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Result 2020: € 7,024.00

With the revival of the handball marathon - linking my private and business life - with my friends from HSC, Graz and great partners, I kept a promise that I made to myself 25 years ago. One of my twin sons fell badly. After a week of life or death, 2 long years of waiting were the order of the day. After this time, we - my wife Ingrid and I - knew that our son had his life ahead of him without any physical and / or mental limitation. For this reason, it has been a personal concern of mine to help children and parents who have not been so lucky.

To collect EUR 290,000 in 14 years is beyond my / our expectations. THANKS TO ALL

  • Thank you Walter Choc, Hermann, Zimbo, Zimmermann, Alois Krottmaier and the women’s and men’s team at HSC Graz.
  • A special thank you to my employer, Bank Austria as the main partner, and Bank Austria Finanzservice and UniCreditLeasing.
  • Of course, a big thank you to my great, loyal partners: Hooters, Woche, Magna Powertrain, ams AG, Seiersberg-Pirka, Lions Graz Schloßberg, Kleine Zeitung, Kronen Zeitung, Cafe Polanz, Unreif and Taube, Tattoo Studio Southside, Allianz, HA-Druck, FH Joaneum, Conlog, JH Catering.
  • Thanks also to Dietmar, Didi, Peissl the icon in Styrian handball, who has also been serving our slogan, Do good and talk about it, for years.
  • I would also like to mention the two Matura projects of the HAK Grazbachgasse.
    Thanks for 2012 to Lisa, Julia, Michi and Michi for their commitment to the acquisition of school for the handball marathon and the support at the first EGON7 concert. Thanks for 2013 to Tina, Nina, Bettina and Sandra for creating the homepage and the interviews that have already taken place or will take place and the support at the EGON7 concert.

  • Mag. Walter Choc, President of the HSC Graz

    The handball marathon has been organized by the HSC Graz since 2007. The organizer and mastermind of this handball marathon was or is our teammate Ulf Arlati, who has worked and cranked from the beginning to improve and enlarge this event, so that a record result has been achieved year after year since 2007.

    For us handball players, the handball marathon is a unique opportunity on the one hand to introduce non-handball players to our sport, which we love more than anything, and on the other hand to help and support people with whom fate was not so good.

    Especially in times like these, private initiative and moral courage seem essential to us and we are all very proud of this event, which, under the patronage of our association, attracts many handball enthusiasts and those who want to become one year after year. But we are also grateful to be able to make a contribution to a fairer world through our sport.

    When Ulf Arlati approached me in 2007 with the idea of ​​organizing a “handball marathon” for a good cause, I thought the idea was good, but to be honest, I was skeptical because I knew from experience how difficult and time-consuming the organization was such events is. But Ulf did not give up.

    Today, eleven years later, all I can say is: “He was right! Together we have already supported many families. We got to know people who accept and master their fate with love and an infinite amount of patience. And more and more people who come to our aid with enthusiasm and commitment. We all know that joy and sorrow are close together. I am of the opinion that we do not have to pity people at all, we should help them. And the handball marathon shows me that helping can be really fun. "

    My thanks go to all handball players, sponsors and volunteers and everyone who is willing to go to a handball field for the first time without any experience. Above all, I would like to thank Ulf for his tireless commitment to a good cause.

    Mag. Helmut Birringer, Head of PB Styria at Bank Austria

    "Every year I am happy to be able to take part in the handball marathon. The charity concept, the togetherness and the sporting activity make a great combination."

    Bernd Meister, MBA, Head of Sales Corporate Customers at Bank Austria Steiermark

    "The handball marathon has meanwhile become a Styrian institution.
    So it fills me all the more with joy and pride that we at Bank Austria have been a partner since the very beginning and are thus able to help sick children financially.
    We live social commitment: be it through donations, the support of our foundation - the UniCredit Foundation - or through the active participation of our employees in handball tournaments. In doing so, we are living up to our social responsibility to give something back from our economic success. "

    The charity handball marathon is taking place for the 12th time this year and is now a highlight in the Styrian handball calendar. Over 70 teams (personalities from politics, business, culture and sport, companies, clubs, parents and children ......... .....) will try their handball games for the "good cause" again with a lot of joy and fun. I would like to congratulate Ulf Arlati, the helpers and partners on the organization and implementation of this top event. I wish you a good, and above all, injury-free course and lots of fun.

