Should Christians command the blessings

Classic blessing

1. Book of Moses 12: 2:
Gott says: I want to bless you
and make you a big name
and you shall be a blessing.

4. Book of Moses 6: 24-26:
The lord bless you and take care of you;
the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;
the Lord lift up his face upon you and give you peace.

5. Book of Moses 31: 6:
Be brave and strong!
Do not be afraid and do not be intimidated by them!
The Lord your God goes with you.
He always stands by you and won't let you down!

Book of Joshua 1: 5:
No one will be able to defeat you in your life.
For I am with you as I was with Moses.
I won't let you down, I never turn away from you.

Book of Joshua 1: 9:
Yes i say it again:
Be brave and determined!
Do not be intimidated and do not be afraid!
For I, the Lord your God, am with you wherever you go.

Book of Nehemiah 8:10:
And now go home, eat and drink! Prepare a feast and celebrate!
Also give something to those who cannot afford such a meal!
This day belongs to our God.
Do not lose courage, because joy in the Lord gives you strength!

Book of Psalms 5, 12-13:
But all who trust you
will be happy and praise you, because they are safe with you.
Those who love you will cheer for joy.
Whoever remains loyal to you, you give him peace and happiness,
you surround him with your protective love.

Book of Psalms 17, 6 and 8:
My God, now I'm calling you. I am sure you answer me.
Let me find an open ear with you and hear my prayer!
Guard me as one takes care of the apple of his eye!
Hide me like a bird hides its young.

Book of Psalms 20: 2-6:
The Lord answer you when you are in great need
the God of Jacob protect you!
Come to your aid from his sanctuary on Mount Zion!
He'll give you what you want from the heart
what you have set out to do, let it succeed!
May the Lord fulfill all your requests!

Book of Psalms 27, 1:
The Lord is my light, he saves me.
Who else should I be afraid of?
With him I am as safe as in a castle.
Before whom should I still tremble and quiver?

Book of Psalms 28, 7:
He gave me new strength and protected me.
I trusted him and he helped me.

Book of Psalms 71: 3:
Give me security,
like a house that I can come to at any time!
You decided to save me!
Yes, you offer me protection, you are my castle.

Book of Psalms 90, 13-17:
Lord, turn to us again!
How much longer do you want your anger to last?
Have mercy on us, we belong to you!
Lord, give us your love anew every morning!
Then we can sing and rejoice as long as we live!
Lord our God! Show us your kindness!
Do not let our efforts be in vain!
Yes, let our work bear fruit!

Book of Psalms 91: 9-12:
I am safe with the Lord! Yes, you have found home with God the Most High.
Because God sent his angels to protect you wherever you go.
They will carry you on their hands and you won't even hurt yourself on a stone!

Book of Psalms 115, 12–15:
The Lord thinks of us and will bless us.
His blessings go to all Israel. His blessings go to the priests.
His blessings go to all who respect him,
regardless of whether it is insignificant or influential!
May the Lord give you many children, you and your descendants!
The blessing of the Lord, who created heaven and earth, rests on you.

Book of Psalms 121: 3–4:
The Lord will not allow you to fall;
he, your protector, does not sleep.

Book of Psalms 121: 7–8:
The Lord protects you from all harm, he keeps your life.
He takes care of you when you leave the house and when you return home.
He is with you now and forever!

Book of Isaiah 41:10:
Do not be afraid, for I am with you;
do not be afraid because I am your god!
I make you strong, I help you
with my victorious hand I protect you!

Book Isaiah 43, 1-2:
But now the Lord who made you says, you descendants of Jacob,
who made you his people:
Do not be afraid, Israel, for I have redeemed you!
I called you by your name, you belong to me.
When you have to walk through deep water or torrential rivers
- I'm with you, you won't drown.
And if you get caught in the fire, you won't be harmed.
No flame will burn you.

Book of Isaiah 54:10:
Mountains may fall and hills roll
but my love for you is never shaken
and my covenant of peace with you will never waver.
I promise, the Lord who loves you!

