cockroach would be named after the opposing quarterback. In that case, it's bad luck for New England.
The thing looks so disgusting that I'm not showing a picture of it here.
Will Tom Brady ever visit his namesake?
And if so, will Brady treat the cockroach as cold and derogatory as Roger Goodell when he presented him with the MVP trophy? Brady and Goodell didn't look at each other and there wasn't the mandatory handshake either. But a picture of it.

The Patriots could lose fullback James Devlin as his contract has expired. As a precaution, they gave Gronkowski a contract should this occur ... Glenn Gronkowski.
He is the younger brother of tight end Rob Gronkowski and has been hired and fired several times by the Patriots. He even played in a Patriots game early last season against Buffalo.

Adrian Peterson has already established casual contact with various teams. The Vikings running back knows he may not have a future in Minnesota. It cost the team $ 18 million in 2017, and a running back on the wrong side of the 30 isn't worth that much.
In addition, he has been seriously injured. You can actually assume that the Vikings don't want to keep him.
But will he find a new team that is ready to pay his horrific salary?
Rather not.
If Peterson plays in 2017, it will be at really discounted salaries, and then maybe in Minnesota.

Small but nice is the hut in which the Chargers will play from the coming season.
And in order to earn at least a little money in the StubHub Center, which only has a capacity of 30,000 spectators, you need a lot.
The cheapest place is for $ 70. At the center line you then have to pay $ 375 per card.
Quite a lot for a proven loser team.
The Rams, also proven losers, don't do that much. They play in the 93,000-seat Coliseum and charge $ 225 for the most expensive card, $ 150 less than the Chargers.
One would think that it shouldn't be difficult for an NFL team to get a stadium as small as the StubHub Center full, but with the Chargers' success story, or rather, the nonexistent success story, there can even be empty seats give at the prices.
But team owner A.G. Spanos expects the games to sell out pretty quickly. The pre-order for the season tickets has been going on for some time, but Spanos didn't want to say how many pre-orders there are already. If the numbers were high, he would surely be trumpeting it. The Chargers expect handsome opponents, except for the Browns. The Eagles, Redskins, Bills, Dolphins and division rivals from Denver, Oakland and Kansas City come to visit ... and the Browns. Not the worst collection, apart from the Browns.
The Rams sold over 45,000 tickets on the first two days of pre-sale last year and the Coliseum was pretty full at the start of the season. But the workload became more and more sparse when the Rams lost their last six home games. Maybe it's you who fail the 30,000 hurdle? Head Coach Sean McVay isn't a name that will attract the masses either. He was previously the offensive coordinator of the Redskins, who will be visiting in 2017, and is the youngest head coach ever in the NFL.
The new football temple for the Chargers and Rams in Inglewood won't be ready until 2019. Until then, both teams have to play in makeshift solutions.

Steeler's wide receiver Sammie Coates suffered multiple broken fingers last season.
But that wasn't all. Coates was also operated on for a hernia and yet he never missed a training session.
The NFL is investigating the case and advising whether the Steelers should have mentioned this injury on their injury report?
Running back LeVeon Bell also had groin pain for some time and had to end the championship game against the Patriots early.
This injury also never appeared in a report.

The Seahawks got away with a black eye, this time.
The NFL issued a warning to the team that did not include cornerback Richard Sherman's injury in their injury report for a long time.
If something like this happens again, there will be a penalty.

Seahawk's defensive end Cliff Avril tweeted that he had a successful operation.
Of what, he didn't chirp.
A Seattle newspaper suspects that Avril had a heart operation. In any case, some time ago he would have seen a heart specialist.

Tom Coughlin has made his first engagement as executive vice president of football for the Jaguars.
He gave defensive tackle Abry Jones a new four-year $ 16 million deal due to be signed this Wednesday.
Jones has been with the Jaguars for four years and his contract ended after last season.

Tuesday February 14, 2017

Brief reports
And again and again the upper salary limit threatens.
The Giants fired wide receiver Victor Cruz (No. 80) after seven years on Monday, saving $ 7.5 million below the salary ceiling.
Cruz, now 30, was not the same last year after missing 1 ½ years and 28 games because he tore a patellar tendon and had problems with a calf. In 2016 he only caught 39 passes for 586 yards and 1 touchdown.
With 1,536 pass yards, he set a team record in the 2011 season.
The Giants also parted ways with running back Rashard Jennings.
At Cruz you can assume that the Giants will sign him again if he doesn't find a new team. But then at a significantly reduced salary.

Tomorrow we go. On February 15th, the teams can start distributing their Franchise Tags. So you can tag the players who are essential to the company.
The deadline for awarding these franchise tags ends on March 1st.
The new league year begins on March 9th. The free transfer period starts at 4 p.m. east coast time. Uncontracted players can then switch to other teams.
The exact schedule for the 2017 season is to be published in early April. The NFL has not yet given a fixed date.

A Tom Brady autograph on an official trading card?
Gladly, makes $ 499.
And that's just the starting price the best quarterback of all time is asking for his autograph. Larger pictures cost from $ 799 upwards, an autograph on a mini helmet or football costs $ 819.
Nice extra income, but without an audience. Brady will sign for Tristar, which will then ship the items to wealthy buyers.
Johnny Manziel also had such a nice extra income. He gave a personal autograph session at a sports store in Houston before the Super Bowl, and paid for it at $ 99 per signature. As you can hear, there was a long queue in front of the store as the event started.

"It was one of the biggest games I've played, but Super Bowl 51 was definitely not my best game," said Tom Brady in an interview when asked if Super Bowl LI was the best game of his illustrious career?
Brady is currently on vacation in Montana, not Montana. There the reporter Peter King visited him and interviewed the newly minted Super Bowl MVP.
He wouldn't have played well for 37, 38 minutes, Brady said.
How did he feel after the tough battle in which Brady took five sacks and had to take a handful of other hits, King wanted to know?
“I have zero pain. I feel great. I feel 100%, ”he replied.
And the competition in the AFC is going to pull their hair out.

Raiders Pass Rusher Aldon Smith is under investigation for domestic violence.
Now it remains to be seen whether the saying by team owner Mark Davis from 2015: "We have a policy of zero tolerance towards domestic violence," was empty words.
Smith is not a blank slate. He is currently suspended indefinitely because he has been repeatedly tested for banned substances.
The 49ers didn't get much of Smith when he was under contract with them, either. The absolute “highlight” of his time there was a fake bomb alarm at Los Angeles Airport.
It was a risk to hire this problem-maker, but the Raiders love the bad guys.
Smith is said to have been very cooperative with the police in the case of domestic violence that occurred last Saturday.

