Loves God theists and atheists alike


God doesn't exist for me ...


Anonymous, female, 17

because I'm not sure if it exists. I feel the devil everywhere, I can suspect him around every corner. But I find it so difficult to believe in God! Why is it so difficult to believe in good and so easy to believe in evil?


Anonymous, male, 45

otherwise our world would be beautiful!

Eva, 60
but for me God is absolutely within the realm of the possible.

Thomas, 29
god will exist with 65% probability, otherwise you could kill yourself directly or is everything a pipe dream?

A. Giese, male, 36
as a being separated from us.

Annika, 27
because man tends to want to explain everything and has not been able to find an explanation for the reason for his existence until today.

Anonymous, male, 24
because there are infinitely many possibilities that could explain life as well, why should this of all be true? oh yes, ... because people always need a "leader", at least the mentally weaker ones. This is how life, nature, everything can be explained very comfortably and simply ...

Anonymous, female, 22
because everything we "know" about him through the Bible and education is unfounded.

Bright, male, 48
just as Zeus, Neptune or any African nature gods do not exist. Every conception of God is absurd.

Anonymous, male, 20th century
since I don't need it

Absolutely not.
In terms of probability theory, the Christian image of God is far less likely than the idea that Michael Ballack could take over the Chancellery tomorrow or that Adolf Hitler would command Nazi zombies on a South Sea atoll.
The probability must namely be measured against all other conceivable possibilities of an entity X, which is based on nothing more than an unprovable assertion. Furthermore, from a scientific point of view, God is a manslaughter for every physicist. Morally, God is a failure because moral people are moral only because of the fear of punishment and not because of their own free will.
A logically considered God could not even bring hope and consolation. Since one has to believe in him, there would be an increased fear of hell, especially in the dying phase. At least one should think so. Because the Bible punishes even the smallest offenses with hell. The Bible itself is another point for the untenability of the God hypothesis.
God hates homosexuals and "cripples", transvestites and adulterers. You are anathema to him.

Anonymous, male, 62
Gods do not exist in any other way than any other literary invention: as ideas about what is read and told.

Anonymous, 48
Extract from the FAQ, here on this website:
"Does God exist ?: The question of the existence of God cannot be answered independently of the experience of the individual or independently of the intention of the questioner."
Consequently there is no objective human dignity, royal dignity, royalty, divinity. Obviously, the dead god of the mad man Nietzsche, who has begun to rot, does not exist objectively either.
For a zoon politikon and a life artist there is of course still human dignity and divinity.
But the God of theologians does not exist for me.

Anonymous, male, 37
since he has never answered me. He is indifferent to people and watches as we grow, yearn, love, despair and die again. God as the idea of ​​pure love is a mistaken belief for me and man's longing for security, which does not exist outside of ourselves. Nevertheless, I am tolerant of believing people. Sometimes I wish I had more tolerance for the atheists. Who knows where the truth is? Good night!

Bernd Nowotny, 68
because I've never seen him. And because the reports from others have not convinced me.

Paul, 47
because there is no god.

Anonymous, male, 23
because it is me who is there.

... in the form in which it was taught in my childhood, what was expected of you there, was an intellectual insult. That's why I'm 17 from the catholic. Church kicked out.
A spiritual search began in my mid-40s. Is there perhaps something "bigger" after all? Is religion basically nonsense? Then why did they exist and exist in all cultures? I was dying to be satisfied with nothing less than the truth.
The door opener in terms of spirituality was then for me - and now please hold on tight - the Indian mystic Osho (Bagwan Shree Rajneesh), who has an excellent "ground station" in Cologne right now. Here I learned to feel and experience: Yes, there is something bigger, some kind of "divine power". I did not find all the answers here, I was particularly influenced in my search by Eckart Tolle, Neal Donald Walsch, Bert Hellinger, Willigis Jäger, Anselm Grün and several other spiritual teachers. My search led me into science, especially into quantum physics and also into the numerous scientific investigations into near-death experiences and regressions into "earlier lives". More and more the realization dawned: "There must be something". I got to know the power of meditation, eventually became a Reiki master, and had a few more exciting experiences.
So my path led through stations that are more likely to be rejected by the church - which is a big mistake.
For me there is no personal God in the form of either a benevolent or punishing old man somewhere in heaven. However, I now believe in a divine power that pervades the universe and all of us and of which we are at the same time a part, with our soul or the "spark of the gods" in us. I can talk to this non-personal God, I can pray and I can also feel his presence. This enriches my life immensely.
I can of course well understand that a personal God is easier to handle for many people.


For me today, spirituality is transdenominational. With the rules of the cath. I can't do anything with church and I still consider parts of it to be misanthropic. At the same time, however, I also acknowledge efforts like this one here. And I can definitely enter a church, feel the power in it and spend a time there in silence.
Faith and religion are not obsolete, but we need less theology and more spirituality, people want it. They just don't like missionaries.

Joachim Koßmann, 55
because that would contradict the laws of nature (claim to omnipotence).

Elmar Rixen, 63
because I believe it is a human invention.
Chapeau, chapeau! From the Catholic side such a forum that gives atheists a voice, I would not have thought that.
I'm an atheist, thank you. I can almost feel a devout Catholic flinch at this word, because the sound it associates with terms like communist, anarchist, nihilist or terrorist. I used to believe in God and the Church. Why? For the same reason as almost all Catholics from parishioners to popes; because they have been socialized that way. For no other reason. Every newborn is born without belief until parents and society force a belief on him.
One day I started to think about it, with the consequence that I left the Catholic Church because I could no longer bear a lot: the trail of blood that the church history draws behind it, which within the church is only seen as a marginal phenomenon (yes, the church also has Mistakes (!) Made, their members are just fallible people with all weaknesses); the absolute claim to truth, the completely undemocratic system with its celibate old men as rulers, misogyny, restrictive sexual morality, hiding sexual abuse, resistance to criticism; likewise the honey-sweet, sticky devotion to Mary.
The main reason for my resignation is my loss of faith. Usually a loss is a negative. But for me this loss was an enrichment.
The church appeals to the biblical God. Quotation from one of your answers: "According to the statements of the Old and New Testaments, God cares for people - like a mother or a father". My hair stands on end.
Someone suffers from perceptual disorders.
Like most of the posts in this forum, I too have to join in the criticism of this god: He is a cruel monster who does not even meet the most elementary ethical standards. Right now I am reading the Bible word for word and have now come to Jeremiah. It is said that one should not form an image of God. But what do the Bible authors do? You describe him as a person. This God, who supposedly always remains true to himself, who is unchangeable from eternity to eternity, this God does not belong in the hearts of people, but in psychiatry, with subsequent preventive detention, i.e. forever. By today's standards he behaves like an insane psychopath, jealous, infinitely narcissistic, he commits genocide, he slaughters, strangles, destroys, murders man and woman, old man and child, blackmailed and threatens, hardens people's hearts, and then plagues them To send plague. He delights in blood frenzy. Then he regrets what he has done and he spares his people to scourge them at the next transgression. He can be venerated through hecatombs of slaughtered animals, with the burnt offering, atonement, guilt offering, thanks offering ... cross sacrifice, ... blood, blood, blood ...
But when I see the contortions of the church in order to justify this god, to turn him into a contemporary cuddly god, I get dizzy. (Quotation from one of your answers: "It is not part of our conception of God that God wants to chastise, instruct or punish people through suffering".) How do you actually want to explain that when the Christian God is derived from the Old Testament, a God which is supposedly always the same, unchangeable and eternal.
But wait, why do I curse a God who doesn't exist, who people in antiquity came up with to keep their people in line.
I can only say: God, no thanks!
I don't need God: if you have science, philosophy and art, you don't need him (Michael Schmidt-Salomon).
Science cannot and probably never will explain the world. But it has come a long way, further than any religion. Today we understand things that were beyond imagination 200 years ago, while religions are still clinging to their ancient "truths".
There is nothing more honest than the scientific method: a theory lasts until it is falsified and replaced by a better one. The church has been chewing the same old sourdough for 2000 years. The arguments of the church are not sensible, but overly sensible. (The peace of God, which is higher than all reason ...) And with that, every reasonable, enlightened argument is undone.