    With sporty greetings

    Didi Peißl

    Over the years, Hooters has grown more and more into the handball marathon project, although our contribution, measured against what Ulf Arlati brings in, seems modest. It's amazing how this event has grown over the years, how every year more money can be raised to support those in need. What I particularly like about this event is that hardly any money is actually “lost” for organization, administration or the like. The transparency of the accounting and the handing over of the checks to the families on site show everyone involved how the financial resources have been used. The moment of handing over the money is always a very touching one for me - but also one that makes me almost a little angry again and again. We allegedly live in one of the richest countries in the world and yet it happens again and again that families are let down by the authorities and are dependent on private help!

    Heinz Krenn

    The income from the handball marathon 2021 will be used for Katharina. Katharina has suffered from periventricular leucomalacia since birth, which makes it impossible for her to move her body.

    Handover of at least EUR 500.00.
    Reethira is an association that helps young adult women between the ages of 16 and 30 with trauma related disorders.

    • Friday, May 20th, 2022 from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and
      Saturday, May 21st, 2022 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
      Location: KUSS-Halle Seiersberg-Pirka, Haushamer Straße 7, 8054 Seiersberg-Pirka

    Over the years we have captured many beautiful moments in many pictures. This also offers the opportunity to say a big thank you to our team of photographers.

    The ingenious video clip from the handball marathon 2019!

    Our loyal VideoClip producer - Marco Reif - has once again outdone himself.

    THANK YOU for living our motto, do good and talk about it, with us !!

    A big THANK YOU for that !!

    The pictures from 2019

    can be found here: Friday May 24th, 2019

    Saturday May 25th, 2019

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    Handball marathon and EGON7 concert for a good cause
    A marathon for a good cause
    A marathon for the heart
    You will find the list of participants here as soon as it is complete.

    You will find the fixtures here as soon as they are complete.

    Matura project of the HAK 2014

    Handball marathon goes to UniCredit

    Matura project of the HAK 2013

    The handball marathon 2013? It's a really great project for us, and we're very happy to be part of it! We, that is Nina Holzmeister and Sandra Macher, have made the handball marathon our Matura project with the great support of Ulf Arlati, together with our colleagues Bettina Grössinger and Tina Reiterer.

    But what exactly do we do: The homepage you are currently on is the work of Bettina and Tina. The two of them learned how to put together a website perfectly in the BHAK Grazbachgasse. However, it is not at all easy to apply what you have learned. But they did it. i And that's exactly why we are all very proud of her that her work has become so successful. Long days, short nights, but now the website is finally ready and accessible to everyone!

    The task of us, Nina and Sandra, is to coordinate the project. We are responsible for all the content, the presentations, the interviews and the videos. Of course, we only owe the interviewees we get for our interviews to our Ulfi. When else do you get the great opportunity to conduct an interview with Bank Austria Director Willibald Cernko ...? But our work is not done yet. In the course of 2013 the website will be expanded and the finished interviews and videos will be posted on the homepage. But before we can do that, we're looking forward to the handball marathon. Nina Holzmeister & Sandra Macher

    Matura project of the HAK 2012

    We, the BHAK Grazbachgasse team, were very lucky to carry out our Matura project in cooperation with Ulf Arlati.
    Our main task, in addition to providing some assistance both at the Egon7 concert and at the HBM 2012 itself, was to motivate teams from various schools to participate in the HBM. We succeeded very well and we were able to increase the donation income. Our activities were all documented in great detail and presented at our school. Thanks to our successful work, a new team with another project was able to maintain the cooperation in the following year.
    We all had a lot of fun at work and thank you very much for the great cooperation!

    Media owner: Ulf Arlati on the board of the HSC Graz

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