Book Isaiah 57, 15-16:
I, the high and exalted,
the eternal and holy God,
dwell on high in the sanctuary.
But I also live with those who are sad and depressed.
I give them new courage and fill them with hope again.
For I do not want to quarrel and be angry forever;
otherwise her mind would wither away from me
and the breath of life that I have created.

Epistle of Paul to Romans 1, 7b:
I wish you grace and peace from God,
our Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ!

Words of blessing (not only) for use in worship

Gmarry in peace and firmly believe
that God has called you by your name.
Go in peace and discover how beautiful it is
Passing on God's love.
Go in peace for God is with you
with his consolation and with his love.

D.he Lord bless you and light up the paths that he leads you.
He lets you feel his closeness when you are afraid
and open your eyes and your heart to joy
and for the people he gives you.

Gott bless you and keep you,
he let his light shine over you
and make yourself whole.
There shouldn't be a day when you have to say:
Nobody is there to hold me.

Kthere should be a day when you have to say:
There is no one to protect me.
There shouldn't be a day when you have to say:
Nobody is there to accompany me.
The Lord bless you ...

Jesu courage inspire our speeches.
May God's Spirit strengthen our community.
Let the kingdom of God grow among us.
May the Triune God bless and accompany us,
the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Gon the understanding that Jesus will guide you by your name
called and you belong to him.
Go with the intention of saying thank you to him
Words and deeds, with hands and feet.
Go with the prospect of Jesus being with you
every day until the end of the world.
May the Triune God bless and accompany you,
the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

D.he peace of God, which is higher than all our reason,
keep our minds awake
big our hope and strengthen our love for one another.

D.the love of God that Jesus revealed to us,
be an alluring target before your eyes,
the driving force in your hearts
and remain the supporting ground under your feet.

D.he Lord bless you.
He fill your feet with dance
and your arms with strength.
Let him fill your heart with tenderness
and your eyes with laughter.
He will fill your ears with music
and your nose with fragrances.
He fill your mouth with exultation
and your heart with joy.
He always gives you the grace of the desert anew:
Still, fresh water and new hope.
He always gives us all new strength
to give hope a face.
May the Lord bless you.
(From Egypt)

F.vineyard wish
The deep peace in the sound of the waves
I wish you that.
The deep peace in the caressing wind
I wish you that.
The deep peace over the quiet land
I wish you that.
The deep peace under the shining stars
I wish you that.
The deep peace from the Son of Peace,
I wish you that.

Gott be with you God be with you
like the ground that carries you

Gott be with you like the air you breathe.
God be with you like the bread that strengthens you.
God be with you like the water that refreshes you.
God be with you like the house that protects you.
God be with you like the sun that makes the day bright.
(Based on a prayer by Rainer Haak)

Gott be before you
God be before you if you don't know the way.
God be next to you when you are unsure.
God be above you when you need protection.
God be in you when you are afraid.
God be around you like a cloak that warms and envelops you.
(From Ireland)

D.he Lord be before you,
to show you the right way.

The Lord be beside you
to embrace you
and to protect you against dangers from the left and from the right.

The Lord be behind you
to save you from the wickedness of evil people

The Lord be among you;
to catch you when you fall;
to pull you out of the noose.

The Lord be in you
to comfort you,
when you are sad.

The Lord be around you
to defend you
when others attack you.

The Lord be over you
to bless you
(Old Christian blessing)

L.uthers morning blessings
I thank you my heavenly father
through Jesus Christ, your dear Son,
that you protected me from all harm and danger tonight,
and ask yourself, you want to protect me this day from sin and all evil,
that you like everything that I do and that I live.
Because I command myself, my body and soul and everything in your hands.
Your holy angel be with me that the enemy may find no power in me. Amen.

