What is the Talkback app

Android Google Talkback - Everything You Need to Know


Talkback from Google is an accessibility aid for your smartphone. With the help of this service app, you can have text blocks read out to you on your smartphone. The app therefore offers you practical assistance. However, this help can quickly be seen as annoying if Talkback keeps reading things out, although you can still read everything yourself without any problems. In the following we will show you how to activate and deactivate Talkback.

How do I use Google Talkback?

In most cases, Google Talkback is preinstalled on your smartphone. For some devices that are delivered completely without Google apps, it is necessary to download the app from the Google Playstore. There you can find Google Talkback and other features summarized as the Android Accessibility Suite.

As soon as you have activated the service package, all you have to do is tap a text on your Android device and it will be read out. This can be an SMS or just a normal button, for example in the settings. The read area is marked with a green box. If you really want to tap a button, you have to double-tap it instead of tapping it once.

How can I enable or disable Google Talkback?

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

quick start Guide

  1. Open the Settings on your Android device.
  2. Scroll down quite a bit. In the area "system"find the option"Accessibility".
  3. At the top of "services"you now see the area"Talkback". Below that it is indicated directly whether it is switched on or off. Tap on it.
  4. Next, you'll see one in the top right Slider. If this is on the left, Google Talkback is switched off. Tap it to turn on Google Talkback.
    If the controller is on the right, Google Talkback is switched on. If you now tap on it, you have to tap in an additional window by tapping "OK"Confirm that you really want to turn off Google Talkback.