When is the re-election in the USA

US presidential election: US election 2020: procedure, date and candidates - current information

The 2020 US election will be decisive: for the 59th time, the citizens of the United States will determine who will lead the country as president for the next four years. It's a duel between incumbent Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

You can get all information about the US election 2020 from us: We'll tell you everything about the date, candidates and procedure.

Presidential election date: when will the 2020 US election take place?

The US election took place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. In many states, however, so-called "early voting" was also possible in advance, usually a kind of postal vote.

The date for the US election has traditionally been the Tuesday after the first Monday of November since 1845. Reason for the peculiar election date: the farmers had already collected their harvest in November. Sunday was intended for the service, Monday was used to travel to the polling places.

Who are the candidates for the 2020 US election?

We would like to introduce you to the candidates for the 2020 US presidential election:

Donald Trump: Born in 1946, Trump has served as the 45th President of the United States since January 2017. Most Americans knew Trump even before he was elected: The 74-year-old now looks back on a career as a real estate tycoon and TV personality. Among other things, the billionaire hosted the business casting show "The Apprentice" NBC.

Trump's political agenda is controversial: The president's government takes an ultra-conservative stance on many issues, such as health, energy, immigration and financial policy, as well as gun laws and the Middle East conflict. Trump's plan to induce US companies to manufacture in the United States is supported by many alternate voters. In addition, Trump nominated two conservative judges for the US Supreme Court, who should change the jurisdiction of the court in the long term.

Trump's first term in office was overshadowed by several scandals and affairs: his company "The Trump Organization", close confidants and, at times, Trump himself have been the focus of investigations several times since he took office, among other things because of thwarting punishment in the affair of influencing the Russian election and paying hush money to one Porn actress.

In addition, Trump survived impeachment proceedings in 2020 for abuse of power brought against him by the US Congress. In a phone call, Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj to investigate Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden. Trump did not provide any evidence to support his allegations. So far, the affair has not had any impact on his position in the party or his renewed candidacy.

Joe Biden: Former Vice President Joe Biden is also preparing to take over the presidency. The 77-year-old from the small east coast state of Delaware can look back on an eventful political career and has already had two unsuccessful candidacies: As a Senator, Biden also ran for the candidacy of the Democrats in 1988 and 2008, but failed because of his internal party rivals. After a weak phase at the beginning, he was ultimately able to confidently win the 2020 primaries. He is competing with his runner-up candidate, Kamala Harris.

Biden is considered moderate in his positions and is often referred to as a "blue collar" democrat, an advocate for the politically moderate US working class. During his time as Vice President, Biden campaigned for the reform of access to health insurance, known as "Obamacare". In addition, Biden is considered a supporter of trade unions.

Critics, however, accuse Biden of his behavior at the polls during his time as a US Senator between 1973 and 2009. The politician is seen as one of the architects of modern US law enforcement legislation, which is held responsible for the mass imprisonment of minorities. He was also repeatedly criticized for his positive attitude towards the Iraq war.

Other candidates: In the two-party system of the USA, candidates from other parties basically have no chance of entering the White House. However, third parties can certainly unite votes and change election results in this way. The Libertarian Party candidate, Jo Jorgensen, and the Green Howie Hawkins are particularly likely to win votes.

How is the 2020 US presidential election going?

The presidential election on November 3rd, 2020 is only the first step in the US electoral process. We give you an overview of the process:

Election day: On November 3, 2020, eligible voters in the 50 states and Washington D.C. for one of the presidential candidates and their deputy. Although the names of the candidates are usually on the ballot papers, ultimately only the 538 electors of the so-called "Electoral College" are determined, who are then to vote for the corresponding candidate. The election result is usually clear on election night. In addition to the presidency, parts of the congress, some governors and numerous municipal electoral offices will also be redefined.

The number of electors from each state is determined by the size of the population: Each state has the respective number of representatives in the US House of Representatives and two other electors, which corresponds to the number of senators in the state. Every state as well as the capital Washington D.C. there are therefore at least three electors. California, on the other hand, has 55.

On election day, the focus is particularly on those states whose votes change from election to election. Since states like Texas (Republicans) and California (Democrats) usually always go to the same party, the candidates are dependent on success in the so-called "swing states". According to current surveys, states such as Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona are likely to be among the "swing states" in 2020.

Meeting of the "Electoral College": 41 days after the election, the electors meet in the capitals of their states and elect their candidates. The letters are then counted by the incumbent Vice President. Since in most states the relative majority is considered sufficient and the votes all go to the winner, a candidate can win by collecting many electors even though the majority of the votes goes to the other candidate. Donald Trump last achieved this in the 2016 election.

Inauguration: The incumbent US president continues to run the country until his inauguration, which always takes place on January 20 of the following year. The ceremony takes place in front of the Capitol in Washington D.C. instead of. If a new president takes over the office, both sides usually use the time before the handover to ensure a smooth transition as possible.

How are the polls and election results?

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What time do the results come?

When will the results be known after the election? We answer that here: US election 2020: When will the results and projections come?

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