Is it harmful to drink citric acid and ginger?

8 reasons why you should drink lemon water every day

Lemon water is incredibly easy to make yourself! You just take the juice of half a lemon (if you like it very sour, you can also use a whole lemon) and then mix the juice with approx. 250 ml of cold or warm / hot water, depending on your preference.

The best thing to do is to drink this miracle water right at the start of the day, before breakfast, to take full advantage of all of its incredible health benefits, such as the following 8!

1. Boost for your immune system!

The high vitamin C content of lemon (according to approx. 50 mg / 100 g) gives your immune system the best possible support! The expectorant and antibacterial properties of lemon help you with colds!

2. Good for the pH!

Even if lemons taste sour, in the form of lemon water they have an alkaline effect, i.e. base-forming, in the body and can thus protect against acidification! You can find more about the pH value here!

3. Stimulates bile!

Lemon water stimulates the production of bile and thus supports the digestive process!

4. Against inflammation!

Lemon water reduces inflammation and thus primarily contributes to the healing of affected joints and thus also relieves pain caused by inflammation.

5. Supports the detox process!

A daily glass of lemon water is also extremely helpful when detoxifying! The citric acid it contains supports the body in eliminating toxins, which makes lemon water ideal as an additional measure in a detox cure!

6. Strengthens your liver!

According to, warm lemon water in particular strengthens the liver and even promotes its regeneration process and the renewal of your cells! Lemon water is also gentle on the liver by making it easier for it to digest sugar and fat!

7. Improves the complexion of your skin!

The benefits of lemon water not only affect your body internally, but also externally! Because lots of antioxidants make your skin shine and fight off free radicals!

8. Strengthens your gums!

The essential oils of lemon contained in lemon water strengthen your gums, help with inflammation in the oral cavity and counteract periodontal disease. You can find more information about the healing properties of lemon oil here!

You can find even more reasons why you should definitely drink lemon water every day, for example at or at!


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