Monday February 13, 2017

Brief reports
"PICK SIX" is not the slogan that the New England Patriots came up with to race for their sixth Super Bowl title.
Maybe because you can no longer have it protected as a trademark, because it is very common in the league?
In any case, the company's sixth Super Bowl win will be tackled under the motto "The Blitz for Six". The Patriots have applied for trademark rights for this saying.
The suggestion “Now it's time to turn the other hand” came from the players' squad. But that was not considered.
"No Days Off", a slogan that Head Coach Belichick came up with, was also submitted to secure the rights to it.
So "The Blitz for Six" is the motto of the next Patriots season.
A little lame, right?

The Patriots' visit to the White House will also be a little lame. The team could set a new record for players who stay away from the trip.
So far there are six players who refuse to visit the president to be congratulated by him on winning the Super Bowl: Martellus Bennett, Devin McCourty, Chris Long, LeGarrette Blount, Alan Branch and Dont’a Hightower.
Six players who play in a team called the Patriots refuse to travel to the incumbent president. A rogue who thinks bad.
Even team owner Robert Kraft will travel to Donald Trump, although he has been a Democrat all his life.

The Bills face an overdue option payment of $ 30.75 million if they don't fire quarterback Tyrod Taylor by next month.
Even at a time when teams are overpaying quarterbacks, that sum is sheer nonsense.
But will the Bills fire the useless quarterback?
The new head coach Sean McDermott hired Rick Dennison as offensive coordinator, and he has already worked with Taylor in Baltimore. So it looks like Taylor is sticking with the Bills.
There remains the possibility of "renegotiating" the current contract. If the Bills manage to persuade Taylor to agree to a salary that suits his qualities, then he might well stay. However, he would then have to forego a lot of money.

Saturday February 11, 2017

Brief reports
It's been just a year since the Jets fans hoped and prayed for the return of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (picture).
But after he became Ryan (Pick) Sixpatrick last season because of his many interceptions, the fans are happy that his contract expired yesterday Friday and this time it will probably not be renewed shortly before the season.
The 2015 season cannot be explained. Fitzpatrick set a Jets record with 31 touchdown passes. In 2016 he played as you could have expected from him in 2015, when he threw only 12 touchdowns in 17 interceptions.
The Jets can be grateful that they didn't give in to Fitzpatrick's demands for a long-term $ 20 million deal after his sensational 2015 season.
Fitzpatrick is 34 now and his career, which never really began, is drawing to a close. Maybe he'll get another job as a substitute, just as he should have been in New York if a teammate hadn't smashed Geno Smith's jaw.
Geno Smith will become a free agent when the transfer window begins. He probably won't stay with the Jets. It is questionable whether he will find a new team, but the jets are unlikely to make him an offer. Then there are Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg, nobody who is NFL capable.
The jets are in sixth place in the draft. Will they call up a quarterback there?

Let's stay with the free agents. There are some very interesting names there.
Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​e.g. He can actually throw the ball halfway straight ahead and on good days he almost looks like a good quarterback. He will answer the call of money and it will be difficult for the Redskins to hold onto him.
The 49ers have just got a new head coach who has worked as an assistant coach for the Redskins, Kyle Shanahan. The Niners could still use a quarterback.
The Redskins can make cousins ​​an exclusive free agent, then no other team is allowed to negotiate with him. But Cousins ​​doesn't want to play with the franchise label. Understandable when there are so many teams that desperately need a quarterback, even if they were cousins.

Eric Berry's agent said negotiations with the chiefs weren't going very well.
The Safety wants a good long-term contract and he doesn't want to gamble if you put the franchise label on him.
The chiefs have to watch out for money, of course. But losing someone with Berry's qualities would be absolutely no good.

CBS analyst Phil Simms called him the greatest retarder of all time. Simms didn't mean the art of delaying negotiations, but Steeler's running back LeVeon Bell's running style.
He doesn't run blindly into every hole that the O-Line clears, but runs, looks, brakes, changes direction, accelerates again and takes an alternative route towards the end zone.
He can switch teams too, but he definitely wants to stay in Pittsburgh ... if the price is right.

"Now I'm getting paid like a Super Bowl winner," Martellus Bennett says with certainty.
The Patriots tight end can't wait to sign his new big deal. He doesn't care where, only the number on the contract has to be correct.
Bennett caught 55 passes for 701 yards and 7 touchdowns in 2016. However, he will be 30 when the next season starts and Rob Gronkowski may finally be uninjured. Mastermind Bill Belichick will consider all of that. And Belichick doesn't hesitate for a second to let someone go, even if they're one of the better players on the team ... except for Tom Brady.

Let's stay with Tom Brady.
Joe Montana wouldn't call him the Greatest of all Times. Hall of Fame member and 49ers legend Montana believes every time has its "best". Naming the best of all time would therefore hardly be possible. Sammy Baugh or Otto Graham, Montana did not know exactly who in an interview for a family broadcaster, would have won seven or nine championships, and that far before our time. “It's hard to compare these guys from the past with today. How would they do today, and how would Brady have done back then? ”Said Montana, who himself was and is referred to as G.O.A.T by many fans.
As a four-time Super Bowl winner, Montana believes the debate about the greatest of all time will never end. "I can't say that about - even if people always say that and I honor it - I can't say that about myself, with everything I've just said," said Montana. "It is difficult."'
"You keep saying that at home," said his wife Jennifer jokingly.
"And never forget that," countered Montana.
"How about when we're constantly being reminded?" Asked Jennifer.

Let's stay with the 49ers.
When the daughter of John Lynch heard that her daddy was going to be the new general manager of the 49ers, she wept unrestrainedly.
Lynch asked nine-year-old Leah, who was actually always happy, what was going on? And she yelled, “The 49ers? Really? They are terrible. "
"But that's exactly why they hired your daddy," Lynch replied.
Well, did that calm poor Leah?

Jack Del Rio did a good job in Oakland.
The head coach led the ailing Raiders to their first playoff participation in 14 years.
He has now been rewarded for this and has been given a contract extension for another four years.

The Falcons have found their new defensive coordinator within their own ranks.
You promoted secondary coach Marquand Manuel.

The Vikings fired offensive linemen Brandon Fusco and Mike Harris.

Friday February 10, 2017

Brief reports
"Why was there no video control of the Patriots touchdown in extra time?" Wondered Falcon's wide receiver Julio Jones (picture).
Yes, there was, as referee Dean Blandino said. And it would have shown that the touchdown was correct. It would not have been easy to get the celebrating and mourning players, fans and whoever else back off the field, but if it had been necessary you would have continued to play, no matter how long it would have taken to restore order.
So it happened that the Patriots won the game despite having led 0 minutes and 0 seconds.