I am godless but not unbeliever. I believe in evolution, humanism, in altruistic forces in people, in the beauty of nature, in the beauty of art and music, including sacred music.

I respect all people who believe in God. But I also want to be accepted as a godless person.

Anonymous, female, 30
A God who bears the characteristics that have been ascribed to him is inconceivable, cannot be experienced and cannot be felt.

Anonymous, female, 30
It just doesn't appear in my worldview.

Anonymous, male, 41
... because it only exists in the unreachable spheres of faith. I think so.

Horst Paffen, 61
Werner Hans, 24 writes, among other things, "This world is so bad; wars, lies, murder, rape every day, if there was a God, he would surely intervene ..." This problem is called "theodicy" (GW Leibniz , 1710), so the attempt is called in theology and philosophy to explain the contradiction between God's omnipotence and goodness and the physical evil, moral evil and manifold suffering present in the (his) world. The universe, the earth, their living beings are subject to evolution, a process of becoming. "If God only wanted the world to be final and perfect, it would become unnecessary and incomprehensible." (1) A final and perfect world could only be God himself. "With the imperfect, developing world, however, all the realities of suffering are posited which, without a causative free will being recognizable, make up this world as a space marked by suffering and pain." (1) However, God must not be accepted as the immediate cause of all inner-worldly conditions. Teilhard de Chardin put it this way: "God makes things happen." A world that is constantly developing and therefore imperfect means that God wants the world to be a free space in which people can freely turn to God. But that means that evil and evil also belong to this and this world. Evil, a morally impermissible act, is indispensable as a possibility for the freedom of human activity and evils such as natural disasters, diseases and the like are probably the inevitable side effects of an evolutionary process. Thus suffering in the world does not stand in the way of the existence of a benevolent God.
(1) Ralf Miggelbrink, The One God - Christian Monotheism of the Confederation and Creation, Aschendorf, Münster, 2006, ISBN 3-402-03504-9

Werner Hans, 24
I have now read through quite a few articles and have come to the decision to write a self-portrayal article as well. I can't see God with my eyes, just like "love" or certain light (UV), so these things don't exist, because nobody can prove the existence of my eyes to me By the way, nothing! And now I don't get with God you can feel, or the blind can even taste, smell, etc., it's about seeing!). This world is so bad; wars, lies, murder, rape every day, if there is a god he would surely intervene, because this is not our world and this world is certainly not our responsibility! If then someone else has to be held responsible for my mistakes, hmm then I'll just make God Responsible for it! We only live 80 years, if at all, have a little fun, or just not, after that we're dead and that's it! Then why should I believe in something that promises to take my pain away and such crap? I would have to be stupid to accept that ... that doesn't make any sense! Because then I would have to admit to myself that there is love, faith and hope and all that rubbish! No, I prefer not to believe in anything and give myself up to my self-reproaches, this will definitely make the situation here on earth better! The best is anyway the church, always the really bad wizards and sorcerers burned, their own fault, what do they do magic! Keeping the rabble stupid and making a little money, that's how it should be for a real company, 1A! Then place yourself above this invented God, make an image of this creature, achieve infallibility, thereby place yourself on an equal footing with God and manifest contradictions to this novel "Bible", worship other gods, etc.! believe, that makes more sense! There are also so many other religions out there, I just choose one of those, they promise me too ... uh, peace and eternity, after self-sacrifice, to add pain to oneself as an ant again return until I'm worth climbing up, or funny things? What do I have to do for God? How can I just believe .... ne that is too much for me! I myself am the blacksmith of my fate! Since this is my opinion and I continue to believe insist, I don't care if I'm right or wrong, everyone decides for themselves and has to live with the consequences. As hard as that sounds, either you are for him or against him! / sarcasm

Anonymous, male, 40
God can be described as the air, the universe. It is not only real, but alive and full of surprises. Like Jesus on earth, he will soon be doing miracles.

I can't say for sure that there is a God, but I could also make friends with the thought that there is a God. Therefore I cannot say that God does not exist for me.

Nobody can say God exists or He doesn't exist. Because if you say one thing you have to be able to prove it. This does not work because you can neither rule out one nor the other.

Oliver, 17th
maybe it already exists, in some form, maybe not as it is in the bible. but as it is in the bible, i cannot believe in him.

... would be the beginning of a sentence that does not apply to me. I believe in God, even if I've never met him. I am sure that God exists in spite of the fact that almost all religious explanations for the creation of the earth etc can be explained biologically.I think that if you believe in God you have to separate science and religion. However, competition should not arise.

Joscha, 17
If there was a god in this world, why raped and mistreated the cath. Church small defenseless children who cannot protect themselves in any way

Daniela Zitzelsberger, 25
the existence of a being is independent of the understanding of others. God is not relevant to me. but for me it is quite possible that "it" exists.

Daniel, 25
because I've been disappointed too many times. There is too much sorry on earth .. and He doesn't care.

Benjamin Lehnardt, 29
God doesn't exist for me because I'm angry that I'm disabled (okay, a little bit) but because there is so much suffering in the world !!!

Anonymous, female
"all thinking people are atheists" ernest hemingway

Michael Bernast, 51
For me, "god" is a human construct which has proven itself more or, at present, increasingly less, over thousands of years of history. In the course of the evolutionary development of society, clinging to the auxiliary construct "god" increasingly creates insoluble tensions.

Micha, 35
... because as creator he would be responsible for the destruction of over 99% of all species that have ever lived (see mass extinction in the Permian and at the end of the Cretaceous). And that would be unworthy of a god who "still has all the slats on the fence". Secondly, a look at the "Holy Scriptures", e.g. the Bible and the Koran, is sufficient, which predominantly describe a cruel God who arbitrarily chooses a small elite (qua faith, which is usually determined by birth) and the vast majority of people with punishment from hell, a rebirth in a lower caste etc. punished, which contradicts a basic humanistic attitude and the principle of equality and is therefore to be rejected.

Anonymous, male, 40
... this sentence starts wrong. The interesting question is not whether God cares "about me". It is a question of an objective reality, not an individual state of mind. I think the existence of biblical God and the divinity of Jesus are very, very improbable. There are no objective indications of the real existence of a god. There is almost no extra-biblical evidence of the existence of Jesus and nothing that would prove any of the alleged miracles. Many core elements of Christianity, such as the doctrine of the Trinity, do not appear in the Bible at all. There is every reason to believe that the history of Christianity is the history of a myth. I don't see any extra-biblical indications for the existence of a god either. Nothing of what we can observe in the natural world around us is explained better with than without God. Not the creation of the cosmos, not the development of life on earth, nothing at all. The proclamation of a god raises more unsolvable questions than it answers. It ultimately doesn't answer questions because it is an arbitrary, unverifiable claim. None of this is a compelling rebuttal, but the hypothesis "God" is worthless, because no statements can be made about it. Whether or not there is a creative intelligence behind the creation of the cosmos remains irrelevant.

Ralph Saathoff, 37
... because it is a specification from the Christian religion. God is not a person, but the experience and perception of great power that is in us humans.

Anonymous, male, 30
God equals ignorance. I don't believe in ignorance.

Niklas D., 16
"Sire, I do not need this hypothesis" answered the mathematician Laplace Napoleon when asked about his belief. What interests my life in a purely speculative belief? I am also not interested in the existence of dwarfs or goblins. Nevertheless, it is very important to deal with the question of God because it is very relevant to life. In bad or good ways ...

Stefan K., 28
I think it is extremely unlikely that a god as described in the Torah, the Bible or the Koran exists. The basis of existence of such a god does not fit into my logical understanding. Everything else, on the other hand, everything that is not omnipotent or omnipresent, need not be called God.

