How is the final performance list of Afcat created

Déjà-vu: Justsim works on Basel LFSB

Of course it is “junk” if I can only turn on the lights with my own patch in Dresden, because otherwise it produces still images. Tobias has already written about the night lighting, namely a disaster even after Patch. In Hamburg, Justsim doesn't even listen to the Russians who have been calling for improvements on for ages. The runway looks largely like a first place clone. The Afcad never vote. If you photograph 10 aprons next to each other from different places, you will only see marginal differences, not even with the taxiways. The night lighting is almost always disco right after the turnaround. The company is largely resistant to requests for improvement and is now working on the next clone. And if not, there will be a charge. I am really amazed that this is still being bought. You don't have to agree with my opinion, but I see no reason to hide it, because I could provide documentation on every point.
It should be clear that every opinion, including mine, is subjective.

But the business principle of rebuilding seems to be working. As soon as I see a really new scenery location made of 100% own brainpower in good quality, I am ready to revise myself.
Until then, they will remain the Chinese of flight simulation for me. Maybe the future, because the Chinese have won too. Hopefully not.

And I emphasize it again, I hope that the FS2020 will be a real selection from the addon manufacturers in terms of quality, because bad things then no longer seem to look good in an even worse LC.

You've been around for a long time if you're the one I'm thinking of. At least in the days of FSX, each of these scenarios would have been torn apart in the forums immediately. In any case, I can still well remember shower ions, in which it was only about flickering textures and with that the shitstorm broke out.

We now have an incredible variety, which I really appreciate, but also an incredible amount of crap for the money.