"I was cold enough," replied linebacker Donta Hightower when asked why he didn't take part in the Patriots Victory Parade in Boston.
"During the season I got enough snow, rain and cold, so I didn't feel like getting any more of it."
And it was also bad weather when the parade took place.

It was his first press conference as head coach of the 49ers, but the reporters mainly wanted to know why Kyle Shanahan messed up the Super Bowl as the Falcons' offensive coordinator?
Shortly after the game, it was heard from the Falcons that Shanahan had told the crew in the dressing room that he had screwed up the game. "I remember every single move I made," Shanahan told reporters. “I'll think about it for the rest of my life. This is the life we ​​coaches live. It increases in the Super Bowl, but it actually does in every game. I only recently learned that I should have said that. I don't remember what I said, but that's what I sound like, yes. "
Shanahan was heavily criticized, with a 28: 9 lead 2:05 minutes before the end of the third quarter, not having bet on the well-functioning running game to let the clock run down. After that, the Falcons had 17 offensive plays and they only ran five times.
"But that's how we are," he continued. “We played aggressively all season. I regret every move that doesn't work. But I can still look in the mirror because I did my best. Of course it's hard to live with this defeat. "

"We'll work together to put together a good squad," said the 49ers' new general manager, John Lynch. “Head Coach Kyle Shanahan and I will work hand in hand. Shanahan will be in control of the 53 man roster for the season, I will have control of the 90 man pre-season roster, the free agents, and the draft. But each of us has to agree to a decision made by the other. That's how we decided. "
A big step up from what has been going on in San Francisco for the past few years. General Manager Trent Baalke was in full control of the squad, working against head coach Jim Harbaugh and then Chip Kelly rather than with them. That should get better now.
Lynch then said that quarterback Colin Kaepernick had contacted him. But the general manager did not want to give any specific information. Lynch and Kaepernick want to meet in the near future.
Kaepernick can leave the team if he wants. If Lynch and Shanahan want to keep him, then Kaepernick could stay if the chemistry is right.
Lynch has already made his first major engagement. He recruited Adam Peters from the Broncos and made him vice president of player staff.
Bronco's general manager Elway said he would not have fired Peters from his contract if he had wanted to move to a team other than the 49ers. Peters worked in Denver for eight years and climbed the ladder from simple scout to head of player staff.

Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer has given some thought. He came to the conclusion that he wants to play again in 2017.
Head Coach Bruce Arians and Palmer have been working together in Arizona since 2013, and it actually went pretty well. In 2016, however, things went relentlessly downhill. Palmer had big problems and the cards only won 7-8-1.
Due to injury, the O-Line hardly played in a game like it did in the previous game. Palmer often ran for his life behind it and was bagged 40 times. 15 sacks more than in the 2015 season. As a result, Palmer threw nine fewer touchdowns and three more interceptions than in the previous season.
If the Cardinals don't fire the now 37-year-old Palmer by noon today, he'll have $ 15.5 million plus a squad bonus of $ 2 million for 2017. But that won't happen, the Cardinals want Palmer back. They would even have given him until the end of March if he needed it.
After star receiver Larry Fitzgerald said last week that 2017 would be another season, things are looking a little better for the offense.

The Seahawks signed kicker Blair Walsh. He could replace Steven Hauschka if he joins another team as a free agent.
Blair was the kicker who set the crucial field goal attempt in the 2015 playoff game against the Seahawks to the far left. The Vikings fired Blair after nine games in the 2016 season that were terrible for him. He missed four of 19 extra point attempts and four of 12 field goals.
In 2016, Hauschka was no longer the reliable kicker from previous years. He missed six of his 35 extra points and four of his 37 field goal attempts.

The Colts split from linebacker D`Qwell Jackson.
Jackson has been with the Colts since 2014 and his contract runs for another year. But the new general manager Chris Ballard mucks up legacies of his predecessor and with this layoff the Colts save $ 5.5 million below the salary cap.
The 33-year-old Jackson was the team's top linebacker in his three seasons with 366 tackles, but he was suspended for the last four games in 2016 for consuming banned substances.

Thursday February 9, 2017

Brief reports
Falcon's offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan (pictured) became head coach of the 49ers on Monday. So the Falcons didn't have to fire him because he announced the wrong moves against the Patriots who initiated the collapse.
But two defense coaches were fired after the historic debacle.
Head Coach Dan Quinn showed Defensive Coordinator Richard Smith and Defensive Line Coach Bryan Cox the way out.
The Falcons defense received 31 unanswered points, including 19 in the final quarter.
In the 2016 season, Atlanta's Defense landed 25th of the 32 teams.
The Falcons also need a new quarterbacks coach. Matt LaFleur became the LA Rams' offensive coordinator.

49ers Rookie General Manager John Lynch doesn't know if a rookie quarterback could learn the game system quickly enough from rookie head coach Kyle Shanahan.
Shanahan wants to lead the offense himself and is known for creating complicated moves and lineups. It wasn't too much of a problem with a veteran quarterback like Matt Ryan, but Lynch believes it could be overwhelming for a newbie.
The new general manager seems to assume that Colin Kaepernick will no longer be on the team in 2017. That is absolutely possible, because Kaep wants to leave San Francisco.
Then there is Blaine Gabbert, unfortunately no one who could successfully lead an NFL offense. So a new quarterback has to be found, but there's nothing sensible in the draft. And free agents? The ones that will hit the market will not be the yellow of the egg either. And a bidding war and second-rate material?
Not sensible!
If at least the 49ers had good receivers, or good running backs, or a good O-line, or something good.
It's going to be hard ... damn hard!

"White House? No thanks! ”As every year, some members of the winning team will not make the trip to the White House.
Tom Brady was not there two years ago when the Patriots were received by the President of the United States.
But this year a story will be made of anyone who does not plan to travel to Washington. Donald Trump is already supposedly the most unpopular president the US has ever had. And at least tight end Martellus Bennett and Safety Devin McCourty won't travel to the reception because they don't like Trump.
Even the third member of the winning team, who does not want to go, was immediately told that Trump was the reason. But that doesn't really seem to be the case. Linebacker Donta Hightower just said: "I've been there before."
Hightower has been to a reception at the White House after winning a college championship with Alabama. That was probably nothing special for him. He wasn't there two years ago when the Patriots were with the president.
Running back James White, who set a Super Bowl record with 20 points, said that he is still considering whether to go with him.

