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The purity of feelings is important on the spiritual path. At the end there is gratitude


The feelings are on a deeper level than the body or the thoughts. The purity of feelings is the most important quality. On the spiritual path and in meditation, it is even more helpful than the purity of body and thoughts, because people act more according to their feelings than according to their thoughts. It is said that humans are sensible animals, but that is not true. Your actions are not so much determined by your thoughts, mostly they are determined by your feelings, by your hatred, your anger, your love, all of this has to do with feeling, not with thoughts.


Most of the actions in life come from the world of emotions. You surely know that about yourself, that you think one thing and then do something completely different in the situation. Thinking and feeling are two very different things. For example, you decide not to get angry. You think anger is bad. But when you get angry, you leave all thinking aside and just get angry.


As long as there is no change on the emotional level, thinking and contemplating alone cannot bring about a change in your life. That is why feelings are the decisive factor on the spiritual path. Today we are talking about how to cleanse the feelings. From the wide spectrum of feelings I would like to highlight four. It is the four aspects through which feelings can become pure. The same four aspects can also turn into the opposite and become a breeding ground for unclean feelings. The first aspect is kindness, the second is compassion, the third is cheerfulness, and the fourth is gratitude. If you can include these four in your life, you will have attained purity of feeling.


There is also an opposite to each of these four aspects. The opposite of kindness is hatred and hostility; the opposite of compassion is cruelty, rudeness; the opposite of exhilaration is sadness, misery, despair, and apprehension; the opposite of gratitude is ingratitude.


Find out what affects your feelings the most, what moves them. Is it true that hostility prevails over friendliness in your life? Are you more impressed by hostility, is it more easily evoked in you than friendliness? Do you get more energy from it? As I said yesterday, anger has energy, but kindness also has energy. A person who can only produce hostile energy misses an essential dimension of life. Those who have not learned to awaken friendly energy are strong in hostile situations, but feel helpless in friendly situations.

Did you know that all nations get weaker in peacetime and stronger in war time? Why? Because they don't know how the energy of kindness is created. In your eyes, silence is not a strength, but a weakness. It is for this reason that India, a country that talks so much about love and non-violence, has become so powerless. Because usually you only feel strong when you have a hostile attitude.


Hitler wrote in his biography: If you want to make a country powerful, you have to pretend it has enemies or you have to create real enemies. Tell people that they are surrounded by enemies even if they are not. When people think they are surrounded by enemies, there is a lot of power and energy.

That is why Hitler acted as if the Jews were enemies, it wasn't at all true. For ten years he preached to the whole country: "The Jews are our enemies, we have to protect ourselves from them." That sparked a lot of energy. All of Germany's and Japan's strength grew out of this hostility. Human history shows that to this day we can only generate hostile energy. We still don't know anything about the energy of kindness. Mahavira, Buddha and Christ laid the foundation for the energy of kindness. You have all said that non-violence is a power. Christ said: "Love is power", Buddha says: "Compassion is power." Although you hear the words, you do not understand them.


Take a look at your life. In which situations do you feel strong? When you feel hostile towards someone or when you are kind and loving? You will find that you feel strong in the hostile situation, and when you are conscious and still you will become powerless and weak. It means that you are dominated by low feelings. And the stronger they are, the less you can go inside.

What is it actually that is holding you back from going inside? Try to understand this important point. Your hostility is always outward, it relates to someone who is outside of you. If there was no one outside, there could be no animosity within you.


But love is not related to something external. Even if there is no one around you, you can still be full of love inside. Love is something inside, kindness is something inside. Hostility needs the other; it is related to the other. Hate is triggered from the outside, love springs from within. The source of love flows inside, the hate reaction is evoked from outside. Impure feelings are triggered by the environment and pure feelings arise within yourself.


Try to understand the difference between impure and pure feelings. Feelings evoked from the outside are not pure. Your love, the passion you call love, is not pure because it has an external cause. Only the love that flows within yourself and is not conditioned by anything outside is pure.


That is why in the East we make a distinction between love and passion and separate them from each other. Passion is generated from the outside. Buddha's or Mahavira's hearts know no passion, only love.