Hans-Josef Trimborn, 67
especially not in the sense that I was tried to make believable in my childhood. After that I should have to start from a God who is omnipotent, omniscient, just and also full of love and goodness. This definition can only be permanently adopted by those who keep their childlike naivety for the rest of their lives, which in turn can only work if one is hostile to reality and prefers a constant slalom around all contradictions. I am a very satisfied person who lets everyone live largely the way they want to live. I am firmly convinced that the most important factor in this is that today - like every interested citizen - I have access to all important scientific findings and convincing arguments. Submitting to the dogmas of the Catholic Church again is inconceivable for me. I live well with the idea that I - like all living beings - only give a short guest appearance on this earth. I do not value an infinite bliss in any paradise. Nor do I believe in the thesis that he who directs his whole life towards a later existence in Paradise is happier than the non-believer. In my opinion, the assumption that all life is finite is an incentive to enjoy one's own life more intensely. Regardless, I will always stand up for freedom of belief as long as I am allowed to live according to my convictions.

Hinrich, 76
Regarding Mr. Anonymous (38 years old): If God did not exist, then he would be nothing. No one can reasonably think about nothing. But now Mr. Anonymus thinks about God just like all other people since they existed. Depending on the outcome of their thinking, they are theists, atheists or agnostics. Whether something actually exists is first of all a matter of experience and only on this basis a problem of reflection. Because all people are aware of an infinite and unconditional reality, that is, they can be experienced, they can think about this reality. This reality is called "God" in the German-speaking world. So Mr Anonymous has the clue he is looking for that God is present in his consciousness in the fact that he is thinking about the existence of God, long before he has thought about God. He experiences God in his consciousness just as spontaneously as his own self (self-consciousness). If Mr. Anonymus, other than with these rather abstract thoughts, wants to gain an extremely exciting approach to the existence of God, then we recommend reading the French bestselling author and member of the Academie Francaise Andre Frossard, who describes his transformation from an atheist to a Christian in the paperback "Gott exists. I met him "describes ..

Anonymous, male, 32
... more precisely, I don't see any solid evidence for its existence, but there are a lot of evidence that speak against it. That's why I'm 99.9 percent convinced that it doesn't exist. And the burden of proving the existence of an invisible friend is clearly on those who believe in him.

Gunter Veet, 67
because what is called God is just an idea that serves to bring people into dependency in order to make the tills ring in the churches: stupidity coupled with dependence makes "happy" - no, thank you!

Setenay, 19th
because I can't believe in a figure sitting up there watching my life. As many can tell by my name, I am not a Christian or come from a Christian family. I am an atheist and still live happily and with a lot of self-confidence. I have a question that always confirms my intention to remain an atheist. If there really is a God who has sent people the Bible, the Torah, the Koran or another set of rules, in which it says how a person has to live in order to get to heaven, in which it says that all people are equal that they are God's images, why then does he allow slaves to be kept in the Middle Ages? Weren't these people children of God? What makes these people different from us? Also, almost all religions forbid questioning them, but if we are not allowed to question anything, why has God given us a mind? Living without God is very good. Religions emerged from the urge to explain the world and its phenomena or to draw hope. I also have hope without believing in an Almighty Power, because I believe in the people who really live, with whom one speaks and interacts. But of course that only applies to me. Just because it's right for me to be an atheist doesn't have to apply to everyone. I think the most important thing is to tolerate and respect each other. I don't force anyone to give up their belief, but in return I demand that nobody force me to believe in God.

Heinz Deiss, 43
for me that is just a basic truth. And I don't want to impose that on anyone else. However, sometimes I can be naively surprised how little God - if there is him - can do it. But I'm not the first or the only one, and working off something like that may be the icing on the cake for some pious people.

Ronaldiny, 51
I can't say because the earth and what is on it testify to its existence.

Heidrun, 58
no, it does exist, would there otherwise be a dispute about it?

Carsten, 42
I live without God, but God himself needs people who believe in him in order to exist.

Hinrich, 76
is a logically impossible statement. For example, if I don't know whether a certain person even exists, I can't think about their existence either. I can certainly not believe in this stranger or trust him in any way, because for that too I need to know about his existence. Just as the existence of his ego can be experienced in self-consciousness, every human being is conscious of an infinite reality which all human beings have assigned to the gods from the very first moment in human history. Unlike these gods, the biblical god in the burning bush has himself as the god of Abraham. Isaac and Jacob are given to be recognized and revealed as the absolute reality. He made himself more familiar with us, especially through his incarnation in Jesus Christ. If God did not exist, we could neither affirm nor deny him. There are neither theists nor atheists nor agnostics. I am convinced of the existence of God because God himself has confirmed my experience of consciousness through his self-revelation.

Thomas Bietz, 47
.. But Jesus and Buddha do! YOU should and can be an example and support for life. WE as self-responsible people can save the planet - or go under - together, also as a Christian community. The personal God is the greatest error of Christianity and Jesus, too, was abandoned by him at the hour of his death.

Peter Backfokus, 52
Our actions, like the actions of all other living beings, are based on probabilities, but not on certainties. We do what is likely to make sense and is likely to be successful. We go z. B. to work every morning because we will very likely get there safely and very likely get paid for it. Animals also go where they are likely to eat or are likely to find a sexual partner. However, nothing is certain except that we must all die. Conversely, there is also a lot that is very unlikely. This includes God. Its non-existence, like any non-existence, cannot be proven, and there is no real evidence for its existence. So you don't need to take them into account as a basis for your actions. Atheistic behavior ultimately results from the agnostic basic attitude of ultimate uncertainty and the improbability of God. That is, I have to deal with my life before death because nothing comes after that. Ethical standards are more likely to apply to me than to believers because no one will forgive me later. I am thrown into the world because no higher power will protect me, as much as I sometimes wish.

Jonathan Straub, 20
In my case, that is the wrong question. I love scientific-empirical, logical thinking. However, I assume the existence of any supernatural or supernatural beings that people imagine, including the God of Christians. Because: a) all our imagination is tied to reality, and (indirectly?) Vice versa. I am relying on modern brain research here. b) I live according to the creed "There are infinitely many truths", simply because it gives me a lot of strength and joy.

Michael Rauch, 65
is a legal statement from people who think differently. In mathematics we know positive and negative numbers. I therefore regard a "non-existent god" as a "minus god". This is the only way I can understand atheists, for example, who defend their atheism like a religion. A behavior that obviously results from the "permanent justification" of these fellow human beings to the "believing majority" ... similar to gays to the majority of heterosexuals - or vegetarians to the majority of carnivores ... et alias

Marco, 44
because I can't believe that there is a higher being that makes people so rage on earth.

Claudia Martelli, 44
... because it is a human need.

Siegfried Vocasek, 70
I prefer to be that myself - all right - only, has it not gone wrong often and thoroughly enough?

Anonymous, male, 40
It does not show itself to me, I have no evidence of its existence. - Perhaps it does exist but is indifferent to people just as an experimenter is indifferent to individual microbes in the test tube. Who knows?

Edgar Nönnig, 58
I think it's an invention of us humans to describe what we don't understand. It is also an auxiliary construction that allows support and hope in difficult times.

Alexander Krampe, 42
This is a linguistic problem and the question is premature and needs to be carefully examined.

Anonymous, female, 28
has not made itself felt in my life until now.

Ines Blum, 28
why should he why should i pay attention to someone who completely ignores me?

Volker, 40
since every conception of god is refuted by nature

God does not exist for me BECAUSE:
It is scientifically proven that all living beings were NOT created by God.
And the many sacred things about perception disorders. (Found out by bone analyzes.)

