Why should I switch to RockMelt?

New browser for the Facebook generation

The new RockMelt browser is primarily intended to satisfy the needs of Internet users who use the network for communication. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter should be more convenient to use with the social browser. A Facebook account is required to install the browser.

Unclear data protection

Privacy advocates have doubts about how secure the browser is. Torsten Beeck, Head of Computer and Consumer Electronics at Computer-Bild: "This means that the manufacturer automatically receives information about the user." Some data protection aspects are still unclear. The makers of RockMelt, however, assure that they take the issue of privacy very seriously: "We will never sell your or the personal information of your friends," said the managing director and co-founder Eric Vishria to medienMITTWEIDA.

At first glance, the new social browser also appears a bit cluttered. The friends who are currently online are listed on the left edge of the screen. On the right edge of the screen, the user can switch between social communities such as Facebook or Twitter. RockMelt is tailored precisely to the needs of the user, as Vishria emphasizes: "Users want to stay in touch with friends, get results faster when searching, or exchange files."

Always keep an eye on important social software

“The browser contains apps like Facebook chat or a share button. We have just released a YouTube app that makes it possible to watch videos directly in the app corner, ”explains the managing director. In addition, additional services such as Twitter or RSS news feeds can be added through a plugin. Even updates to your personal favorite websites can be displayed: “That creates a quick overview. You can almost always keep an eye on the posts, messages and status reports from friends, ”explains specialist journalist Torsten Beeck. However, he is also of the opinion that these properties result in the greatest disadvantage: "The many different offers create an existing flow of information and distractions that expose the user to a certain amount of stress."

Google's Chromium as a basis

RockMelt is a web browser based on Google's Chromium and other open source elements. Torsten Beeck thinks that RockMelt is therefore a safe program: “Developers have complete access to the software's source code. This means that security gaps can be discovered and eliminated relatively quickly. ”The makers of RockMelt have been working on the social browser since November 2008. It has been available to everyone since the beginning of March 2011.

Text: Josefine Elze.