Jesus was walking through a city once. It was noon, the sun was hot and he was tired. So he stopped under a tree in a garden. The house and garden belonged to a prostitute. She saw Jesus sitting there. Such a person had never stopped in her garden. She had seen many beautiful and powerful people, but she had never seen such a person. This beauty was different, this harmony was out of this world. She felt a magical attraction emanating from him and before she knew it, she was standing in front of the tree. When she looked at Jesus, he opened his eyes and got up to go. He thanked him and said, “Thank you for the shade your tree has given me. I'm on my way now. There is still a long way to go. "

But the prostitute asked: “Stay in my house for a little while longer. You'd hurt me if you didn't come in It's the first time I've invited someone to my house. Usually people come to me and I send them away. For the first time in my life I am asking someone in. ”Jesus said,“ If you have invited me into your heart, I have already become your guest. I still have a long way to go. Please let me go I've already enjoyed your hospitality. "


But she replied: “That offends me. Can't you show me the love to enter my house? ”Jesus said to her,“ Remember, I am the only person who can love you. All others who come to you cannot love you because they have no love in them. They came because they were attracted to you. It's different with me, my love comes from within myself. "


Love is like the light of a lamp: when no one is there, the light shines into the void and when someone walks by, it shines on them. But passion and desire are not like this light. When someone else triggers them in you, these energies strive towards him. That is why passion is tension. Love is not tension. There is no tension in love. Love is a state of absolute calm.


Impure feelings are those that are influenced from the outside. The wind that blows outside causes you to feel unclean. Pure feelings are those that come from within; they are not affected by the wind. We don't think of Mahavira and Buddha as people who love, but I tell you, they were the only people who really loved. But there is a difference between their love and yours. Your love only exists in relation to someone else. Your love is not a relationship, it is a way of being. They love because they have no other choice.


It is said of Mahavira that people insulted him, threw stones at him, even pierced his ears with nails, and that he forgave them for everything. But I tell you it is not true. Mahavira has not forgiven anyone, because only people who get angry can forgive. And Mahavira had no pity on them either, because only those who are cruel can have pity. And he didn't avoid being rude to these people either, because only rude people can think that way.


So what did Mahavira do? He was helpless, he couldn't give anything but love. No matter what you did to him, his answer was love. If you throw a stone into a tree that is full of fruit, the only answer you get is fruit. The tree cannot help it, it is helpless. And when you put a bucket into a river, whether the bucket is dirty or clean, made of gold or iron, the river has no choice but to give it water. It's not a great feat on the part of the river, it just can't help it. So if love is a state of being, then one has no choice but to love.


Feelings that come from within, that are not attracted from the outside, fill you with bliss. And the waves of emotion generated by the external storms cause restlessness and worry. Note this difference: pure feelings are a state of being, impure feelings are a falsification of being. Impure sensations are the result of external influences on being, pure sensations are an inner expansion. So see if the feelings that move you come from within or if other people trigger them in you.


For example, I come down the street and you insult me: if I get angry, it's an unclean feeling because you triggered it. If I come along and you show me respect and I am pleased, then that too is an impure feeling because it was also triggered by you. But if my state of mind remains the same, regardless of whether you abuse or praise me, it is pure feeling because it is my own. What is my own is pure and what comes from outside is impure. What comes from outside is just a reaction, an echo.


The other day I was in a place in the mountains where you can hear echoes. When you call there, it echoes from the mountains. Most people are just an echo. Everything you say they repeat. They have nothing of their own to say, they are like echo rooms. If you call, they call back, nothing comes from them. You are all echo rooms. You have no sound of your own, no life of your own, no feelings of your own. All of your feelings are impure because they belong to others, they are borrowed. So remember this first key: A feeling should be your own. It shouldn't be a reaction, it should be a state of your being.


I have divided this state of being into four characteristics. The first is kindness. Friendliness is a quality that has to be developed first. You may have a source of kindness in you, but life gives you little opportunity to develop this kindness. It remains undeveloped and lies like a seed that cannot grow in the bottom of your being.


