Was pop music better in the 90s

By Fabiénne Moritz, 8f, Friedrich-Albert-Lange-Schule

The music has changed a lot since the 90s. But we have found that most young people today hear the classics con back then, such as “Lets talk about sex” or “What is love”.

However, many of the classics were re-recorded by popular musicians. So you can only recognize a lot of songs from back then with a different arrangement. But why are they being re-recorded after all these years?

They want the songs not to be forgotten by the youth. The children from back then are happy to hear the songs again, even if they sound different. Most of them have memories of their youth when they hear the songs on the radio.

We did a few interviews with different people on the street and asked them what they think of today's music and what they think has changed other than their own tastes.

One of the interviewees told us what she thinks of music today: “I think that the musicians used to have a lot more talent and also used instruments, the Beatles were an example of this.” Many of the interviewees answered almost the same.

Is technology alone to blame for this judgment? Music used to be made up of instruments and now it is often edited on the computer, just like everything else. But the taste always stays the same. There are still people who prefer the songs from then to those of today.