What's in NDA training

Night of Training (NdA)

Since 2012, the companies in the working group have been opening their doors for a late shift in one evening. Every year, young people can look forward to interesting and exciting activities as well as numerous hands-on activities relating to training, dual study programs and internships.

What can I do and where do I want to go is the question that young people have to deal with at the end of their school career. Conversely, for companies it means to find suitable trainees who, with the appropriate qualifications, also fit into your company. Dropping out of training costs time and money. The right staffing helps to secure the location, because the shortage of skilled workers and demographic change require strategic training management.

The transition management school - occupation of the city of Lünen coordinates the Lüner night of training. We would like to offer the students orientation aids so that they can make informed decisions based on their strengths. The companies involved offer the right framework for orientation on their company premises - in the production and training workshops, because nowhere can a better view be given than in the company itself.

From the initial four start-up companies (Aurubis, Caterpillar, Remondis, Steag), participation has now increased to many other companies in recent years.

The employment counseling service of the Employment Agency is always a guest at two companies with its counseling services, in order to provide advice and carry out application portfolio checks on site.

The event is aimed at students from grades 8 - 13 and all other young people who still need orientation. Parents are also cordially invited and, of course, teachers too.

More information is available on our homepage: www.luener-nacht-der-ausbildung.de.

You can also find us on facebook. There is always something new to do with the Lüner Night of Training.