How did Egyptian women shave their legs?

Body Hair in Women - Shave or Hair?

In this article, you will learn why some women choose not to shave these days. Will that be the new trend?

The story of the shave

Most people are amazed when they learn that the trend of body hair removal is already in the making Stone age has begun. During this time people used shells or sharp stones to remove the annoying hairs.

While armpits, legs and co. Are shaved in today's age to conform to a certain ideal of beauty, it was a good way to protect yourself from bacteria or to symbolize belonging to a certain group.

in the Ancient Egypt the body hair was also removed. Here people use beeswax or the Arabian hair removal paste Halawa, which is made from sugar, lemon juice and water.

Also in Ancient Rome Tradition has it that the hairs on the body have been removed. Here the pumice stone or Rhusma Turcorum, a paste made from orpiment, lime and starch, was used for hair removal.

Why do so many women shave their hair off?

Surveys show that most women shave their legs because they find it nicer themselves, while the armpits are shaved mainly for hygienic reasons. In the genital area, the hair is often only removed because women believe that they would otherwise be with the opposite sex than unattractive postmarked become. A study from Leipzig claims that around 90% of 18-25 year old women remove their pubic hair.

An American study came to similar results. The American journal "JAMA Dermatology" reports on various reasons that lead to girls shaving at the age of 13. At this age, the reason is mostly a sense of belonging, while later, women feel otherwise unclean and dirty.