L.uther's evening blessing
We thank you, Lord God, Heavenly Father
through Jesus Christ, your dear Son,
that you have graciously guarded us this day,
and ask you to forgive us all of our sins,
where we have done wrong and graciously guard us tonight,
because we command ourselves, our body and soul and everything in your hands.
Your holy angel be with us, so that the evil enemy finds no power in us,
for the sake of your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

B.onhoeffers morning prayer
Heavenly Father
Praise and thanks be to you for the rest of the night;
Praise and thanks be for the new day;
Praise and thanks be to you for all of your love
and kindness and loyalty in my life.
You have done me a lot of good;
Let me also take the heaviness out of your hand.
But you will not impose more on me than I can bear.
You let all things serve your children for the best.

B.onhoeffer's evening blessing
Lord my god I thank you
that you brought this day to an end;
I thank you for letting body and soul come to rest.
Your hand was over me and has protected and kept me.
Forgive all petty beliefs and all injustices of this day
and help that I forgive all who have wronged me.
Let me sleep in peace under your protection
and keep me from the temptations of darkness.
I command you mine, I command you this
House, I command you my body and my soul.
God, your holy name be praised.

Gott strengthen what wants to grow in you
God strengthen what wants to grow in you,
he (she) protects what makes you alive.
God give you what is healthy for you,
he (she) looks at what you release.
(Blessings from feminist theology)

Trinitarian blessing
May the Lord bless you
who created you;
The son keep you,
who suffered for you on the cross;
The Holy Spirit enlighten you,
who lives and works in you.

S.egen for everyone
May you in the morning
be full of expectation
at noon be full of strength,
and in the evening be full of wisdom:
God bless you

JSuedic blessing
I wish you eyes
with which you can look into a person's heart
and who don't go blind to pay attention to that
what he needs from you.
I wish you ears
with which you can also perceive nuances,
and who do not become deaf when listening to
what the happiness and hardship of the other is.
I wish you a mouth
who calls injustice by name,
and who is not embarrassed
for a word of comfort and love at the right time.
I wish you hands
with which you can caress and affirm reconciliation,
and who don't hold on
what you have in abundance and can share.
I wish you feet
that get you on your way to what is important
and who don't stop
before the steps that are crucial.
I wish you a backbone
with whom you can live upright and sincerely,
and that doesn't bend
from oppression, arbitrariness and power.
And I wish you a heart
in which many people are at home,
and that doesn't get tired
Practicing love and forgiving guilt.

Gottes love warm you
God's love warm you.
God's presence shines around you.
May the Spirit of God be in you.
God's power should work in you.
God's tenderness should protect you.
God's peace should surround you.
(From Ireland)

D.he Lord bless and keep you
The Lord, the Mighty, the origin and finisher of all things
bless you. He give you prosperity and growth,
If your hopes succeed, the fruits of your toil
and protect yourself from all evil,
be protection in danger and refuge in fear.

Gott touch you tenderly
God touch you tenderly, he caresses your soul,
gently envelop you in his love
and kiss the hope in you awake.

God touch you vigorously, he pave your way,
remove all obstacles
and give yourself a long breath.

God touch you challengingly
he expose your life lies
confront your fears
and reveal your bondage.

God touch you sadly
he will help you to endure sadness,
To let tears flow unchecked
and overcome all divisions.

God touch you wildly, he pushes your boundaries,
let yourself dare to dream and live longings.

God touch you impatiently
so that you give up the hesitation
courageously take the first step
and rush out of your world.

God touch you softly
so that you learn to endure the silence,
discover calm as a source
and conquer the restlessness in you.

God touch you big
so that you grow beyond yourself,
develop your possibilities
and his kingdom begins in you.

So bless you
the god of successful life,
the father, the son
and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
(Fabian Vogt)

D.he Lord bless you
The lord bless you and take care of you.
He will give you advice and protection in all fears.
He'll give you the courage to set out and the strength
to break new ground.
He gives you the assurance of coming home.

The Lord let his face shine on you and
be gracious to you.
God be light on your way.
He be with you when you go detours and wrong ways.
He'll take you by the hand
and give you many signs of his nearness.

