Who is the hottest male anime character

Hottest Anime / Manga Boys

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  • So that's how I open it, I feel like compelled -.-
    To all the girls from the forum, which boys from anime and manga do you think are the hottest?

    I'll say something about it anyway, I think Light Yagami from Death Note is often called, in my opinion is a perfect guy: D
    But of course I can't have a say, so go girls;)

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  • Okay, fine too. > D

    I have several candidates to choose from. They're all quite different, I don't really have a loot scheme for the characters I like. The fangirl in me leaps into the air with the following characters.

    Hibiki Laytis - Fairy Tail

    Kisuke Urahara - Bleach

    L and Light Yagami - Death Note

    Itsuki Koizumi - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    Will be expanded when the occasion arises.

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  • Most of all, I like those who are more "bad" or insidious or who are simply cool. | D

    [size = 4] 1. Light Yagami [/ size]
    He's just awesome. A genius who wants to make the world a better place and yet doesn't really achieve it.
    But he's so cool.

    [size = 4] 2. Kaname Kuran [/ size]
    Hm. a pureblood.
    I just love him because everyone does what he says.
    He just kills the whole vampire senate because he doesn't see a way out and cuts off their heads or spears through them. just badass.

    [size = 4] 3. Natsuno Yuuki [/ size]
    His whole way is just cool.
    he notices that he is being stalked, but leaves it that way and just walks away at the stalker's funeral.
    He's also pretty brave.

    [size = 4] 4. Zero Kiryu [/ size]
    Although it is almost a level E, it is still incredibly strong.
    his character is one of the best in the UK as he's always grumpy but still a hero.

    [size = 4] 5. Akatsuki Cain [/ size]
    yeah ... the good wild senpai. | D
    he is always so calm and strong, only fits part of his strength, fire, but it doesn't matter. ^^
    I think he's so great because he never complains when he's splashed with when his cousin bends crap at Kaname's. xDD
    he then only quietly wishes that he could i-wo quiet life.

  • So I'm not a son fangirl myself but I think some of them are great ^^
    Light Yagami from Death note i
    looks good joa ^^
    Gray from Fairy Tail
    I especially like him that he always takes off his clothes: nion82: * cough *
    Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist
    small but with a cool chackter ^^

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  • Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto / Shippuden)
    He is just hamma. It's mega cool and just looks great.
    His character is great and he's super powerful

    Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight)
    Zero is sooo cute:) I like his way, he's brave and so secretive.
    The guy is just awesome

    L. (Death Note) I think he's awesome and he's the best in DN.
    He is handsome and his manner is great.

  • ! Luxury, I just think it's cool, just can't help it. Whenever he appears in Maanga or Anime, my heart leaps in air. I've definitely seen and read the Festval arc five times.
    2. Kid from One Piece, don't really know why, maybe I just like bad guys ???
    3. Kankuro from Naruto. I just love him ...
    languishes. He's just the coolest character in the whole manga !!!
    4. Xanxus from Reborn, even if he's actually pretty nasty, he's just hot, at least I think. I love the Varia Arc.
    5. Yamamoto Takeshi from Reborn, sweet, sweet, sweet. i just say
    6. Hibari Kyoya um just cool.


    I apologize for any fanaticism towards Laxus Dreyar!
    Honestly, I can't help it!
    [/ right]

  • Mhhhhh.

    Usui (Photo 2) from Kaichou wa Maid Sama! I personally find really hot * _ *.

    And also Gray out Fairy tail looks really good.

    Then there would be light off Death note.

    And in the end I find Zorro One piece not ugly either * _ *

    Oh if there were such a thing in real life * __ *: nion82:

    After, now I've got shanks off One piece to forget. That still belongs here

  • Haha my favorites are very clear

    Gray Fullbuster ~ Fairy Tail

    Rin Okumura ~ Ao no Exorcist

    I think they look alike and I find exactly such types awesome * - *!

    Kisshu ~ Tokyo Mew Mew

    His character is kind of crazy but that's why I like him so much

    Joa and many others that I could list ...
    : nion3:

    ~ KonekoChan ~

  • Although it says "hot" in the thread title, I also mention "cute" anime characters or a game character.

    Beyond Birthday (looks very similar to L), L and Light from Death Note.

    Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass.

    Usui from Kaichou wa Maid-sama.

    Emil Castagnier, Zelos Wilder and Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia.

    Zeref, Jellal, Gajeel and Laxus from Fairy Tail.