The Packers fired cornerback Sam Shields.
As a rookie, he intercepted two passes from Bears quarterback Jay Cutler in the 2010 NFC Championship game. This was followed by a 31:25 win over Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl.
Shields was elected to the Pro Bowl.
Prior to the 2014 season, he signed a four-year $ 39 million deal, and Shields justified the deal with his accomplishments. But then the bad luck with injuries struck. Concussions threw him back. In the first game of the season in 2016 against the Jaguars, he suffered his fifth concussion. The season was over for him.
Now his time in Green Bay is over. And the Packers will get another $ 9 million under the salary cap for 2017.

The Eagles fired cornerback Leodis McKelvin.
Just last year he signed a two-year contract for $ 6 million. But because of concussions and thigh problems, he could only play in 12 games.

Before they are forgotten. Here are the 30 or so records that have been set or set in Super Bowl LI:
New records

- Most appearances of a head coach: Bill Belichick (7)

- Most wins by a Head Coach: Bill Belichick (5)

- Most Pass Touchdowns in Career: Tom Brady (15)

- Most appearances by a team: Patriots (9)

- Most first downs in a Super Bowl: New England Patriots (37)

- Most first downs in a Super Bowl by passes: New England Patriots (26)

- Most offensive plays in a Super Bowl: New England Patriots (93)

- Most first downs in a Super Bowl by both teams: Falcons and Patriots (54)

- Most first downs by passes in a Super Bowl by both teams: Falcons and Patriots (39)

- Most pass yards in a Super Bowl by both teams: Falcons and Patriots (682)

- Most Super Bowl MVP Awards: Tom Brady (4)

- Most pass attempts: Tom Brady (62)

- Most Completed Passes: Tom Brady (43)

- Most passyards: Tom Brady (466)

- Most pass attempts in career: Tom Brady (309)

- Most Completed Passports in Career: Tom Brady (207)

- Most Passyards in Career: Tom Brady (2,071)

- Most passyards caught running back: James White (110)

- Most passes caught in a Super Bowl: James White (14)

- Most points scored in a Super Bowl: James White (20 - three touchdowns, 1 two-point attempt)

Set records

- Most Super Bowl wins: Tom Brady (5)

- Most Sacks in a Super Bowl (since 1982): Grady Jarrett, Atlanta Falcons (3)

- Most 2-point attempts in a Super Bowl: Patriots (2)

- Most 2-point attempts in a Super Bowl, both teams: Falcons and Patriots (2)

- Most first downs by penalties: Patriots (4)

- Most touchdowns: James White (3)

Wednesday February 8, 2017

Brief reports
"Too bad baby," Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (picture) replied to his wife Gisele Bündchen's request when she asked him to hang up his jersey forever. "I'm having way too much fun right now," continued the greatest quarterback of all time.
His wife asked him three times the night after the insane comeback to quit football.
But Brady plans to play for a long time. He doesn't seem to be satisfied with five Super Bowl victories.
Yesterday he proudly showed the enthusiastic crowd along the path of the winner's parade his trophies, which he won in Super Bowl LI, the Lombardi trophy and the trophy of the Super Bowl MVP.
It was freezing in Boston and it snowed and rained alternately and continuously. But hundreds of thousands lined the streets and shouted: "Brady, Brady," and in between: "Roger, Roger."
Oh, it'll be loud when the NFL boss walks into the stadium for the season opener on September 7th.

Quarterbacks, it's all about quarterbacks.
Will the Redskins be able to keep Kirk cousins ​​... and want to.
Will the Bears finally be able to break away from their Jay Cutler flop?
What about Tyrod Taylor in Buffalo?
And what about Tony Romo?
Many teams are looking for good quarterbacks, and yesterday one came on the market, which has to be classified under the heading "hardly usable": Josh McCown.
The Browns fired him yesterday after two seasons marked by many injuries. In his 11 starts for Cleveland, the 37-year-old took one victory.
McCown was supposed to serve as a mentor for Johnny Manziel, but Mr. Moneysign was parting himself out of the league.
The Browns parted ways with McCown in order not to have to pay him the otherwise due $ 750,000 squad bonus. His salary for 2017 would have been $ 3.6 million.
The Browns, who are in need in every single position on the team, have the first choice in the upcoming draft. Perhaps they are giving up that space in exchange for multiple choices?
A quarterback who can save the team is not available anyway, if you believe the experts.

The Atlanta Falcons have a new offensive coordinator.
Steve Sarkisian was previously the offensive coordinator at a college in Alabama and signed in Atlanta yesterday.
The 42-year-old has worked in the NFL before. In 2004 he was the Raiders' quarterbacks coach for one season.

The Steelers fired cornerback Justin Gilbert.
His star never rose in the NFL. The Browns took him in 2014 as the eighth player in the draft.
When they picked him up last August, the Steelers Cleveland had only one option to choose in the sixth round of the 2018 draft.

The Packers fired running back James Starks.
In 2016, he missed nine games with various knee and head injuries.

Tuesday February 7, 2017

Super Bowl LI - The aftershock
I'll start this news section with a sensational piece of news: Falcon's offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan signed his contract as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers on Monday.
Joking aside.
It was clear long before the Super Bowl that Shanahan would be head coach of the Niners.
Kyle Shanahan ... wasn't that what?
Yes, Kyle Shanahan is considered the scapegoat who screwed up the game of the Falcons, who presented victory to the Patriots.
It was clear that the Falcons Defense couldn't win the Super Bowl. With four rookies they played beyond their possibilities for a long time and gave 110%. When they slacked off, it would have been up to the offense to return what they had already delivered in the second quarter. But Shanahan made the mistake of thinking too much. The English language calls this overthinking.
4:40 minutes were only left to play at 28:20 for the Falcons when Atlanta was already a safe field goal distance on 22 of the Patriots. A clearer case, running game was announced, that secures the ball (mostly), brings a few yards (maybe), prevents interceptions (in any case) and the quarterback cannot be sacked (well, yes, has already happened) but before Everything, time is running out mercilessly.
But trying to outsmart a defense like that of the Patriots by passing play in this situation is hard to beat when it comes to stupidity. Incomplete passports stop the clock, possible sacks cause additional loss of space, and Shanahan probably hadn't considered all of that. He bet on pass play, which resulted in a sack and a holding penalty.
Of course, a field goal attempt could also have failed. But Matt Bryant is one of the better kickers in the league. He converted 34 of his 37 attempts in 2016, including one from 59 yards.
Shanahan ushered in the triumphal march of the Patriots. A 31:20 would have made it a lot harder for New England.