He lift up his face on you and give you his peace.
Wholeness of soul and body.
The awareness of security.
A trust that keeps growing
and does not let himself be deterred.
So bless you God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen
(can be spoken by two people)

E.ngel of transition
Dear God, tell the angel at the old man's gate,
let me go
and encourage me even when I hesitate.

And tell the angel at the gates of the new
may he expect me
and don't go away
even if I need a little longer.

And, dear God, tell the angel of transition
may he bless me when I go
let him hold me when I stop
may he comfort me when I stumble
and greet me when I arrive.
That I laugh when I'm there. Amen.
(Thies Gundlach)

Gott all consolation and all promise
bless us and keep us;
accompany us with your love,
that carries us and challenges us;
let your face shine on us
and be gracious to us,
for your kindness creates new life; turn your face to us and give us salvation;
put your name on us
and we are blessed.
(Christel Voss-Goldstein
in: Abel, where is your sister, ed. by Christel Voß-Goldstein, Patmos Verlag, Düsseldorf 1987)

Gott, bless us and keep us
God protect our lives and keep our hope.
God, let your face shine on us,
that we shine for others.
God, lift up your face on us and hold us tight
believing that life is more alive than death
(Hanne Koehler
in: Hanne Köhler / Heidi Rosenstock, You God, friend of the people, Kreuz Verlag Stuttgart)

D.u deity, mighty ones
Origin and finisher of all things:
Bless us, give us prosperity and growth,
If our hopes succeed, fruit of our toil,
and protect us from all evil,
be us protection in danger and refuge in fear.
You, deity, let your face shine on us,
as the sun gives warmth over the earth to the frozen
and joy to the living,
and be gracious to us when guilt torments us.
Deliver us from all evil and set us free.
You, Godhead, lift up your face above us
And see our suffering and hear our voice.
Heal and comfort us and give us peace
the well-being of the body and the well-being of the soul, love and happiness.
(Angelika Heer
in: © Gabriele Miller (Ed.), And all women dance with. Church services by and for women, Schwabenverlag, Ostfildern 1996)

Gottes blessings be with you
on the winding path
of your life path,
in your tasks
in families and at work,
in your decisions
that you meet every day
with every step,
that you take into the unknown.
God's blessings be on you.
(Brigitte Enzner-Probst and Andrea Felsenstein-Roßberg
in: © B. Enzner-Probst, A. Felsenstein-Roßberg, When heaven and earth meet, Gütersloher Verlagshaus, Gütersloh 1993)

Gott touch us as we come and go
God keep us in doing as well as in not.
God keep us awake and sleep.
God bless our life and death.
God bless our exit and entrance
from now to forever.
(in: Advice stele for design, Celebration of the Last Supper, Frankfurt / M., p. 166 (edited))

Gott, strengthen what wants to grow in me
protect, guard what I carry on,
keep what I release
and bless me when I leave for you.
(Heidi Rosenstock
in: Schmidt, Eva Renate / Korenhof, Mieke / Jost, Renate eds., read feminist. Selected Bible texts for groups and congregations, prayers for worship, Vol. 2, Kreuz Verlag Stuttgart 1989, 21990, p. 270)

Gott of love bless us
that we see you on people's faces,
that we hear you in the words of those who speak to us
that we feel you when we experience good and do good.
(Source unknown)

Gott, bless us and keep us
God protect our lives and keep our hope.
God, let your face shine on us,
that we can shine for others.
God lift up your face on us and give us peace.
May God always give us all the strength to give hope a face.
(Source unknown)

Gott bless your coming and going,
God bless your thinking and your feeling,
God bless what you do and what you leave it to
God bless your day and your night.
God bless you
today, tomorrow and always.
(Center Annunciation of the EKHN)

Come lord bless us
that we don't part
but to profess you everywhere.
We are never alone, we are always yours.
Laughing or crying will be blessed.
(Dieter Trautwein) © Strube Verlag, Munich