Heavy sweating lowers your body temperature

Lower your fever or sweat it out? Tips for elevated temperatures

18.11.2013 – 04:15

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    Anyone who has a fever belongs in bed. Because a fever is a sign that our immune system is fighting against pathogens and our body needs rest. The elevated temperature is usually not a threat to healthy people. Those who take it easy will soon recover and do not necessarily have to resort to antipyretic drugs, says Hans Haltmeier, editor-in-chief of "Apotheken Umschau":

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    "Young and healthy people can withstand a fever of 40 degrees, at least temporarily. And if you are otherwise feeling good, it is simply important to rest and sweat properly. Then you help the body to cope with the pathogen. Only then the high fever does not go away after three days, then you have to see a doctor in any case. "

    For some people, however, a fever can be dangerous, for example pregnant women, children and the chronically ill. Even if you feel very sick, you should take an antipyretic:

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    "In such cases, you should definitely lower the temperature from 38.5 degrees. For example, with active ingredients such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. If you use them intensively in severe pain, you should also alternate the active ingredients."

    When the temperature rises, the body needs sufficient fluid. Therefore, the following motto applies to fever:

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    "First and foremost, drink a lot. Drink a lot, for example linden or elderflower tea, which also have a sweat-inducing effect. You can drink two liters of it a day. Calf wraps have proven their worth are cold, because that puts a strain on the circulation. They should at most be lukewarm. And there are also wraps that are very practical with Velcro. They are easy to put on. "

    Both digital and glass thermometers are suitable for measuring fever, writes the "Apotheken Umschau". If you have children, an ear thermometer is useful because you can use it to measure the fever of sleeping children.

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