How can I get an engineering career

Engineers can make a career with these 4 tips

Finished your studies and finished your degree? Or not satisfied with the current job because the career is a long time coming? Then give your ascent a boost with these 4 tips.

Networking is one of the most important points in career advancement, therefore: Engineers also need soft skills!


Engineers also need soft skills

If you want to make a career, you have to take on more responsibility step by step - whether for a subject or for employees. However, this requires more than pure technical competence, because managers can no longer avoid so-called "soft factors" when dealing with colleagues. Anyone who only works in their own little room and communicates little shows no social skills and is consequently not taken into account in promotions or restructuring.

Build and maintain networks

Communication is also important in networking. For those who are active in career networks, things usually go up steeply. But that has its price: permanent above-average commitment and that in many ways. Nobody can afford 9-to-5, rather it means (often unpaid) overtime, travel and extensive projects.

At this early point, it is important to consider whether you can endure or want to endure this additional burden in the long term - or whether other things may have priority.

Successful networking: Dos and Don’ts

Change of employer

There are basically two ways of advancement: internal promotion or switching to another employer. Which path you take depends, among other things, on your personality type: a hard-working engineer who, however, does not sell well and whom you have to know in order to be able to trust him, is more the type for an internal career. On the other hand, those who sell well and know how to convince can more easily open up new career prospects by changing employer.

However, the time for a change is tight: After 3 to 5 years in the first job, you may have 10 to 15 years to find the area in which you want to take on management responsibility.

Success in the job thanks to a top employer

Keep the knowledge up to date

Especially nowadays it is a must to remain interesting for employers - whether for your own or for your competition. This of course includes keeping the knowledge from your own specialist area up to date. The following applies: Being a specialist is good and beautiful. However, specialization becomes boomerang when technology dies out and you don't see it coming early and rethink it. Further training in related disciplines (e.g. project management) also increases your chances of getting a few rungs up the career ladder.

Approach training the right way

Everything about the application

Looking for engineering jobs


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