The seeds of hostility are very developed. Why? There are natural reasons for this, it is needed. There are times when you need to be hostile, but that doesn't mean she has to be a constant companion. There are also times when you have to let go of them.

When a child is born, their first experience is not love. What the child experiences when it is born is fear. It is natural because the baby was very comfortable in the womb. There were no problems there, no worries about how to make money, where the food was coming from, no difficulties. It slept happily. When the little baby, weak in every respect, comes out of the womb, its first experience is fear. And in that shock, they may not feel love for the first person to see them. It's scared of him. And when they're scared of someone, they start hating them.

This is a fundamental rule: love can never arise out of fear. The claim that there is no love without fear is completely wrong. Where there is fear there is no possibility for love. Even when love is displayed outside, there is no love inside.


Most of the love we see in the world is based on fear. And love based on fear is wrong. This is why hate often peeks out from beneath the surface of love. You hate the person you love at the same time. On the surface there is love and underneath there is hate because you are afraid of people. Remember, a person who scares others deprives themselves of the opportunity to receive love. The father who scares his son is not loved by him. A man who intimidates his wife cannot get love from her. Instead of real love, he is only pretended to be love, because love only thrives in fearlessness.


When the child is born it is afraid; at that moment the source of hatred is activated. The energy source of love is not activated. Most people die without this spring ever bubbling inside them. Life did not give them the opportunity to do so. You think you love someone, but in reality it's not love, it's just desire. Love can only grow through meditation. Therefore, the source of love and kindness must be developed in you, against all primitive instincts that do not give them a chance to develop. The life you lead does not give them an opportunity to grow. Only hatred can develop.


And what you call kindness is just hypocrisy and politeness. Your kindness is just a strategy to escape hate in order to avoid it, not kindness. Friendliness is something completely different. How can this source be brought to life? How can feelings of kindness develop in you? You have to constantly create an atmosphere of kindness around you. All people around you should feel your friendly aura and you have to give this friendliness energy and activate it.


If you are sitting by a river, give your love to the river. I say the river on purpose because you may find it difficult to love someone. Or give your love to a tree. Give your love to nature first. The anahat chakra, the heart center, can more easily open to nature because nature does not hurt you.


There were wonderful people in the old days. They could share their love with the whole world! When the sun rose in the morning, they greeted her with clasped hands: “Praise be to your glory. In your infinite compassion you give us light and brightness. ”And that was not about pagan worship or ignorance, but had a deep meaning. Because a person who is full of love for the sun, who calls the river and the earth his mother and thinks of it full of love, such a person can hardly be loveless towards others. That's impossible.


These wonderful people, who shared their love with all of nature, constantly practiced prayer, love and devotion. And that is also necessary. If you want the seeds of love to sprout within you, direct your love to nature first. But you have strange habits: the moon is in the sky all night and you sit in front of the television or work out how much money you have won or lost. The moon is in the sky and you are wasting a wonderful opportunity to love. The moon could have awakened your love. If you can sit for a few enchanted minutes in the moonlight and share your love with him, then his rays can meet you inside and you will be filled with love.


There are opportunities everywhere, everywhere. Existence is full of great things. Give them your love. Never miss an opportunity to be loving. For example, if you walk across the street and see a stone in the way, move it aside. It's an opportunity that can change your life and it's completely free. This work is not expensive at all! Can you think of a cheaper meditation than this? You cross the street, see a stone, pick it up and carry it to the side.Who knows someone could have been injured. You did it out of compassion. With this example I want to show that it is the little things in life that nourish the seed of love in you, the very simple things.


A child is crying and you pass by. Can't you stop for a moment and dry his tears?


Abraham Lincoln was in a Senate meeting when a pig got caught in a fence outside. He said, "Stop the debate for a moment, I'll be right back," and ran out. That was strange. The American Parliament has probably never been interrupted over such a thing. He ran out and set the pig free! His suit was dirty from top to bottom. He released the pig from the fence and then went back into the building. People asked him, “What was going on? Why did you interrupt the meeting and run out so excited? ”He replied,“ A life was in danger. ”

It was a simple act of love, but so wonderful. Little things ... And I see people filter their water before they drink it so it doesn't kill organisms. But inside they are loveless. Filtering the water is meaningless, a purely mechanical habit. And they don't eat anything at night either, for fear that they might eat some living thing in the dark. But because there is no love in their hearts, the action is completely meaningless. A Brahmin or a Jaina does not eat meat. But don't think he's such a loving person, no, that's just the custom. It's his upbringing, not his love. Yes, if he were to act like this out of love, it would be very special.