Will the Falcons overcome the Super Bowl hangover?
It will be difficult.
The gossip was too violent to spoil a sensational 25-point lead.
It's not easy to get over that.
Let's not forget that the last two Super Bowl participants neither made it to the playoffs.
A team that messes up a guaranteed victory as badly as Atlanta experiences a violent shock that runs deep.

Will the Falcons get revenge immediately in the first game?
Could this help you regain your cracked self-confidence?
It would be possible. The Falcons are one of eight teams to compete in New England in 2017.Here is the list of eight possible candidates for the season opening game on September 8th: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans.
It will probably not be a team from its own division, that would be too boring. But the other candidates, with the exception of Houston, sound pretty promising.

"I think James White deserved that trophy better," said Patriots quarterback Tom Brady humbly after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell presented him with the Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player Trophy on Monday. For the fourth time, a record.
Brady completed 43 of his 62 passes for 466 yards, all Super Bowl records (a total of 30 records were set or set in this Super Bowl, that's a Super Bowl record)
But running back James White wouldn't have been a bad choice. He scored the winning touchdown from two yards in overtime. But he was also the Patriots' best receiver. His balance sheet: As a receiver: 14 passes for 110 yards, 1 touchdown.
As a running back: 6 runs for 29 yards, 2 touchdowns.
In addition, a successful two-point attempt.
But fate would have that Goodell had to hand over the trophy to the now undisputedly best quarterback of all time. A moment that neither of them really liked, as you could see.
Tom Brady completed 207 of his 309 passes in SEVEN Super Bowls for 2,071 yards, 15 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions.
No other quarterback in NFL history has scored more than 1,200 pass yards in the Super Bowl. Its 207 completions are more than double the next placed.
It all makes Brady the best to ever have played that position, even if Goodell wanted to bleed him.
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wants to play for a few more years even though he's already 39. Regardless of what happens in the future, Tom Brady is the G (reatest) o (f) a (ll) T (imes), abbreviated to G.O.A.T.
Too bad that that's the English word for billy goat.

Tom Brady's jersey that he wore in the game has disappeared.
Despite intensive efforts by the local police, the good piece could not be found.
Maybe it will appear on Ebay soon?

The NFLN will broadcast the Patriots Victory Parade LIVE this Tuesday from 4 p.m. ET.

Brief reports
Where will Tony Romo end up?
This question has been heard a lot since Dak Prescott made the expensive Dallas Cowboys quarterback obsolete.
Again and again new teams are thrown into the pot. The Broncos and even the Chiefs are under discussion, although the latter have Alex Smith and would only exchange plague for cholera.
Romo is 36 years old and has major health problems, not just with his back. His contract guarantees $ 14 million in 2017. Who wants to spend that for a man who has not yet had any playoff successes?
Only a sharp cut in salary could make him interesting.

Let the negotiations begin, it is said in unison from the NFL headquarters and the players union NFLPA.
The existing collective agreement will run until the end of the 2020 season, but both sides would like to conduct preliminary negotiations.
However, it is to be expected that there will either be a players' strike again in 2021 or a lockout by the league.
Just the sticking point “power of the commissioner” will cause heated discussions.

And I got one more from the NFL HONORS show when the host said, "Let's forget for the next two hours that we have a controversial leader who signs arbitrary orders, imposes penalties, does whatever he wants, sending requests for payment as he sees fit, and the ... oh, oh, I just see Roger Goodell in the house. "

