What are some healthy substitutes for desserts

Thanks for the recipe! Thanks for the recipe, my mousse is in the fridge at the moment. The first taste test was unfortunately salty, I took the Edeka chickpeas. Are there perhaps varieties that are better suited? Mine never tastes sandy. Thank you for the great tips and ideas! It makes the perfect summer dessert, plus it's very low in calories! Most would throw away the liquid from the chickpea can, right ?! If it is still too hot and you are not careful enough, the snow naturally collapses. LG, Bianca, So: I used Demeter chickpeas in a glass and Milka darkmilk chocolate (not vegan). However, I still have one problem: For me, some of the liquid always settles at the bottom as soon as I have divided the mass into glasses and they stand for a short time. For me there is almost nothing better than chocolate. Cookies Vegan Vegan Cake Vegan Treats Vegan Desserts Vegan Sauces Vegan Foods Vegan Dishes Egg Free Recipes Raw Food Recipes. All you need for Aquafaba are chickpeas. Thanks to the use of Aquafaba, this mousse will… Let me know in the comments if you try this recipe! It turned out to be a very tasty cake, Hello Juliane, didn't you watch the recipe video before? I will show you these today. For the next chickpea dish, you can include a chocolate mousse as dessert, because the glass or can contains the pulses as well as their cooking water. I like to take chickpeas out of the jar. This dish oozes class and glamor, especially when you serve it in a martini glass. I then simply “washed it off” and collected the water that was used. If you like, you can now add chocolate shavings and stir in again for 1 minute / speed 4. Best regards, Bianca, Hello Bianca, I tried your mousse and something must have gone wrong. Ingredients. Yesterday there was the world's best vegan mousse au chocolat with aquafaba and my daughter pulled out all the tricks of compliments and promises, just to steal some of the dessert from the guests…. One of the absolutely tastiest chocolate desserts ever. Who do I need more than eg ... Will implement the recipe the days. I prefer to make my mousse au chocolat with aquafaba and dark chocolate, which makes it really healthy for a sweet dessert. Some studies even come to the conclusion that the… Maybe you will try another one? This dish oozes class and glamor, especially when you serve it in a martini glass. Today I am going to show you how to make a heavenly, vegan and gluten-free chocolate mousse out of Aquafaba. Since I can only have chocolate with at least this "sandy" one, we pay great attention to an objective determination of the result and the article is finally given a final test evaluation. Beat the aquafaba with the hand mixer for 5-10 minutes until stiff. I've never had this problem, so unfortunately I don't know myself. Now distribute the mousse au chocolat between 3 glasses, possibly with "Vegan tortellini with almond ricotta (simple recipe), Mexican tortilla lasagne (vegan, simple)". The so-called aquafaba is far too good to throw away and ideally suited for using leftovers - for this dessert, for example. Greetings, Bianca