Non-violence is only a high religious value if it comes from love. But if you've just read the scriptures or followed tradition, there is nothing religious about it. There are so many little things in life, little things that you have forgotten.

When you put your hand on someone's shoulder, let all of your love flow through your hand. Let your whole life energy and your heart flow together in the hand and go out through it. You will be surprised what magic this has. When you look someone in the eyes, put your whole heart in their eyes. The magic that emanates from your eyes sets something in motion in the other. And not only does your own love come to life through it, it may even awaken love in the other person.


If a person really loves, he can awaken love in thousands of people. Do not miss any opportunity to awaken your center of love and kindness. Remember this key: Do a thing or two every day that you don't want to get back for. You only work all day because you get something for it. Do something regularly every day for which you don't expect anything in return. These are the actions that are done out of love. They will strengthen your love and your kindness will keep growing. Then one day you can be kind to a stranger and later even to an enemy.


Then the moment comes when you can no longer distinguish who is your friend and who is your enemy. Mahavira always said, 'Everyone is my friend. I am not hostile to anyone. ”This is not a thought, but a feeling. It's not something that crosses your mind, but a state in which you feel that no one is your enemy. And when does this “nobody-is-my-enemy” state arise? It arises when you yourself are not an enemy of anyone. It is very possible that Mahavira still had enemies, but he says they are not his enemies. What does that mean? It means that he has no hostility in him. What a happy moment that must be!


Love for a person can spark so much joy. Then the joy of one who is able to love the whole world must be limitless. And it doesn't cost anything, you don't lose anything and you gain a lot. Therefore, for me, Buddha and Mahavira are not people who have renounced the world. They are the ones who have enjoyed life more than anyone else. You may be a renouncer, but not them. You have opened many doors to infinite, limitless bliss. You have tasted and known the highest, the most beautiful in this world. And what do you know You know nothing but poison. You have experienced the elixir of life.


You have to discipline your life in order to prepare for the highest moment when you can expand your love to the whole world. But that takes an effort. So consciously do something loving every day. There are thousands of opportunities to express your love throughout the day. But you have so many bad habits: you miss all opportunities to show your love, but not a single opportunity to express your hatred.


At least once in a while, don't take advantage of the opportunity to hate. And now and then take the opportunity to consciously love. This will speed up the process of your meditation a lot.


So the first key was kindness and the second key is compassion. Compassion is also a form of kindness, but I'll name it separately because there are several other elements in it. When you look at the people around you, you feel compassion. Lots of people sit here: you never know if one of them won't die tonight. One evening we're all dead, one day we're all gone. When I realize that I might not see one face or the other again, my heart is full of compassion.


I was just in a garden and the flowers that were blooming there will be withered tonight. Your life is very short. In the morning they bloom and in the evening they are over. Don't you have compassion for her when you realize that those flowers that are smiling now have already withered tonight and are in the dust? Doesn't the idea of ​​some stars fading in the night sky awaken compassion for the stars?


If we saw things with a deeper understanding, then we would feel compassion for everything, then we would have great sympathy for everything around us. Our encounter is so short, this life is so difficult and this opportunity is so precious. There is so much passion, so many desires, so much pain in everyone and yet we somehow live and love and create great works of art.

Buddha was spat at by a man once. Out of sheer anger, this man suddenly spat at him. Buddha wiped off the spit and asked him: “Is there anything else you want to tell me?” His disciple Ananda, who was sitting with him, said: “What are you talking about? Did he say anything at all? If you allow me, I'll deal with him. That's going too far! ”But the Buddha replied:“ He's trying to say something, but he has no words for it. His words are powerless and the inner impulse is strong. He couldn't express it, so he said it with an act. "


I call it compassion, that the Buddha felt sympathy for the man because his language was so powerless. The man was angry and couldn't find words for it, so he said it by spitting. When someone comes to me and holds my hand full of love, I feel with them: they are trying to express something, but the language is insufficient. He said it while holding my hand. When two people are hugging, words are not enough. The person is helpless, he wants to say something to the other and brings his heart to the heart of the other because there is no other way of expression.


