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PANORAMABlick # 112 - Facebook and Instagram encourage you to wear a mask, new shop tabs and pinned comments on Instagram and we're looking for you

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Facebook and Instagram are showing their attitude

If wearing a mask is already a political statement in the USA, then Facebook and Instagram are now taking a stance: Messages will soon appear on both feeds to encourage people to wear masks and to link to COVID-19 information centers.

If only it was always as easy as with the masks! Because the debate about the attitude of the big social media platforms is much bigger and continues to grow. Advertising boycotts on the one hand, deplatforming on the other, there is a lot going on right now. Content is blocked, subreddits closed, accounts blocked, from Instagram to Twitch the platforms seem to recognize that they have to do something against hate speech and manipulation.

Kevin Rose sees a new era dawning in the NYT, a move away from the wild web and towards more responsibility by the operators. This is overdue, we think, because a misunderstood freedom of expression only leads to the most blatant and loudest prevailing. And then the web is no longer social, just ugly.

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Shop Tab and Pinned Comments - New Instagram Features

Instagram is working on two new features. On the one hand, they are trying out the Instagram Shop Tab in a global test, which enables users to buy from large brands or small companies with just one click via a tab in the navigation page of the app. Users can filter by brands they follow or by categories, including, for example, Beauty, Fashion & Accessories, Home and Travel. In the main navigation of Instagram, the heart icon (which shows the various activities) is replaced by the shop icon. The menu item Activity will of course not disappear completely. If you want to see likes and comments, you can see them at the top right next to the paper plane icon (direct messages) or click on the heart symbol in your own profile.

In addition, Instagram continues to take action against negative comments and insults and is now rolling out the pinned comments function for everyone. In this way, users can attach three positive comments to a post at the beginning of a thread. Negative statements disappear into the background and can be better moderated. To pin the comments, simply swipe left and select the pin icon.

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On my own behalf

Hot, cold, VIESSMANN! We look forward to our cooperation with the traditional company. You can find out what exactly we do for the brand here!

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We are looking for you!

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