Cassa Lowa, 16
What can I say about "whether there is God" a few have written that God cannot be scientifically proven, he just cannot be explained and that is why he does not exist. SO YOU CAN SEE IT but I'll talk about myself I believe in God and stumbled upon this page by chance after I wanted to do some research I read this like this I don't want to tell anyone what to believe that everyone has to do for himself determine, I don't want to say that I have a proof that God exists BUT how can it not exist with all these miracles that we experience every day BECAUSE so ne question how is it scientific like for example the atom is built up of course everyone knows protons, electrons and so on, but who doesn't tell me that there are even smaller particles, why does the earth turn, why do cells or plants do what they do and one last question about how the world came about HOW CAN IT BE THAT A WORLD LIKE WE HAVE IT CAN BE CREATED BY 2 I say "LARGE STONES" SMALLING AND THEN WHAT COMES OUT I have already thrown a lot of stones at another a new world has not come of it (as far as I know )

Anonymous, male, 36
because he does not answer prayers, because he is ungracious, unjust and inexorable. Anyone who claims that God answers prayers, is gracious and cares about everyone's well-being is a damned liar! If there were a god, he would answer prayers.

The question of the existence of God is scientifically rather irrelevant. I feel like science.

Ulrich, 48
... because it would be absurd for a god to calmly watch people starve to death, kill each other in wars, be exploited while others are swimming in money.

John Paul, 39
is a statement that expresses that you know something for sure. But as soon as one knew for sure about the existence of a god, what was the point of his existence? God only exists when we believe in him. What is the point of God without man?

Lars, 40
just in the minds of many people

Anonymous, female, 20
He couldn't prevent it.

Andre Aengels, 28
because I am a rationally thinking person who does not need to believe in a higher power, since all problems in this world are caused by human hands and cannot be reversed by believing in a higher power. It is pure selfishness to believe that all mistakes that mankind make must be made good by God.

Anonymous, male, 44
Religion arose as man developed intelligence and awareness.
His knowledge of his environment was still limited and so he could not give a reasonable answer to many questions and could not explain many natural events and natural phenomena. The human being has to recognize again and again that he cannot explain everything and cannot influence everything. Of course, even today we cannot explain everything by a long way. There will always be inexplicable events or facts. That's exactly what makes life exciting.)
For these reasons, it was almost inevitable that man had the idea that there is a higher power that can answer these questions and that is the cause of the inexplicable events and natural phenomena.
God is an ideal projection screen for everything inexplicable and unanswerable and for our joy and gratitude when we are well. Religion provides standards for ethics and morals that are superior to the individual and enable a regulated social life in a society.

Anonymous, female, 54
I was beaten into church as a child! That was enough for me! If there should be a god, if he should meet me in the hereafter, I will spit in his face!

Christoph Kuropka, 29
because in the environment that surrounds me there is no place for such a being or such an existence. There are logical reasons for almost everything, which are still somewhat unclear in the small and large, but are constantly being supplemented. It is completely incomprehensible to me how, after the elementary building blocks of matter, or above the solar system or "universe", suddenly a being, a living being, a meaning or a sacred intention should come again. These things exist solely for and through us humans, a very specific, highly complicated living being and are not only impossible outside of such a thing, but also pointless.

Thomas Meier, 37
because it would be completely illogical to believe in a being that created all of this! We live on earth on a small, completely insignificant planet in a huge universe. Should our solar system go down tomorrow, it would be for the universe as if we were tossing a single grain of sand into the sea on the beach ...

Renate, 40

Benjamin Lehnardt, 27
Because it just sounds too babyish to me.

Anonymous, male, 33
... because it is an all too human invention. The burden of proving the existence of God rests on those who hold that view. Something that doesn't exist doesn't need to be proven.

Anonymous, male, 18th century
because it says God helps people in need where is the one i had hope now everything is gray and black where was god when i had to grow up on the street where was god where i get drugs

Anonymous, male, 23
as a merciful God who cares about the problems of all people and gives hope to people in difficult life situations.

Jörg, 30
God is like a phantom! Nothing clear, nothing precise, so I cannot and will not commit myself or cling to such a wild theory! I'm far too sober and independent in my thinking for that! I am not that gullible!

At, 41
... because there is no deity. Deities - regardless of religion - are inventions of Homo Sapiens, in his lack of understanding of natural relationships and his fear of events that he cannot understand. When he finally reached the level of intelligence required for it, science was even demonized at first. B. lust for power - related. Religious writings were all written / passed on by people and are therefore not credible. In the name of these invented deities, unimaginable atrocities were committed - this is still the case today.

Science is verifiable, understandable. Science can - for the most part - prove what they say. Nothing more is needed for an intelligent, independent and, above all, objective brain.
They should learn a big slice of the tolerance and respect that non-believers have towards believers!
What unconditionally believing people lack is the insight that their faith only takes place in themselves, in their own soul and heart.
No word or script represents faith. Only one's - own - feeling, the sensation, is the actual faith.
And nobody can claim that others feel or have to feel exactly the same.

Ulrich Wöss, 60
as a concrete father figure, as described in the Bible

Anonymous, male, 38
Neither nor, probably he has his own problems, like each of us ... if he's not playing one of his pretty nasty power games ... shouldn't someone butcher his son to ingratiate himself with this god type? If God were a celebrity, he would probably make it onto the front page of the Bild newspaper ...

Anonymous, male, 48
There is sure to be a God.

Wolfgang Manz, 57
God does not exist for me because then, logically, I would have to give nature a consciousness. Although I think it would be nice if it were so then an immediate reaction would probably be guaranteed to the actions of the people. But something else is real:
People's belief in any God and his laws and rules cause people to be too careless with the nature around them. In probably every belief God says to man nature makes you subject, and besides HIM there must be no other god, that makes his followers into environmental sinners and into soldiers of God. That is why I feel that believing in a God as the dictator of humanity is more dangerous than any atomic bomb, whether in the East or in the West. We are in a time of constant enlightenment and sooner or later knowledge will expose any belief. The power of knowledge is real and everything real is always stronger than any belief because the proof is already there. Faith has arisen through vanity paired with ignorance. If you add despair, fear and helplessness to it, you can even understand the call for an explanation or help from a higher power. But if there was no faith until today, faith would have no chance against today's enlightened people. The belief is real but that is unfortunately true, and since facts cannot be ignored, one should try to avoid them so that they no longer pose a threat to humanity. That is certainly just as difficult as integrating a dictator into a democracy. If all believers had so much tolerance to tolerate every "GOD" the enlightened people could sleep much more peacefully. !!!
It would be a start if mankind gives the nature of EARTH a consciousness by making NATURE a LEGAL PERSON that no god can do, only man. Then nature can complain against its exploitation and / or annihilation, which should also be in the interests of faith.

Anonymous, male
One distant day the sun will puff into a red ball and the earth will lose all life in its outer atmosphere. By then, evolution will have ended the human experiment a long time ago and may have granted a further development to the species that has made thinking about the existence of something supersensible superfluous.
Ultimately, there is no way to refute something that is only believed in.
I believe in the great OkoNiA, which did all the things that are there, but no one can prove its non-existence to me - not even a god of any kind! If one day I will no longer be, the great OkoNiA will disappear with me if I have not written down or passed on this belief and thus given it a transcendent raison d'être.
In particular, books, and that includes the Bible and any other religious scripture, are nothing more than collections of information devised or researched by people and are therefore also subject to his interpretation and his (C). If one were to burn all these holy scriptures and wait three generations to write them down from memory, an identical repetition of history would be necessary in order to make any of them credible at all.
Only the belief in something that could possibly have worked miracles around us, since the human being will probably never be able to fathom the true origin of things, would then be the remaining variant of belief. You can also call that God.
Viewed in the cosmic dimension, it is extremely unlikely that humans are the only living being in the universe with the necessary intelligence for history. A god would therefore have to subjugate the diverse intelligent beings (for which all the necessary prerequisites for a more complex species would already be created with a single cell) his version of Genesis, etc., adapted to the given circumstances, so that they would also believe in him.
What for?

Anonymous, male
To Werner Höbsch:
In one of your answers you write: "The existence of God cannot be proven in a scientific sense. For faith, what matters is what experiences people have and how they interpret them." (I see it the same way. God / gods do not exist for me.)
And I don't think that clinging to gods or gods is a sign of great stability and good orientation.
I think it's a shame if you can only see meaning in your life in this way.

