What is the seawall effect

Peninsula, Peninsula Street and East Lakeside Zone

Assessment by the jury

The main features of the work are based on a moderate further development of the existing building. The preservation of the green gap between the peninsula and the mainland is positive, although the rotated parking lot represents a slightly reinforced barrier to the green corridor. The area of ​​the festival meadow remains usable.
The kiosk on the promenade will be retained, the lakeshore line will be straightened out, creating a straight lakeshore that is a little too long.
The reduction in size of the terrace at the guest's house is incomprehensible, as is the dense planting east of it, as it obstructs the view.
The lake access for water management is given at the pier. The wooden pedestal there is to be questioned. The riverside path is appropriately based on the existing structure. The seating steps in the stone embankment are attractive, but their number is not unproblematic in terms of water management. At the eastern end of the riverside path there is a successful lookout point with steps to the water.
The development of the peninsula is well solved, the route at the intersection to the peninsula clearly distracts the traffic and is unambiguous.
The overall design of the areas is of high quality, the small stone pavement used throughout is somewhat complex.
The peninsula road was visually narrowed and reduced the speed of traffic. It leaves enough space for pedestrians and for the transitions to the private property.
The Gamswiese is enhanced by a lookout point in the south-east.
Due to the appropriateness of the means, the economy and sustainability are given.