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Luxury, comfort and prestige - Zeray Country in Badeli

Have you heard of the luxurious Zeray Country building project in Badeli, Turkey? The exclusive project is currently being planned and built. This architectural highlight should then be ready in August 2020 and be ready for its happy new residents.

The Zeray Country residential complex is an exclusive residential address. The Badli village is located in the countryside - between numerous trees. The houses were built in the Bursa district, a particularly popular area of ​​the Turkish city.

The architects designed Zeray Country was in a classic architectural style. The style creates a harmony between grandeur and simplicity. The uniqueness of nature and the landscape is skillfully reproduced here.

Both the interior design and the design of the outside areas, the terraces, the gardens and the pools are impressive. Take a look at how the architects planned this luxury project.

Ten detached villas

A villa landscape was built on an area of ​​7,350 m2 in Badeli, which is intended for private individuals. All villas have a garden, a parking lot, a pool and a barbecue area, which can be used individually for the owners of the house. The surrounding landscape is also unique: the luxury villas are surrounded by olive groves.

The elegant villas, which were built in the style of small palaces, fit perfectly with the tranquility of nature and create a perfect harmony.

Access by car

The residential complex is well developed and can be easily reached by car. Each villa also has a parking space where you can safely park your own car.

Luxurious interior design

Luxury, comfort, prestige, privileges and elegance are evident in the architecture and also in the interior design of this building project. The design of the walls, the high ceilings, floors and windows - everything consists of high-quality materials and is characterized by a tasteful design. The chosen furnishings are timeless and elegant, matching the style of the house.

Exterior of a villa

The impressive architecture of the villas becomes clear in the close-up. Many details in the design of the facade and the roofs contribute to the great overall picture of the villas, which take you into a fairytale world.

The gardens and the modern pool and terrace facilities have been well thought out and appealingly laid out. Here the homeowners can switch off from their stressful everyday life and enjoy the tranquility of nature without living in isolation.

Playful architecture

The many balconies, towers and arches make up the charm of these ten villas. The houses are playful and elegant at the same time. Individuality and exclusivity are two particularly important features of the chosen architecture.

Pure luxury in the bathroom

In the bathrooms it becomes clear how high-quality the interior design of the villas was. Floors and walls made of shiny marble, high-quality furniture made of dark wood, glass and only the best sanitary facilities ensure an all-round luxurious feeling of living.

A special highlight are the large mirror and the golden washbasin, which create a warm, exclusive ambience.

No kitchen dreams are left open here

This room exudes pure luxury - a shiny marble floor, a high-quality bar area and the fully equipped modern kitchen invite you to cook and socialize. Lots of daylight entering through the large windows and a high, lavishly decorated ceiling with an impressive chandelier add even more elegance.

The lounge and terrace area

It's a good place to be on this terrace. The partially overgrown roof creates a pleasant penumbra. The cozy benches meanwhile offer space for the whole family or friends. An impressive outdoor fireplace in the middle of the terrace creates an atmospheric atmosphere even in the dark.

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