Tanja, 31
because there is too much suffering in the world and for me faith stands in complete opposition to any scientific knowledge.

Rene Göckel
because every thought about such a phenomenon ends in a dead end after 10 seconds at the latest.

Anonymous, male, 50
what difference would it make if someone could prove to me that he existed. Still, I wouldn't take him seriously. God is an invention of the human mind or brain. Recent neurological research shows that certain neurological constructions can be found in the brain of believers. Evolution has set this up to compensate for a certain deficit. We are only at the beginning here, but it seems clear that the human brain offers such an instrument for the weak. Long live evolution

Anonymous, female, 23
because the idea of ​​an all-powerful, all-good and loving God is absolutely opposed to all my experiences.

Chriss Bloss, 55
Interesting site. Found it by accident. Read. Yes, why ...?
As an attentive reader of Joseph Campbell (The Masks of God) and other works, e.g. R. Patai on Hebrew Mythology and many more. it turns out that people have believed in something (God, gods) at all times in order to explain something inexplicable to themselves. Or to put it another way: The universe is as it is. Our fate is what make of it. The world is how we shape it. It is only because we are afraid of this responsibility that we invent punitive gods and think up their law, for the consequences of which we are then not to blame.
The monotheistic religions have brought so much suffering all over the world that it would be better if they never came into being. The more nature-loving religions are something different, they see something divine in every flower, every animal - and do not always have the phrase "Subdue the earth" in the back of their minds!
I recommend Schiller poem "The Gods of Greece"
I can think of a lot more, but this time it's enough.
Best regards

Rolf Homberg, 42
... in an Audi, Mercedes and BMW

Alexander May, 17
Why should he? Why should a fictional and free-imagined person exist just because this irrefutable existence was brought into being from thousands of years ago as an explanation for disease, epidemics and natural disasters. The ignorance of the people of that time led to the search for an impossible answer, which now seemed to explain more through the dogma of God. But we are knowing. We live in a society that is able to explain almost every natural phenomenon without ever losing the thought of God. Now why should a god exist? Because I'm afraid of the afterlife; because I cannot imagine things and thus seek refuge in faith? Yes, God doesn't exist for me.

Anonymous, 19
... because it is logically not free of contradictions.

Sergey Kartamyshev, 21
as it is in the Bible or the Koran. There can be such a thing as a force that people would call God. That could be, but under no circumstances did this something write books or save people.

Anonymous, male, 35
because he is not a personified God, but a construct. A universal concept. This exists, but has absolutely nothing to do with the personified and sometimes cruel God of the Abrahamites from the desert.

René, 35
... because nothing, absolutely nothing, indicates the existence of a god. Man invented God in order to be able to explain the world more simply. Or as Ludwig Feuerbach put it: "Man created God in his own image".

Chris, 23
..... I have often questioned and confirmed this answer. From a young age I asked God about existence and looked for answers. If I were to write "to no avail" now, that would not be entirely correct. I have a chronic illness and tried to kill myself when I was 16 years old. At that time I lost God and no longer believed in what was good. In these dark times, I almost denied my own family and didn't want to go on with this life. I just didn't see any meaning in life anymore. The deed was carried out, but in the end I was found in time and saved.
My parents told me at the time that God had a hand in this. I thought about it a lot and wanted to try to walk with God's way. But in the end I didn't decide for God and said to myself that I can take my life into my own hands, without God. After the suicide everything went really well, to the extent that today I have a good job and earn good money, and have my own apartment and car. Yes, everything is going well even with my family. I haven't been to church in a long time and haven't prayed in a long time. But in some serious situations (like exams, stress, anger) I have unconsciously thought of God inside. In some situations I asked him to give me strength. I never blamed God for the disease or questioned it. Maybe I made myself responsible for it. But nobody can help that I have this disease in me. If someone fatally loses his loved one in an accident and asks God why the loved one had to die, I would say he is asking the wrong person. God cannot help what we do and think.
Many expect God to get out his wand and make everything right. If God were to interfere in our lives and make everything right again out of every bad situation, life would be boring and no more life. If you were to forbid everything to your child out of fear, but also really everything, the child would still have no experience in life and would not be able to act properly in later serious situations.
Problems, fears and difficult life situations are there to solve them. Life sets us these tasks and if we master these tasks correctly, everyone will be rewarded in a good way. But if I approach these problems with bad thoughts, the end will not be any better. Problems in life are not only there to solve them, but also to learn from them and, for example, to pass them on to our children so that they may have a little easier life.
After my suicide, my life turned for the better. But only because I approached the problems with good thoughts and the support of my family. And inside also with God, even if I might not or could not perceive it. What I mean by that, God's ways are good ways. It doesn't really matter whether God exists or not. For me, God exists everywhere and in everyone. The Bible says that God created man in his own image. It was Jesus' task to proclaim the kingdom of God to people. The following text: Jesus proclaimed:
“The kingdom of God does not come in such a way that it can be recognized by external signs. You can't say, look, here it is! Or: there it is!
Because: The kingdom of God is already among you! Lk 17.20-21 "
I can only agree with this sentence! God is in each of us, because in each of us there is something good in the heart that we just have to allow. I started again to deal more and more with faith and would like to do this with Jesus Christ. Many unbelievers might think of him as a weirdo, but if you take a closer look at his statements and teaching, they are not wrong at all but rather a help in every situation in life. I think you shouldn't question the existence of God, because you will never find a plausible answer anyway. Perhaps more likely to ask what would be wrong with walking God's way. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.I also find it important that everyone should decide for themselves how to meet God and go their own way (whether through the church or through their own ideas and prayers). One should also stop looking at God as a person every time. One should accept and receive God as a part of oneself. If you allow this part, you will also feel the divine closeness better. E.g. through human behavior towards one another. Unfortunately, society tends to diverge from one another and become a loner. Yes, we Germans are becoming more and more selfish and pessimistic towards one another. See only the bad as the good in everything.
If we humans came closer and closer to each other and helped each other more, a lot would be easier and there would be fewer problems.
I also tell myself that God cannot be found overnight. It is rather the life experiences that lead us to God. Experiences and situations where we have to choose between good and bad. For example, those who follow the path of Jesus will ultimately only get what is good, namely the kingdom of God.
Whoever questions God's existence also asks about his own existence at the same time. Whoever questions God's existence should also ask himself what would be wrong with going God's way even if he didn't exist.

S.R., male, 27
because it is an unnecessary construct that was created to abuse the more or less mindless masses in the distant past and to gain a position of power. it is nothing more than an invention of power-obsessed intelligent people who do even more and want money.

Ingo Jäckels, 29
... in books or symbols. He is the part in every human being who cannot die. We are part of God.

Steffi St. Adler, 19
I believe in God, he's great! he always helps me ... when I feel bad and I cry ...

Anonymous, male, 37
I think God is a football that does not want to go into the goal and is therefore difficult to play on. I believe in the end of the world and that we will die and perish because of this football god!

D. Cohen, male, 19th century
... because I have a better explanation = The '' neutral '' science.
At the latest when the plane is nosedive and the cutter is sinking at sea, the last critics will quickly question their '' atheistic truth ''.

Anonymous, male, 18th century
... since I do not find any evidence of its existence.

Tamara General, 19
but he does ... although I cannot say whether GOD is really an ER .. it is rather a force that is always there and accompanies people who have an open heart and a free spirit ... even those without an open heart and free spirit are accompanied only they see and feel that which is a shame ...