When I left here yesterday, people touched my feet and my compassion for them was so great. How helpless is a person! He wants to say something, but he can't, so he touches the feet. One of my close friends was walking behind me. He's a very rational guy. He said, “No, no! Don't do that! ”In a way, he was right. It is so sad what is happening to the world. Those who want to bow are authentic, but now there are people who want you to bow to them. So he was indeed right when he said, "No, no, don't do that!"


I found it was both right and wrong at the same time. It was right in that no one in this world should allow anyone to touch his feet. But the world would not be okay either if there were no more people whose feet you wanted to touch and if there were no more hearts to bow to someone. A world where we weren't overwhelmed by feelings that can only be expressed by bowing to someone would be a poor world. People would dry up and no longer feel any sense. And I find it amazing to see that when someone touches my feet, they basically see something else in my feet. In his eyes he touches the feet of the divine.


And don't forget this: whenever you bow to someone, except when forced, you are actually bowing to the divine. After all, what is it about your feet that you should bow down to them? But there are feelings inside that cannot be expressed in any other way.


Yesterday someone was with me who loves me. When I was about to take a shower that evening, he turned on the light and said, 'Now that it's light, let me touch your feet. ”And I saw tears in his eyes. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than these tears. No poem, no song can be more beautiful than these tears that come in a moment of love. And if you understand that, when you see this, how could you not be full of compassion?


But what do you see instead? What you see in people does not arouse your compassion, but your criticism. What you see in them triggers harshness instead of compassion in you. You notice the inauthentic thing about people, not what comes from their hearts, but what comes from their helplessness. A man curses me, does that come from his heart? No, it must be an expression of his helplessness. But even the worst person has a heart and when you can see it you are full of compassion.


That morning the Buddha said, “I have great compassion for this man. The language is so inadequate, Ananda. The heart wants to say so many things and cannot. ”He simply asked the man:“ Would you like to say something else? ”What else could the man have said? It was almost impossible to answer anything now. He went away. He was so sorry that night that he came back the next morning to apologize. He fell down in front of the Buddha and wept.


Buddha said, “Ananda, do you see how powerless language is? Again he wants to say something and cannot. And just like yesterday, he expresses it through his behavior. Ananda, this man deserves great sympathy. "

Life is short, it only lasts a few days. I say a few days, but in reality we are not even sure of the next few minutes. And if in those few minutes of life we ​​do not learn to have compassion for one another, then we have not been human, then we have not known life, we have not understood it.


So spread compassion around you. Look around you: people are so unhappy, don't make their unhappiness even bigger. Your compassion can lessen their unhappiness; a word of compassion can lessen their unhappiness. You all make each other's unhappiness greater, you help each other to be even more unhappy. Every single person has many people behind them who made them unhappy. Once you know what compassion is, you change all the behaviors that make others unhappy.


Don't forget one thing: those who make others unhappy will end up being unhappy themselves; and those who make others happy will experience ultimate happiness in the end. That is why I said that when someone tries to give happiness, they develop their own happiness center. The fruit does not come from outside, it grows inside you. Everything you do creates an inner readiness for it. Someone who wants to receive love should give love first. Someone who wants to experience bliss should make others happy. If someone wants it to rain flowers in his home, he should rain flowers in the other's houses. This is the only way.


So compassion is a feeling that every person has to develop if he wants to go into meditation.


The third key is joy, happiness, a sense of bliss and the absence of unhappiness. There is a lot of unhappiness in all of you. You are sad, tired people; you are beaten people who drag yourself along the road of defeat to the bitter end. You walk as if you were already dead. Your walk has no energy, no life in it. There is no aliveness in your daily life. You are lethargic and sad and broken. That's not right, because no matter how short life may be, no matter how certain we are of death, someone who has just a little bit of insight cannot be sad.


