Did Dota 2 ever cost money

Steam - New overview reveals how much money you have spent on games

Were you thrifty or did you mess around? A new tool tells you your Steam expenses.

If you've only played Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 for years, the value of your Steam account should be manageable. If, on the other hand, you hit one blockbuster after the other, a few more euros have flowed into your account. But how much money did you spend exactly? This question is answered by a new statistic that comes directly from Valve.

To access it, first log into Steam. Then click on the "Help" tab at the top left, then on "Steam Support", "My Account", "Your Steam Account Data" and finally on "External Credit Used". Or, alternatively, you can click directly on this link.

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Complete editions and old editions

The statistics dealt with three things: »TotalSpend«, »OldSpend« and »PWSpend«. "TotalSpend" collect your total expenses together that you have ever done with your account. This includes both your Steam balance and the money for game purchases. "OldSpend", on the other hand, only includes all issues prior to April 2015.

The »PW« in »PWSpend« stands for »Perfect World«. This is a publisher who sells Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in China. If you live in China and have invested money in one of the two games, it will be listed under this point.

If you are happy with your expenses and still have space in your library, you should get the Steam Summer Sale 2018 to meet. It will probably start this week.

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