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Navy CIS: This is how you see Season 18 in Germany


The 18th season "Navy CIS" can currently be seen on the US broadcaster CBS. At Netzwelt you can find out how you can see the current episode in Germany right now.

Update from 05/19/2021: Yesterday, "Blown Away", the penultimate episode of the 18th season "Navy CIS" was broadcast. The members of the REACT team are killed in an explosion. NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight, the only surviving member, helps solve the case using high-tech body armor.

In Germany, the 18th season of the cult crime series can be seen on Sat.1 since April 1. Netzwelt tells you how you can see the upcoming episodes before Germany starts.

  1. Watch season 18 with VPN after it aired in the US
  2. See season 18 on Amazon and Co.
  3. Navy CIS: Watch Season 18 on Free TV

Navy CIS: Watch Season 18 with VPN after it airs in the US

If you would like to see the new episodes of "Navy CIS" in the original English, you can use a VPN service to stream them directly after the US broadcast in the CBS media library. We'll tell you how you can bypass the country ban in order to access the services of CBS.

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Navy CIS: See Season 18 on Amazon and Co.

Unfortunately it is currently not yet possible to buy the 18th season of "Navy CIS" on Amazon or iTunes. Seasons 1 to 17, however, can be purchased from these services. So here you have to access the CBS media library with the VPN service if you don't want to wait any longer.

Navy CIS: Watch Season 18 on Free TV

Season 18 has been broadcast weekly on the free TV broadcaster Sat.1 since April 1st. A new episode appears every week. Since season 18 occasionally took a short break in the USA, the German broadcast can catch up a little, but you will see the upcoming new episodes first through a VPN connection.


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