Urmel from the ice, 18
god is an empty, empty shell whose face, gender, ... nobody knows. it is a construction of communism in view of the social conditions. it was an invention of the rich to control the poor (see the Middle Ages and the Church's greed for power) ... god does not exist

Lan Duong, 34
God exists for me but that doesn’t mean that it is him

Till, 23
... if he really existed, I couldn't believe in him. Its non-existence makes it an absolute certainty for me. Because we all serve what exists. Serving our career, our appearance, our social position. But how can we serve something that will perish and swallowed up by death. I serve him who gives me all this existing and knows how to measure it, but who does not exist himself, but only exists by giving me hope, confidence, love and freedom. I am very happy and feel that I am in good hands in a world marked by fear. I don't really care if that's just my imagination.

Anonymous, female, 26
... I lost him.

Amy, 16
existence is relative in my opinion.

Manfred Oppdehipt, 44
... because even intensive life experience could not bring God to life for me.

Chaled Osman, 39
while I doubt.

Eric Kramer, 37
37 years and male is the short name for me. My parents conveyed to me that general evangelical faith which, without questioning, provided the pale framework for the Easter and Christmas presents. From around the age of 12 I questioned and dealt with other forms of belief (including esotericism) and scientific theories. From the age of 16 I decided on atheism (without esotericism, without superstition). And stuck with it. Despite dark times. How do you live with it? Worse than with a god, but I decided to part with this illusion, even if it is downright practical. But I don't want to list what speaks against God here (most can understand that). As an atheist, I was an active member of a human rights organization for 8 years. Occasionally I worked with the Church. Which shows that you don't need a god to do something for humanity. For me, from the perspective of being human, life is absurd. I see faith as something extremely beneficial to health. It is an important psychosomatic aspect. But even that is no reason for me to believe. I am a lover of the truth (even if the truth is only subjective) so I cannot fall back on a belief. I want to see without creating anything for myself. I don't believe in the afterlife either. Life ends and everything I learned, experienced, understood will end and has lost its meaning. Life is meaningless and therefore offers the possibility to create it, for nothing, but it offers its own way (albeit causally). It's hard to live without God. And whoever decides to do so will be checked again and again whether he wants to go the easy or the hard way.

Anonymous, female, 42
... I don't think anything is out of the question.

Anonymous, female, 15
just because you can't see someone does the idea of ​​God help you.
She helps you out of a deep ... even if you think "why does he allow something like that?"
Maybe God can't be everywhere and take care of everyone?!? Is that his job?

Benjamin R., 26
I began to occupy myself with philosophy and history and noticed that the existence of God or one God at all times was anything but consensus. And I noticed how much damage the religions, especially the monotheistic and Abrahamic ones, had brought on the world. Why should I believe in something that had no serious evidence or even a clue that led people to torture and murder other people (and animals) on its behalf?

Anonymous, male, 22
Cannot exist in the form taught by the Christian cults, since omnipotence and knowledge on the one hand and goodness or even some kind of benevolence towards people are not compatible with the often cruel reality.
If the Christian God were a real person, a psychologist would have real pleasure in him.

Steffen F., 19th
I don't understand why people always need someone above them ...

God God, 34
god don’t give it either

Ano Nym, male, 14
because my life is too precious to waste time with him.

Ulli Becker, 41
There is only God! - Spinoza was right!
"The kingdom of heaven is within you"

Robert H., 32
@Bernhard Riedl
<<Ein letztes Grundvertrauen in Gott, das ich wohl von meinen Eltern und Großeltern "geerbt" habe, hat mich nie verlassen, nämlich, dass Gott es gut mit mir meint,...>>
Well, that's what you tell the children in the Congo hot and cold. Or better: Accompany the child soldiers right away and learn how 'good' your god Sado is to them, that they are forced to march by self-proclaimed 'generals' and shoot their peers.

Robert H., 32
@Basti, 18
<<<Natürlich stammt der Mensch vom Affen ab und ..>>>
No, humans and apes have SHARED ancestors. That is a seemingly small but important difference.

Anonymous, male
Hello again Paul
The question of whether God really exists cannot be answered at the moment. You can of course approach this topic from a purely scientific point of view. Then you end up with the Big Bang. Then the question arises very quickly --- what was before? You can now answer that. At this point in time there was absolute symmetry. That actually means egg and chicken were at the same time. So there is no longer the question of what came before. Since then everything has become more asymmetrical. There is this professor on Bavarian television who can explain it so nicely. At this point there was also time-space - actually everything was one. Only through the slow progression and increasing of the asymmetry slowly arise time, space, gravity, etc.
I am not a physicist and can therefore only describe it superficially. If one approaches this starting point mathematically, one finds that the Big Bang actually did not take place at point zero, but rather, as far as I can remember, 13 billionths of a second later. Many scientists are looking for the world formula with which one can explain everything.
This, too, will ultimately not solve the question of whether there is a God. But for me it doesn't matter whether it is ultimately the Christian God or whoever it is. When I see everything that is happening in the name of religions, I am terrified. I totally miss the clarity of how one should trust a god. As a consequence, I was generally very skeptical of all religions. Only Buddhism seems to be an exception. I am a Christian and unfortunately my religion doesn't give me any answers. So I just try to be a good person. If there should be a God, I would like a positive one. At least not that of the Church. I try to take responsibility for myself. That can't be so wrong.

Paul, 42
Hello anonymous friend,
Thank you for your answer and your advice.
So I have come to the conclusion that a God of Christians cannot exist.
I've been very interested in astronomy since my school days and like to look (unfortunately far too rarely) at the night sky with my reflector telescope. I believe that this wonderful universe cannot have formed itself. There must be some power behind it. For me it used to be the God of Christians.
I am thinking a lot about God at the moment because I miss him very much.
I had a new line of thought for a long time, but after reading your answer I came to a conclusion that would make even simple natural religions like the Indians (which I used to smile at gently at best) plausible:
I think everything is god.
I explain this with Einstein's theory of relativity. "Energy = mass * speed of light squared".

In the beginning God was pure energy. With the Big Bang, part of the energy was converted into mass. (To put it profanely, one could say: God has exploded). We know this mass as stars, planets, dust nebulae, black holes etc. The earth is therefore also a part of God, the wind, the rain, the animals, even ourselves, you and I, because we also consist of mass.
According to this theory, there is even a life after death - albeit in a completely different form - our mass is absorbed by other organisms and passed on to others and lives on in it, or when we are cremated our mass is partially converted back into energy, which in turn lives on in other organisms.
Only we ourselves don't notice anything anymore. I compare our thoughts, our "soul" with a computer program that runs on a high-performance biocomputer called the "brain" and that is simply switched off at some point, just as it is in "standby" when we are asleep (when we are not dreaming).
I have a new starting point again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will now deal intensively with natural religions, I already did this superficially a few days ago, but did not find anything with which I could quickly identify because I viewed these religions from the wrong perspective.
Thank you so much

Anonymous, male
Dear Paul,
we humans generally tend to give up responsibility. The others are always to blame. Nevertheless, we often think we know a lot better than others. I save examples. Both make us feel good and apparently strengthen our self-esteem. Well, then sometimes others come along and tell us what to believe and what to do. How often do we call for the "strong man"? The one who brings everything back to order? The past shows that these know-it-alls are usually no better than you. But as soon as it comes to power, it is also a question of maintaining power. This is where simple processes come into play. If you keep people stupid, then you can tell them a lot of Blahblah. The church consists only of people, with all weaknesses, but also strengths. Thus, apparently the same applies to them as to all people. You too would like to hand over responsibility, you long for a God who stands above you and protects you fatherly. One you can look up to .... The questions you ask yourself mainly revolve around what your church has conveyed to you. What you should believe. Which you are now questioning. Forget the church. God can also exist without a church - but the church cannot exist without God. So you shouldn't make the existence of God dependent on the church and its teaching.

