How is an MA film rating determined

M.A. Art studies and film studies

The two-year master’s course in Art Studies and Film Studies aims to develop subject-specific knowledge, the ability to reflect and competencies for an activity in the field of art and film studies research. At the same time, it enables qualifications for relevant work areas in scientific and cultural institutions of art and film. The combination of the two disciplines of art studies and film studies opens up mutually enriching perspectives: on the discourses and objects of the visual arts, film, (audio) visual culture, as well as a differentiated reassessment of their exchange processes.

The central and in this form unique characteristic of the course offer is the combination of university academic qualifications and application-oriented research and project work: One focus of this master’s is on regional and supraregional cooperation with renowned archives and collections as well as with outstanding cultural institutions. The course content is a systematic as well as exemplary elaboration of theoretical, aesthetic, historical and practical professional knowledge in the dialectical contexts of art, film and society. The basis is the analysis of the specific objects of the visual arts, film and (audio) visual culture, as well as the investigation of historical, social and intellectual production processes and reception conditions. Dealing with the history, aesthetics and production contexts of film and art encompasses the forms and dispositions of their (political) participation in the formation of social discourse and in social cultures of action.