After the valuation, you can negotiate the home price

Buying a Home: 5 Tips To Negotiate Successfully

3. Don't buy under pressure

Negotiations can now begin. The most important tip: take your time and don't let yourself be rushed into making a hasty decision. A real estate agent sums it up: "If you don't buy a house, you regret it for a week at most, a carelessly bought house for a lifetime".

4. Negotiate according to your negotiating position

Try to find out the seller's negotiating position. How does he react when you list your arguments for a discount? If he waves it away, there may be other interested parties. But if he comes towards you without much discussion, you are in a better position. He probably has to sell because he needs the money or the object has been on the market for (too) long.

If the seller does not want to meet you, or only does so little, you are dealing with material assets. For example, fixtures, the full oil tank or the assumption of the broker's fees. Or offer him faster payment of the purchase price and calculate his loss of interest if he turns down your offer and the house or apartment stays on the market longer. That's a few thousand francs.

5. Put everything on one card

If you don't have a good case for a discount, put it all on one card. Make the seller a non-negotiable and limited-time offer. If he does, you have won something despite the lack of arguments. If he doesn't respond, you have wasted little time and can look for another house or apartment.