Monday February 6, 2017

Super Bowl LI
We were compensated.
All the miserably bad season and playoff games that we endured led to the best, but definitely the most exciting, Super Bowl of all time, the first Super Bowl, which was only decided in extra time.
This game also started as if it wanted to fit in seamlessly with the garbage that the season had produced.
The Patriots did nothing at all and were absolutely not in Super Bowl form. In a successful New England action, of all things, the referees showed that they were not in Super Bowl form either.
Since the Falcons were slow to get going, the first quarter ended 0-0.
But then the Falcons literally exploded and the offense overran the Patriots Defense.
After the 13-0 win for Atlanta, then the successful action of the Pats. When attempting the extra point, Safety McClellin jumped over the guard and prevented the kick from being executed. However, the referees recognized an illegal formation and imposed a five yard penalty. "Wrong," said FOX rules expert Mike Pereira. McClellin had positioned himself clearly opposite the left guard of the Falcons. It's legal. He shouldn't have stood across from the center.
The Falcons were allowed to repeat the attempt and took the lead 14-0.
It was even said to be 21-0 after cornerback Robert Alford carried an intercepted pass from Tom Brady over 82 yards for a touchdown.
After the 7-0 lead arose from a fumble by running back LeGarrette Blount, now the unspeakably bad Patriots lost the second ball.
But New England did not go into the break without points. After a drive of his own 25, Brady led his offense at least within field goal range. Stephen Gostkowski scored from 41 yards.
There were still two seconds left on the clock, which expired with the kickoff.
Thanks to the long halftime that such a Super Bowl unfortunately brings with it, and the fact that the Patriots had the ball twice for a long time without the Falcons offense being on the field in between, it was exactly 1:08 hours in real time, the Atlanta's attack had nothing to do with it. And the first drive of the second half showed that it was a bit rusty. Three tries that only got four yards and New England got the ball again. And in a promising position on their own 47th But the defense of the Falcons, the weaker part of the team with at least four rookies, held again and New England had to punt too.
Atlanta got the ball at their own 15 and good runs from Coleman and Freeman brought the Falcons to the Patriots' six. The missing six yards ran running back Tevin Coleman to 28: 3, because the extra point was.
25 points ahead. In words twenty-five, and only 23 minutes of playing time. It smelled like a clear victory for Atlantas, since the Patriots, and especially Tom Brady, couldn't get anything on the line. And only three times have Super Bowls teams managed to catch up 10 points behind.
25 points?
NFL boss Roger Goodell will have loved the Rocky Mountains. Presenting the trophy to the Patriots seemed a long way off.
The body language of Tom Brady, who played incredibly badly, expressed helplessness, helplessness and discouragement.
Not so fast!
You can't spread the Patriots' hide until they're done ... completely done.
What followed now made this Super Bowl the Super Bowl of all Super Bowls.
New England scored in the next possession. Brady threw a pass over five yards to running back James White to make it 28: 9 when Stephen Gostkowski hit the extra point on the right bar.
Then Gostkowski made the next mistake. During the onside kick, he ran into the ball's lane and was the first to touch it. Atlanta came in on New England's 41st place. They even hit 32 of the Patriots, but the Defense managed to push the Falcons back to 49 with a sack from Van Noy and Flowers.
In general, there were a lot of sacks on both sides that day. Atlanta's defender Tom Brady caught five times, and Matt Ryan ended up among opposing defenders just as often.
Let's stay with 28: 9. If one subtracts the extra point attempt, which the Falcons were wrongly allowed to repeat, and adding up Gostkowski's miss, it could have been 27:10.
But it was now 28: 9.
There were almost 10 minutes left in the last quarter when Gostkowski scored a field goal from 33 yards to make it 28:12.
The defense of the Falcons began to show signs of disintegration and Tom Brady played himself into a frenzy, while Matt Ryan and his troops failed.
Six minutes before the end of the game, a drive from New England's nine to six of the Falcons. Brady to wide receiver Danny Amendola, touchdown. Time for the first due two-point attempt. James White takes the direct snap and runs into the end zone, 28:20 only for Atlanta.
The Falcons then came to the 22 of the Patriots and urgently needed the now feasible field goal.
But defensive end Trey Flowers was able to sink Ryan, a yard loss of space.
Then there was a holding penalty against the Falcons, another 10 yards in reverse. The Falcons then had to punt from the 45 of the Patriots.
New England started on their own nine with 3:30 minutes on the clock and two time outs.
They reached one of the Falcons, where there was then a change between Amendola and White. First White ran the yard into the end zone and Amendola made the two extra points clear with a captured passport.
28:28, and Atlanta had 57 seconds left but no more timeouts.
They didn't succeed and the 51st Super Bowl was the first to go into overtime.
The Patriots won the coin toss, took the ball, started on their own 25 and marched into the Falcons' end zone, led by a fantastic Tom Brady.
Final result 34:28 for New England after extra time.
MVP of the game: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. MVP title number four for him, overtaking Joe Montana, who got it to three.
Super Bowl number five win for Tom Brady, who is now the only quarterback to win the big game five times.
And as the very funny presenter of the NFL HONORS Show said on Saturday, looking at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: "Well, Roger, we know which finger Tom Brady will put this ring on."
And then it came as it had to come. After the game, the fans broke out in endless deafening cheers. When Goodell took the trophy to present to team owner Robert Kraft, the deafening cheers turned into deafening boos. Goodell could no longer understand his own words and then left the podium very quickly.
There are still a few statistics to mention and a few injuries.
Quarterback balances:
Tom Brady: 43 of 62 for 466 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception.
Matt Ryan: 17 of 23 for 284 yards, 2 touchdowns.
Best running back of the Patriots LeGarrette Blount with 31 yards
In the Falcons it was Devonta Freeman with 75 yards and 1 touchdown.
Best receiver
Patriots: Running back James White with 110 pass yards and 1 touchdown.
Falcons: Julio Jones with 87 yards and two fantastic catches just off the line.
The best catch, however, was Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. The ball in his direction was knocked into the air by cornerback Alford. Edelman remained focused and reached for the ball. He caught hold of it inches above the grass, harassed by three defenders. That was a catch for the history books.
And injured were eliminated: Falcons running back Tevin Coleman, left ankle.
Falcons Offensive Tackle Ryan Schazier, ankle.
Patriots running back Dion Lewis, thigh.

Sunday 5th February 2017

NFL Honors
The night before the Super Bowl is the night of honors in the NFL.
And there was a little surprise.
The season's MVP came as no surprise. Falcon's quarterback Matt Ryan (pictured) has had this label since the middle of the season.
And then he was also voted the most valuable player of the season. His season record: 373 of 534 for 4,944 yards, 38 touchdowns with 7 interceptions.
However, the people in front of him allowed him to be sacked 37 times. Not a good sign for tonight.
Ryan got 25 of the 50 votes. Tom Brady in second place got only 10 votes. Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott and Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr each got six. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers got two and Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott got one.

The little surprise was the head coach of the season. That was Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys.
He relied on rookie quarterback Dak Prescott and rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott and led Dallas to the playoffs with only three losses during the season. There the Cowboys were knocked out by the Packers at 31:34.

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was unsurprisingly named the season's best offensive rookie.

Ezekiel Elliott was not without a trophy either. The running back was named FedEx Air & Ground Player of the Year.

The best defensive rookie was Joey Bosa from the San Diego Chargers.

Here is a list of all honors:
FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Year: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons; Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys

»AP Offensive Rookie of the Year: Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

»AP Offensive Player of the Year presented by Microsoft: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

“Built Ford Tough Offensive Line of the Year: Dallas Cowboys

Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award: Frank Gore, Indianapolis Colts

Salute To Service Award Presented by USAA: Dan Quinn, Falcons

»Castrol EDGE Clutch Performer of the Year: Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders

AP Assistant Coach of the Year: Kyle Shanahan, Atlanta Falcons

AP Coach of the Year: Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

»AP Defensive Rookie of the Year: Joey Bosa, Los Angeles Chargers

Courtyard's "Greatness on the Road" Award: Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers

AP Defensive Player of the Year presented by Old Spice: Khalil Mack, Oakland Raiders

»AP Comeback Player of the Year presented by McDonald's: Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers

»Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year presented by Nationwide: Eli Manning, New York Giants; Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

Bridgestone Performance Play of the Year: Buccaneer's wide receiver Mike Evans' one-handed catch against the Falcons

“AP Most Valuable Player: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

The following will be inducted into the Hall of Fame:
Running back LaDainian Tomlinson,
Quarterback Kurt Warner,
Running back Terrell Davis,
defensive end Jason Taylor,
kicker Morten Andersen.
Seattle Seahawks Safety Kenny Easley as Senior Nominee,
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as a contributor

Saturday 4th February 2017

Brief reports
"I still have a few good years in me," Drew Brees (picture) is convinced.
The Saints quarterback is 16 years old in the NFL and is now 38 years old. And yet the Saints and Brees want to stay together a little longer.
His current two-year contract, which he signed in 2016, runs through the end of the 2018 season and brings him $ 44.25 million. The two parties are currently negotiating a further contract extension.
This is made possible by the absolute protection that the league gives its quarterbacks. When the quarterbacks were not yet particularly protected, continuing their career at the age of 38 was unthinkable. But today it is possible.
Since 2011, Brees has thrown over 4,800 pass yards each season. If the Saints had a part of the team that could at least be called defense, they would be constant playoff participants. But unfortunately the defense allows more points than the offense scores with regularity.
Should you manage to give Brees a good defense in New Orleans, then there could be another playoff appearance in his playing days. The last one was in 2013.