Paul, 42
Until recently, I was a very religious person (in my opinion).
I grew up in a religious family and attended a Catholic boarding school.
I did not attend Holy Mass every Sunday, but several times a month.
Today I am 42 years old and have a wife and 2 children.
Last winter I read in the closing words of a book by Erich von Däniken that with the recognition of Darwin's theory of evolution by the Catholic. Church, Christ's death on the cross has become meaningless, since humanity had no guilt from which Christ could have redeemed them with his death. The fall of Adam and Eve does not exist, therefore no hereditary debt etc.
I have thought more and more about God and my faith and the more I thought about it, the more I doubted it, until I finally lost my faith completely a few weeks ago.
There are simply too many discrepancies that led me to the conclusion that a god probably exists, because our universe must come from somewhere, but that this god does not deal with us humans, and possibly knows nothing about us. There are about as many stars (= suns) in the universe as there are grains of sand on all of the world's beaches combined. Science is discovering more and more planetary systems. Some of these planets have surely living beings that we just don't know about.
Why did Christ only come to Israel?
Why only in year 0?
Why didn't God also speak to the Eskimos, the Incas or the Aztecs, why not much earlier?
Why did God let all other peoples and all people before Christ die as Gentiles?
Much in the Catholic Church does not come from the Bible, but comes from the interpretations of some members of the Church.
The people at the time the scriptures were being written believed that everything they could not explain was supernatural. Many texts / experience reports were probably created under drugs, others again by people who had some kind of intellectual disability.
Jesus lived safely, but I think he was a person like you and me, and his thoughts were in completely different spheres. He was able to inspire the people of that time, and so (don't be angry with me about my expression) a sect developed around him, like so many others.
Only this sect was able to develop well, initially underground, because as a Christian one was persecuted. But then bloody, as the Christians themselves experienced at the time of the Roman emperors in the crusades, the witch trials and the bloody missionaries. What kind of faith is it that speaks of mercy and kills those of other faiths? Today the church no longer kills anyone (there are rumors of murders such as that of Pope John Paul I and a high-ranking employee of the Vatican Bank), but today the church rakes in money that is not passed on to the needy, but just like in any stock corporation the goal is to be increased.
Why does the church not exemplify the faith?
This list goes on and on almost indefinitely.
So a few weeks ago I completely lost my faith. God does not hear me, God does not speak to people, unfortunately there is no life after death.
But I sorely miss God. In every situation that is difficult for me, I used to send a quick prayer to God. I still do this today, it probably works instinctively because I've always done it this way up until now. At the same moment, however, I realize that these quick prayers are pointless, and that leads me into an infinite void.
For the sake of my children, I still go to mass with them, I haven't told my family about it yet.
I feel like a child who has noticed that the Christ Child does not exist.
If you can give me any advice, I would be grateful.
best regards
Bernhard Riedl's answer:

Hello Paul",
it may not be a great consolation, but at least it should be a small one: you are not alone in your experience. Doubts about God and any attributes attributed to Him are more widespread than is commonly believed. And I know what I'm talking about. I do not belong to the God-Owners, I cannot dispose of him, although he has been an integral part of my life from childhood.
But I also got to know him as the distant, as the dumb, as the incomprehensible God, and have quarreled with him and justified him. And found my peace again. That too.
I want to be a little careful with advice, but it helped that I "stayed at it", that I took my doubts seriously, but that I did not leave all my experiences with God and believers in God behind me. A final basic trust in God, which I probably "inherited" from my parents and grandparents, has never left me, namely that God means well for me, that he is there, even if I do not recognize him, do not feel him, do not currently experience.
From the history of the saints and seekers of God I now also know that times of "divine eclipse", spiritual emptiness and drought are by no means so rare - not even with the really big ones.
Your experience teaches: it pays to stay tuned, God does not give up anyone, he is like the merciful Father in Jesus' parable the one with the open arms, who does not place any conditions on whoever returns home.
Perhaps it will help you if you look for a secret place every day and take 10 minutes of time especially for God, just think of him or say a prayer or repeat Psalm 23:

The Lord is my shepherd
1 A Song of David. The Lord is my shepherd; therefore I suffer no hardship. 2 He takes me to lush pastures, lets me rest by the fresh water 3 and gives me new strength. He guides me on safe paths, and he vouches for this with his name. 4 And I also have to go through the dark valley - I fear no disaster! You, Lord, are with me; you protect me and you guide me, that gives me courage. 5 You set your table for me in the sight of my enemies; festively you take me in with you and fill my cup to the brim. 6 Your kindness and love surround me every new day; I can stay in your house all my life.

In your entry you asked a lot of specific questions that seem to raise your doubts. Theologians have written so much about most of them that libraries are full of them. However, I am not sure that answering these questions would solve your dilemma.
With a quote from I want to try to take up at least your initial question about the why of God's revelation in Jesus Christ:
"In Jesus Christ God made himself in search of man. Until then, man was in search of God; guided by his own reason and by the light of economical divine revelation in the works of creation and the words of the prophets.
After large parts of mankind moved more away from God in this way than came closer, God is now taking the decisive step: he himself is looking for man. In Jesus Christ God himself becomes visible and it becomes visible how God relates to people. The attempt, no matter how honest, to approach God with one's own considerations is thus outdated; but it also fulfills the message of the prophets.
That is completely different from the Christian faith. This is its validity and obligation. The uniqueness of Christianity is not justified by the special content of his teaching and demands, but by the fact that God "expressed himself" in Jesus Christ. God himself has now made the way to himself accessible.
So here the order has shifted. In the religions man goes in search of God, in the revelation of Jesus God goes in search of man. So Christian belief is not just one of many religions. It is the encounter with Christ in whom God himself sought our closeness. "

Ava Avatar, Jan.
Yes, Claudia. I was that far. I could literally laugh at creationists and the Bible ...
But if you take a look at the "product", ie WE, of evolution, then it should become clear that educts are also needed for a product. This is how you get further and further into the past.
What I believe, however, is that the world did not emerge from "nothing", but has always been there. An eternal cycle of universes, galaxies and planets. The energy for this is and has always been there and as the years keep coming back, new planets, new life and new evolutions emerge, which may perish again after billions of years, but a new planet or a new galaxy emerges. .
So there is no god at all. (Because it would be superfluous, and nature has saved superfluous things !!!)

Benjamin Lehnardt, 26
Of course there is God. I just hate to call that power of God.
It is also sick to imagine that this force could speak, or would have a human shape, this power, like gravity or other physical laws, is simply there!
But that in turn means that it is absolutely pointless to pray to this power, because it has such unsatisfactory, human traits that one could rather speak with stones ...

Ava Avatar, Jan.
Of course there is God. I just hate to call that power of God.
It is also sick to imagine that this force could speak, or would have a human shape, this power, like gravity or other physical laws, is simply there!
But that in turn means that it is absolutely pointless to pray to this power, because it has such unsatisfactory, human traits that one could rather speak with stones ...

Anonymous, female, 16
Either God exists or not. What each individual "believes" in is up to him.

I would like to believe with conviction, I probably believe - but differently from what the Church teaches me. My god is just different. He is the other. He's not that beard type, the good guy or the bad guy .... He's both, so always everything. If everything were only good, one would not even know evil. There would be no evil. For me, "everything" ultimately also includes "nothing". So for me God is EVERYTHING and NOTHING! Thus the entire world can also have arisen from NOTHING, or from everything. The question of the sense or nonsense does not then no longer arise. Whether this God will bring us salvation now (or want to?) My experience tells me, however, if you think it can't get any worse than it is, then there's something on top .........

Anonymous, female, 18th century
... I can't say that across the board. I neither know that there is a God, nor do I know that there is no God. An almighty God who is there for people and cares for them, with whom they can feel safe - such a God no longer exists for me.
But I can't really get used to the idea that there is no God. If I were to erase God from my mind, what would be in this place? So far there is nothing that could close this gap. The fact that I used to be so convinced that there was a God has left its mark.

Anonymous, male, 21
I wouldn't say I would just call it the inner me

i reject religions in principle !!
but even without the bible, quran, etc. .. there is no god for me ...
the world ... we ... nature ... animals ...
all a product of evolution !!