Socrates was dying. He had been given the poison, but he laughed! Creto, one of his students, said to him: “You have tears in your eyes with laughter. Death is so near, you should be sad. ”Socrates said,“ What is sad about that? When I die, when everything in me dies, then where's the sadness? There will be no one left feeling sad. And if I am still around after death, where is the reason for sadness? What is lost is not me. I am what remains. ”And he said,“ I am happy. Death can only do two things: it can either destroy me completely, then I am happy because I do not feel sadness, or if something is left of me, I am happy because the part that was not me has been taken away. I will stay. These are the two options that death has, that's why I laugh. "


He is still happy even in the face of death and here you are, alive and yet unhappy. You live and are still unhappy and there have been people who were still happy even in the face of death. There were people who faced death laughing and happy, but even in the middle of life you make long faces and are sad and unhappy. That's the wrong way. A person who is full of hostility cannot take the spiritual path. On the spiritual path you need happiness and a happy mind. So be happy with everything. These are just habits. Sadness is just a habit that you have developed. You can just as easily get used to happiness. To encourage happiness within you, you need to look at the bright side of your life, not the dark.


When I tell you I have a friend who sings beautifully or plays the flute, you say, “That may be. But how can the man play the flute when he always goes to the pub and gets drunk? ”This answer supports the dark side. When I say, “This is my friend, he's a drinker” and you say, “Maybe, but he plays the flute beautifully!” Then you are looking at the bright side of life. Someone who wants to be happy sees the bright side. He sees that there is a night between two days. Someone who wants to be unhappy sees that there is a day between two nights.


The way we see life has a direct impact on what develops within us. So don't look at the dark side of life, look at the light side.


When I was little my father was poor. He had built a house with great difficulty. He was poor and at the same time inexperienced because he had never built a house before. He probably didn't even know how to do it, because when it was finished the monsoon rain came and before we even moved in, the house collapsed. I was little and it made me very sad. My father just wasn't in the village. I sent him a message that the house had collapsed and our hopes of moving in soon had vanished. When he came back, he was distributing sweets among the people in the village and said, “I am very grateful to God. If the house had collapsed eight days later, not a single one of my children would be alive. ”We had wanted to move in eight days later. After this incident, he was happy all his life that the house had collapsed eight days earlier. Otherwise there would have been a disaster.


This is how you can look at life. And for a person who can look at life in this way, there is an infinite amount of joy and happiness. Life itself has no meaning, it just depends on how you see it. Your attitude, your point of view, your understanding is what makes it positive or negative. Ask yourself what you are focusing on. Have you ever met someone who is so vicious that they don't have a single good quality? And when you find that quality then focus on it, that is the very quality of the man. Be on the lookout for brightness, for light, all over life, because that is how brightness and light are born in you. That's what happiness means.


So the third feeling is joy. You feel so much joy that it even outweighs death and unhappiness. You are so full of joy that death and misfortune shrink and die. You don't even realize anymore that there is death and misfortune. A person who nourishes happiness and happiness in himself makes progress in his meditation.


There was once a saint who was always so happy that people marveled at him. They had never seen him sad or dissatisfied. As his death approached, he said, “I won't be here in three days. And I'm telling you now so that you don't weep at the grave of a man who has laughed all his life. I tell you so that sadness does not spread in this hut. Here there was always only happiness, here there was always only happiness. Therefore, make my death a celebration and not a tragedy. Do not complain about my death. Make it a party. "


But people got sad, very sad. He was such an extraordinary man and the more extraordinary he was, the greater her grief grew. Many loved him. For three days everyone had gathered around him and he told them jokes until the last moment, made them laugh and talked to them very lovingly. The morning before he died, he sang a song and then said: "Put my body and clothes on the stake and don't wash it first!"


Those were his last instructions and after that he died. So he was burned with his clothes. And when the people stood sadly around the fire, they were suddenly frightened. He had firecrackers hidden in his clothes, and they were all starting to explode. His pyre turned into a fairground! People laughed and said, "He always made us laugh while we were alive, and he still makes us laugh when we die."