"The Saints have to improve a lot on defense," is the motto of Head Coach Sean Payton.
He was describing what has obviously been in New Orleans for years.
“We need players who can put pressure on. We have to find them in the next draft, ”he continued. “There are some good safes and cornerbacks available. There will also be some good players on the transfer market. "
It would do the team good to reduce the discrepancy between offense and defense. The offense is in second place in terms of points scored, the defense is in 31st place in terms of points received.

"Twitter and Facebook at the Saints ... not me," said Head Coach Sean Payton. He's going to have a jammer installed in the locker room so something doesn't happen to him like Steeler's head coach Mike Tomlin.
Payton calls this the Payton thing. It would not be something that the league would recommend or even prescribe.

The NFL has not invited Oklahoma's Joe Mixon and Baylors Ishmael Zamora to scouting combine training.
Mixon, a talented running back who graduated from college and is aiming for the NFL, has a dark past. There is a video that shows him beating a woman. In the process, he broke her jaw and one cheekbone. The incident was over two years ago, but the NFL certainly has enough women thugs already. You don't need another one.However, it remains to be feared that Mixon will still find a team that accepts him, even if not necessarily via the draft.
There is a video of Zamora that shows him hitting and kicking a dog. For this he was banned for three games in the last college season.

Michael Vick is the number 1 contact when it comes to what threatens animal abusers. The ex-quarterback of the Falcons sat for a few years in jail and then failed to gain a foothold in the NFL again.
Although he thought that he would at least make it to a team again as a substitute, he wasn't. The 2016 season took place entirely without him. As a result, Michael Vick officially announced yesterday, Friday, that he was retiring.

$ 450,000 is really just peanuts by NFL standards.
In 2015, the Colts' ex wide receiver, Reggie Wayne, was a member of the Patriots roster for 11 days. For this he received a signature bonus of $ 450,000.
He actually should have paid back the money when he resigned after less than two weeks in the team. But the Patriots thought he could keep the few dollars.

Friday 3rd February 2017

Brief reports
After the games that will be played in London had been fixed for a long time, the Mexico game is now also fixed.
The Raiders have to compete again in Mexico City and host the Patriots. And again the Raiders have to sacrifice a home game for it. The fans in Oakland don't get to see that many Raiders games anyway.
When the game will take place should be announced in the context of the schedule publication in spring.

"I'm not playing Franchise Tag again," Eric Berry told the Chiefs.
However, Safety does not want to leave Kansas City either.
Berry earned $ 10.8 in 2016 as a franchise player for the Chiefs. Another year on the label would earn him $ 13 million. But the 28-year-old wants a good, long-term contract. And the chiefs want to negotiate that with him now.

Steve Smith quickly found a new job.
The Ravens wide receiver announced his retirement from the NFL a few weeks ago. After 16 seasons as a player, he signed a five-year analyst contract with the NFL Network.

The NFL dominates the ratings of the US TV markets. Over 110 million viewers will watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. The prices for a 30 second commercial are $ 5 million. The cost of this has doubled since 2007.
So everything looks fine. The NFL's goal of growing its annual revenue to $ 25 billion by 2027 seems achievable.
However, there are signs that the goal might be missed. This season, the ratings for the games fell to their lowest level since 2008. And the broadcasting stations are grumbling. Of course, the league wants to earn a lot more for the next TV contracts, and of course it will earn more, but whether the increase will turn out properly remains to be seen. It could be that the broadcasters only want to pay moderate increases.
The odds have fallen 8% since 2015 to an average of 16.5 million per game. And especially the young viewers stay away from the NFL broadcasts. Only 2.9 million of the 18-34 year olds watched a game this season.
Several factors are to blame for the falling audience figures. Visual behavior has changed. The United States has a large number of video service subscribers that broadcast unadverted movies and series episodes. Many people find it difficult to play football games that last three hours because they are interrupted 25 times for a total of 41 minutes of advertising. The NFL is doing its part to make the games less interesting and more lame through ever new rules.
But if the viewers stay away, the television stations can no longer charge that much money for the commercials. Advertisers want their advertisements to be seen. And if they pay less, the broadcasters can pay less to the NFL. The TV stations in the USA have to act economically. You can't just raise fees to pay a ridiculous amount of money for sports rights like public, legal license-funded broadcasters can.
The NFL could actually fail to reach its goal of $ 25 billion in 2027.

Dwight Freeney was unable to train on Thursday.
The Falcons' 36-year-old defensive end is injured in a calf. However, the injury should not endanger his use against the Patriots.

In the Patriots, defensive tackle Alan Branch was spared. A toe hurts.
Somebody kicked him during training.

And we're finally ending the news with a funny anecdote.
"The Patriots fans would like to give a warm welcome to Roger Goodell if he ever comes back to a game," said team owner Robert Kraft.
A roar!

Thursday February 2, 2017

Brief reports
Of course, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (pictured) gave his traditional press conference again before the Super Bowl.
Of course, he was asked what he thought of the new US President Donald Trump?
And Goodell talks a lot in his answer without saying anything.
But he had something to say in the direction of Raiders and something decisive: “We see that betting is being done in this market. We have strict rules there. The Raiders didn't ask us if their proposed move to Las Vegas violated these rules. I don't see parts of a team in our league belonging to a casino. "
Translated, that sounded like a clear rebuff to the raiders' plans to move to the city of sin. But the team has to go somewhere. It will definitely not want to stay in Oakland, and Las Vegas is the dream destination right now. (As it is said, representatives of the city of San Diego are said to have spoken to those responsible for the Raiders) So it remains exciting.
As a full professional who is Goodell, questions about the unspeakable suspension of Tom Brady bounced off him. That would be something from the past. One would have acted according to the statutes of the league and thus done the right thing. He could understand that the fans were and still were mad, but he wouldn't care. He couldn't have acted otherwise to protect the integrity of the game. If you hated him for it, that's how it would be.

"It's been a rough year for my family," Patriots quarterback Tom Brady told reporters on Wednesday.
The news channel CNN reported that Brady's mother had been seriously ill for 18 months. "Yes," Brady replied when asked about it. “The last year has been tough. I hope my family will have the big day on Sunday, ”he continued, without explaining what exactly was wrong with his mother Galynn. His parents will probably not be able to make the long journey from California to Houston.
It wouldn't be easy for his wife and children either. You'd have an NFL quarterback for a father and husband, and that would cut down on family life. The time together would be so necessary. Five months a year he would walk out the door at six in the morning and not come home until seven in the evening. A lot would depend on the wife, who would have to take care of everything. That would be tiring for the family and would owe them so much for it.
I totally agree with Brady. That is hard. I know a couple of parcel delivery people who leave the house at six in the morning and don't come back home until seven in the evening, only that they have to do it 12 months a year. Not to mention the money.
Yes Mr. Brady, this life is one of the toughest, very, very, bad.