Anonymous, female, 18th century
..., because God was only created by the church in order to provide people with a "higher authority", in which they believe and according to whose rules they should act. Thus, in the past and partly also today, the church was able to put people off again and again to the hereafter. They gave meaning to people's lives because, according to the Church, only those who lived morally well could go to heaven.
Even today, many people still live by the rules of the Church. I believe that many only do this because they cannot or do not want to give their life any other meaning.
I believe that the meaning of life is to be happy and content with yourself and your life. In addition, you should set yourself small, realistic goals in this world and not hope for "salvation in the hereafter", because that we live now is a fact. However, it is uncertain whether the afterlife really exists. That's why you should enjoy your life ...

Yuen M.
a personification of a god as an authoritarian entity is one of the greatest misunderstandings of humanity. God is everything .. Everything is God .. we too are part of it.

Anonymous, male
since I believe that God is man's imagination so as not to come to the conclusion that their life is not particularly valuable because it does not serve the purpose of a divine plan. Whereby even such a divine plan, insofar as it is not related to the God-given task, is only instrumentalized and declared to be unimportant.
I am also amazed that the greatest representative of Christianity, the Catholic Church, which says it preaches the only true religion, only needs 1900 years to realize that its spiritual "leader" is infallible, which is well known that quite a few popes were by no means faultless before.
Likewise, that the Catholic Church initially regarded women as having equal rights, but rejected this again relatively quickly and to this day still does not allow women to rise to higher positions and sometimes acts almost misogynist.
Ultimately, however, I cannot say that God cannot exist, because as a person I am limited in my ability to cognize due to my biological structure and thus I am not able to recognize / understand everything that exists. I am only saying that I do not believe in a God in my human disposition, but that my life is still meaningful just by setting my own tasks.

Anonymous, female, 18th century
... because you believe in something that you cannot see, feel, smell or hear. In addition, from a Christian point of view, God should be corruptible. After all, one must pay homage to him and live godly in order to get to paradise. Although God also forgives people's sins, he is more inclined to those who repent and admit their guilt and atone.

Jenjan Bertikud, 36
!!! In my opinion, God has been lost in the long course of history. Misfortunes, terror and poverty overshadow world events and lead me to question the existence of God. If I could believe in God, then God would be Savior and not a passive figure sitting on the white cloud and watching.
God does not exist for me, at least not with the function of saving humanity. It only exists in the minds of people who have to cling to a supernatural power that is not the devil in order not to lose meaning in life.

Anonymous, male, 17th century
because I consider God to be an idea of ​​man with the help of which he originally tried to explain things to himself that could not be explained to him. From this idea the living figure of God was formed as it exists today.
It is interesting to look at the different characters that emerged from the original idea when you look at the various religions.
The question of whether God really exists cannot really be answered, since everyone has their own ideas about God. Even if, in my opinion, God originated from an idea of ​​man, he does exist for some people, simply for the reason that they believe in God, because an idea is there as long as there are people who believe in it believe and since many people believe in God, God also exists for these people. God lives, so to speak, in all these believers, he is not present as a being, but as faith and, as is well known, he can move mountains!

Basti, 18
Because there is no such thing as God. So how can one naively orient one's whole life according to a book and lead a "godly" life with the hope of being granted eternal bliss afterwards. One believes in something for which there is no evidence, yes in something that has even been refuted by a number of sciences. Of course, humans are descended from apes, and Adam and Eve were certainly not the first humans on this planet. So how can you just surrender completely to something that is so obviously wrong? Live your life people. My opinion.

Anonymous, male, 18th century
Because I've never needed it. The existence of God is not excluded for me, but very unlikely.

Anonymous, male, 19th century
because some things that he allows to happen in his name are inhumane and should never be tolerated by a "dear" God, as propagated by the church.

Jay Sus
because I never met him.

Anonymous, male, 18th century
is a completely wrong statement.

Anonymous, male, 18th century
... because I think that it is an instance invented by us (humans) that should lead us to a moral life.
In the middle ages this misbelief was exploited by the church!
People were oppressed and abused by their belief and ignorance.

Soeren, 18
I've been thinking a lot about the meaning of life lately, and I've come across the question of whether God can give my life meaning. After reading texts by Lenzen and Albert, I am convinced that God does not give my life a meaning! If you think about it more closely, also about the existence of God, then I realize that there is no God, at least not for me! I prove that with evolution and science. There is not a single word in the Bible about the time with dinosaurs and the big bang. And it has also been scientifically proven that Adam and Eve were not the first humans, but that humans descended from the apes. Let's assume God still exists and has just spread a huge lie. How can I believe in someone, put my life in their hands, etc., who lies to me?
I hope this has made my point clear.

J. B., female, 18
sure ... because it was probably only invented to give meaning to life. He should make a guilty conscience when acting immorally and thus prevent this. The societies of the past needed this to keep control over people so that not everyone did what they wanted and thus made coexistence impossible. Also, people needed an explanation for some things like their existence, the meaning of life, and others. These can give religion and belief in God.

J., female, 18
in the form that the church, the Bible, religion, etc. represent God. I don't believe that God really wants everything that is in the Bible.
I also don't believe that God wants religions to be at war. It's just sad that you can't live in peace with one another. No matter what religion you have, no matter who you love and no matter how you look. For me God is someone who does not want one to live according to the rules of the Bible, the Koran etc. Because then God would want you to fight and does he want that?
I think people are responsible for what they do in the world. God can not do anything for the natural disasters, wars, terror etc. for that the people are responsible ALONE and they have to live alone with the consequences. Unfortunately, the wrong people often suffer (or die) because of these things. and that is exactly not fair

Silvia Haeske, 40
Hello Marc Oliver,
I liked your contribution. But is reality really bitter? It is a long process for me to become an atheist, sometimes in my dreams I wake up because I wanted to pray all at once. It is true that believing in God makes life easier by thinking that you will already know what you are doing. As mentioned, it is a long way to go to give up faith. But I've given up my imagination, my imagination. I know that I am "finally", that I have an end. But I also know, the more satisfied I am with myself (even with the injustice that I can only change in my environment), the more peacefully and without pain I will leave this world. I enjoy knowing that I am responsible for myself, that I have done a lot and not God. (Funny, a strange feeling creeps up on me when I turn myself against God. But I think that's the "aftermath", the little fear (could it be otherwise?) People who are against God strengthen me. For me life is not bitter, it offers me many things and I gladly accept them. Perhaps it is also because I adjust to the adversities of life - it always depends on the viewer.

Marc Oliver Müller, 20
Why the miserable state of the world, the heart-wrenching, innocent suffering and death of animals and humans, which is hardly compatible with the belief in a God who is all-good, all-knowing, all-effective and all-powerful?
How can a supposedly loving God, with whom nothing is impossible, make the living beings that he has created suffer so unspeakably?
Either he is not omnipotent and cannot prevent the sufferings, or he is not all-good and does not want to prevent the sufferings. The Greek philosopher Epicurus first drew attention to this dilemma within the belief in God around 300 BC with all conceptual clarity. Much later, following on from Epicurus' criticism of religion, the German poet Georg Büchner impressively described suffering as the "rock of atheism". In the famous "Philosopher's Talk" of his drama "Danton's Death" it says: "Get rid of the imperfect, then you alone can demonstrate God ... Evil can be denied, but not pain ... Why do I suffer? Rock of atheism. The slightest twitch of pain, and stir it in an atom, makes a rift in creation from top to bottom. "
But also suppose that one day there would actually be a blissful state, as the Revelation of John in the New Testament (21: 4) promises, that God will wipe away all tears and there will be no more death and no suffering and no more pain and no more screaming : Would that be wrong for disdainful atheism and would God be justified? No, because redemption in the hereafter always comes too late, it cannot in the least undo what happened before. The irreversibility of time is the insurmountable limit of every idea of ​​omnipotence. No earthquake, war, torture, murder, cancer, or traffic victim is prevented by religious promises of redemption. In what acceptable sense should suffering suffered ever be made good? The lovable longing image of perfect justice, a universal reconciliation, remains unattainable, because even with compensation from the other side, what happened before can never be undone.