Life has to be turned into laughter. Life and even death must be a joy. And a person who does this is blessed and filled with gratitude. A person who goes into meditation in this way will advance extraordinarily quickly, he will fly like an arrow. When one goes into meditation with a troubled mind, he has tied stones to the arrow. How can the arrow fly there? The faster you want to fly, the lighter and more carefree your mind needs to be. The further you want your arrow to reach, the lighter it has to be. The higher you want to climb, the more luggage you will have to leave behind in the valley. And the greatest burden is your unhappiness, your sadness, your hostility. There is no greater burden than that.


Have you ever watched the people? They walk as if they were carrying a heavy burden on their shoulders. Drop this burden and say yes to joy! Roar like a lion for joy! Let the world know that no matter what your life is, it can be a song, it can be joyful. Life can be music. Don't forget the third thing: joy.


And the fourth is gratitude. Gratitude is divine. If anything has been lost in this century, it is gratitude.


Do you actually know that it is not you who breathe in? If the air doesn't come in, you can't get it. Are you sure it was you who was born? No, it wasn't you. You didn't play a conscious role in your birth, it wasn't your decision. Do you realize how amazing this body is that you got? He is the greatest marvel in the world. You eat something and that little stomach digests it, that's a real miracle. Science has advanced tremendously, but even if we had large factories and employed thousands of specialists, it would still be difficult to digest a single chapati and turn it into blood. And your body works miracles for twenty-four hours, this little body with its bones and a little flesh. Scientists say the body is made of material that would cost four or five dollars. It is not made of precious material. Such a marvel is at your disposal all day and you are not even grateful to it!


Did you ever love your body Have you ever kissed your hands Did you ever love your eyes Did you ever realize what an extraordinary thing is going on here? It is rare to find a person who loves his body and who is grateful that this extraordinary affair is going on without his knowledge and even without his intervention.

So first of all, be grateful to your body. Only someone who is grateful to their own body can be grateful to other people's bodies as well. Love your own body first, because only then can you love other people's bodies too. The people who teach you to be against your own body are irreligious. The body is a great miracle, it is incredibly helpful, be grateful to it.


What is this body It consists of five elements. Be grateful to these five elements.


What will happen to you when one day the sun goes out? According to scientists, the sun will be dead in four million years. It has given enough light, it burns out and one day it passes. We believe that the sun rises every day, but there will come a day when people, as usual, when they go to bed think that the sun will rise again the next morning, but it won't rise. Then what happens? Not only does the sun die, all life dies too, because it is nourished by it and receives warmth and energy.


When you sit by the ocean, did you ever think that your body is 70 percent ocean water? Man was born on the land, but the first organisms came from the ocean. Even now, the water in your body still contains the same amount of salt as the ocean water. And if that relationship shifts a bit, you get sick.


When you sit by the ocean, have you ever thought that you also have something of the ocean in you? You should be grateful to the ocean for the ocean within you and you should be grateful to the sun for the sunlight within you. You should be grateful to the wind for moving your breath. You should be grateful to heaven and earth that made you. That's what I call gratitude, divine gratitude.


You cannot be religious without this gratitude. How can an ungrateful person be religious? If this gratitude accompanies you through life, you will be amazed with how much peace, with how much mystery it fills you. And then you realize one thing: that you don't deserve to get all of these things. But because you still have them, you are full of gratitude and they make you feel fulfilled.


Express your gratitude. See how you can develop more gratitude and your meditation will gain depth. And not just your meditation, but your whole life will change tremendously. It will have a whole new quality. Whenever you deal with people, be aware of your gratitude and your life will be full of amazement.


I have told you four things that are necessary for purity of feelings: kindness, compassion, happiness and gratitude. There are many others, but these four are enough. If you meditate on them, others will follow by themselves. In this way, the feelings become pure.


I have explained to you how to cleanse the body, how to cleanse the mind, and how to cleanse the feelings. Even if you only manage these three, you are entering a whole new world. Even if you take just these three steps, a lot will happen.


I will discuss three other principles later: the emptiness of the body, the emptiness of the mind, and the emptiness of the emotions. And when purification and emptiness come together, samadhi, enlightenment, occurs.


From: The fire of meditation