    Sasuke Uchiha, Hidan, Pain (Tendo), Itachi Uchiha and Suigetsu Hoozuki from Naruto (Shippuuden).

    Eustass Captain Kid, Zorro, Trafalgar Law and Ace from One Piece.

    // Edit:
    Ikuto Tsukiyomi from Shugo Chara!
    Ulquiorra Cifer & Grimmjow Jaeggerjaquez from Bleach
    Yuuya Kizami from Corpse Party: Tortured Souls / Blood Covered
    Toki from Code: Breaker
    Toto Sakigami from Deadman Wonderland
    Dante from Devil May Cry
    Izaya from Durarara !!
    Koon Aguero Agnis (character left) from Tower of God
    Natsuno Yuuki & Tatsumi from Shiki

  • My favorites:

    Sasuke ~ Naruto / Shippuden
    He looks good and has such a bad boy Image: nion82:

    Laxus ~ Fairy Tail
    Find him pretty cool and yeah ... there is something hot about him xD

    Gray ~ Fairy Tail
    He has a really great manner and he just looks really good

    Light ~ Death Note
    He looks good

    Grimmjow ~ Bleach
    I just think he's hot and I like his bad boy image * - *

    Renji ~ Bleach
    His manner is just cool and there is something hot about him too

  • Gray Sama
    for me he's the hottest anime boy * Q *
    I think it's so cool when he takes off his clothes XD
    His body is a bomb and I also like his style very much

    But I'm also enthusiastic about GĂ©rard, Natsu, Hibiki and ren ... they all look so cute ... each in his own way but all hot

    Otherwise I still find Ace & Law from One Piece hot
    Ace's hairstyle (I like it better in the later episodes than the first) and his firepower is strong ... he also looks mega cool and I think it's cute how he stands up for Luffy x3
    At Law I think his chin beard is cute * Q *
    That suits him perfectly and just because he is a doctor makes him interesting.
    His clothes are mega cool too x3

    Finally there is Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach, his eyes are a dream * Q *
    and his appearance also makes him really cute

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  • So, I'll do my post again because the old one wasn't particularly informative.

    In any case, there are three categories for me, first the queer, followed by the bad and finally the ripper:

    Ayame - Fruits Basket

    Category 1, Tunten! Of all the existing anime and manga characters, A-ya is my favorite. At A-ya everything is just right. The guy is funky, perverted, stupid, has long hair and is incredibly wonderful. I can't say a bad word about him and I think he's great looking too. He has his own very special fag-ayame style and is just so horny, you can only love him.

    Grell - Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler

    Oh yes, oh yes, another fagot among the best of the best. Grell is not only characterized by its appearance, but also its character. He is incredibly multi-faceted, from his queer side to his sadistic streak, he's just great. I think he's particularly hot with his chainsaw. In addition, red suits him very well. Btw grell falls into two categories. Once a tune and then angry, with the wicked predominating.

    Persona - Gakuen Alice

    Let's get to the second category of my favorite anime guys: The Bad One! Personas "Alice" (his magic) is overly cool at first. He can kill people with just one touch. And his style is great too. He has this insane, with a dash of sadism and even more simple malice, awesome. In addition, the guy has some black eyeshadow, black nail polish and black lipstick. How can you not love him? The same categories as Grell, with the difference that evil predominates.

    Undertaker - Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler

    If we go by looks alone, Undertaker is arguably the hottest guy in the anime & manga universe. I see him and almost drool. I liked him before his face was shown, but not until after ... The panel with him in the Campania Arc when his face was shown for the first time. I couldn't read the chapter any further, I had to stare at the picture so spellbound. This hair. The fingernails (don't ask XD). But the most blatant are the eyes. Those damn eyes.

    Decus - Tales of Symphonia 2

    And on it goes with Decus! Decus is a mix of villain and idiot. I love both. He's just so incredibly cute, how he always protects Alice and does anything for her, no matter how often he's turned back. On the other hand, he is an opponent who should not be underestimated and who gives everything in a fight, especially when it comes to his loved one. That alone makes it incredibly attractive. And first of all his perfume. XD

    Richter - Tales of Symphonia 2

    Richter is not one of my absolute anime favorites, but if you only look at the exterior, I find him pretty hot. He's also angry (okay, you can argue about it, but that is just a matter of fact) and I think his glasses look really good on him and give him that certain something. The only reason he and not Kratos is on the list, however, is simply because of his long hair.

    Zelos - Tales of Symphonia