Falcon's wide receiver Julio Jones said his toe wouldn't cause him any more problems.
From now on he wants to take part in the training without restrictions.
He was spared yesterday, Wednesday.

Pat McAfee has had enough. He's giving up the tough life of a punter in the NFL after eight seasons and announced his retirement at 29.
Maybe the balls were too hard in the NFL as McAfee is undergoing his third right knee surgery in four years.
The Colts must now look for a successor, although McAfee still had two years of his contract to serve. The new General Manager of the Colts has enough problems cleaning up the heap of rubble that his predecessor Grigson left him.
McAfee is staying in Indianapolis and will work there for a company called Barstool Sports.

Texan's owner Bob McNair gets the perspective: "We need a lot better from the quarterback," said the man who vehemently defended Brock Osweiler throughout the season.
The fans got tired of Osweiler pretty quickly. The Houston media wasn't exactly positive about him either, but McNair defended his $ 72 million man.
That seems to be the end of it. But, as bad as Osweiler was, there wouldn't be a good material on the market, the team owner continued.
For the training camp, McNair predicted an open duel between Tom Savage and Brock Osweiler for the starting position. You will also take a close look at what would be available in the draft when it was your turn. Which will be quite late as the Texans somehow slipped into the playoffs.
All in all, it sounds like the Texans could have burned the $ 72 million for Osweiler too. The equivalent would have been the same.

He comes back.
Cardinal's star-wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald had thought about it and was convinced that he would hang on to his career for another year.
Fitzgerald has played with the Cardinals for his entire 13 years in the NFL. The year 2017 is still in his current contract and he will fulfill it. After that, the now 33-year-old wide receiver will probably retire.

Wednesday February 1, 2017

Brief reports
How do you beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl?
A lesson in two chapters.
Giants quarterback Eli Manning is the only NFL quarterback to beat the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl. Tips from him could be worth gold.
Falcon quarterback Matt Ryan said he had some text messages from Eli. Both know and respect each other.
"Don't risk too much," Manning texted to Ryan. “Play effectively and safely. Ball control is the most important thing. Kill them with passes on your super running backs. And then throw the deep pass in her back. "
Doesn't sound bad. But it could also have been written on a football player fortune cookie.

"When we played it was real football, today football looks like wrestling," said Earl Campbell.
He's a legend in Houston. The running back played for the Oilers from 1978 to 1984. Then two more seasons for the Saints.
In 1991 he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. About 10 years ago I went through pain reliever and alcohol withdrawal. He's proud to have been dry since then. He's also proud that he helped bring the Super Bowl back to Houston.
But he's not very interested in the Patriots' game against the Falcons. Football to him today is something like wrestling, and, he said, everyone knows that wrestling is a fake.
Back then, that was Bone Breaker Football. Back when he and Raiders Hall of Fame Safety Jack Tatum fought each other for a few inches, that would have been real fights. Then he would have said to Tatum: “That was the best that I have to offer, and he replied that it was also the best that I have to offer. That was real football, but today ... "
Shaking his head, he says excuses to today's players: “I can't play because a toenail has grown in. Oh, I can't play because I didn't go for a pedicure this week. I can't play because I had a headache. You couldn't have done this job back then. "
Today the 61-year-old runs Earl Campbell Meat Products together with his two sons.
On Sunday evenings he doesn't watch football with his wife, but golf. On Saturdays, however, the whole day from morning to night belongs to college football. And there he is looking for a runner who could have his class. He hasn't found it yet. He himself scored 4,443 yards and 40 touchdowns for the University of Texas.

Losing his job as head coach in Buffalo must have been a pain to Rex Ryan.
The first thing he did was remove the Bill's logo from his truck the day he was released. A few days ago he put up a Clemson logo because he likes and supports winners.
Winner ... This is something Ryan wasn't really as head coach. His time with the Bills ended with a 15-16 record. Overall he is 65-68 as head coach in the NFL. Although the Bills failed to make the playoffs under Rex Ryan's two seasons, he is convinced that firing him was wrong.
He currently has a job as an analyst at ESPN. He doesn't need it, but such a small extra income on top of the $ 16.5 million that the Bills still have to pay him for his five-year contract is something you can use in today's economically risky times.
"I don't hold a grudge against the bills," Ryan said in a radio interview. "I don't wish you anything bad, but I don't wish you luck either."

The chairman of the referees union is concerned. Too many referees made too many mistakes last season. But that's not what worries Scott Green, it worries him that so many players are publicly critical of the zebras' post-game performance. These players would all be fined, but the new trend Green is causing concern. Therefore, the chairman of the referees 'union wants to have a serious word with the chairman of the players' union. The aim is to discuss what can be done about it.
Often the players would criticize referees who made the correct decision. But the public would only notice the criticism of the referees, not the fact that the decision was correct.
The union should therefore influence the players in order to moderate them, because the fines would probably not be enough.

Something will change in the youth sector. USA Football is starting a pilot project with many innovations. The playing field should be made smaller, the number of players should be reduced, and it should be ensured that only players compete against each other who have the same body weight and height. In addition, punts and kickoffs will be abolished.
All because fewer and fewer parents let their children play football. After all, housewives who have nothing to do all day apart from driving their children to various leisure activities are not called Football Moms, but Soccer Moms.
Football is a sport that boys and girls can play in intimate togetherness, football is now as a brain destroyer on the sidelines.
Since 2009, the number of boys between the ages of 6 and 12 who play tackle football has decreased by 20%.
The NFL has pumped millions of dollars into USA Football's "Cheers Up" program, with a small hit. The number of guys who played tackle football went back up 1.2% in 2015.
The step that is now taken may be the right one. In football, too, initially playing four against four on small fields, and that slowly increases.
In football, play 11 against 11 with helmets that cover half the body and that are much too heavy for the thin necks of the dwarves.
It may sound strange what is being tried, but it is not wrong.

Tuesday January 31, 2017

Brief reports
The bookmakers haven't changed their minds yet. Immediately after the championship games, they made the Patriots three-point favorites for the Super Bowl.
It has remained that way to this day.
The expected number of points for both teams combined has been increased slightly from 58 to 59.
The odds that Atlanta will win the Super Bowl were 50: 1 before the season started. Many bookmakers will eagerly keep their fingers crossed for the Patriots. New England's odds were only 8-1.