What is human science philosophy

University and human sciences - an attempt at definition


What is human science? How do the human science faculties at German universities interpret the term?

The term human sciences is used to describe sciences that deal with humans as an object of research. The term, which is particularly popular in the Anglo-Saxon region and known there as human science, is gaining in importance precisely because it symbolizes interdisciplinary work - and which levels out the earlier distinctions between the humanities, social and natural sciences.

The broad field of anthropology is given a similar meaning and is also being used more and more as an interdisciplinary theoretical term.

What exactly is assigned to the human sciences? In addition to subjects where it is obvious - psychology and educational science, sociology and social work and the philosophical sub-area of ​​anthropology, there are also the subjects human biology, human medicine and nursing sciences, human ethology, sociobiology, ethnology and folklore, political science, archeology, history , Economics that can be classified as human sciences.

In addition, depending on the narrowness of the definition, geography, architecture, law, computer science and engineering should be mentioned.

The term human science is often translated as human science. The terminology already indicates two basic programmatic conditions. On the one hand, it summarizes all areas of science that are not united under the term natural sciences (an exclusive definition). And on the other hand, it shows that it is not a single science or that different sciences are to be included under it.

What sounds so banal, however, has far-reaching implications. He points out, among other things, that on the one hand the subject area of ​​the human sciences is different from that of the natural sciences, namely people in the singular and in the majority in contrast to non-human nature.

Different universities maintain faculties for human sciences and assign different subjects to them. At the Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, for example, the human sciences faculty is the third largest faculty at the university. The subjects of education and psychology as well as various subject areas dedicated to teacher training are located here.

The Darmstadt University of Technology her faculty for human sciences includes sports science in addition to psychology and pedagogy. Faculty of Human Sciences at TU Darmstadt

On the website of the TU Darmstadt, the human sciences approach is explained as follows: "A special characteristic of research and teaching in the department is the interdisciplinary orientation. Upbringing and education, behavior and experience as well as the body and movement of people are integrated through different disciplinary perspectives. As human sciences In the context of a technical university, the department also sees it as its task to maintain and expand interdisciplinary relationships with the technical, natural and engineering subjects at TU Darmstadt

At the University of Kassel, the conception of the Faculty of Human Sciences is justified as follows: It has to do with the leading role in this university reform project, as it was expressed above all in the "educational and sociological core course, which is why the Kassel educational science is not the usual has followed educational specialist disciplinary paths and has developed a specific profile, in particular with psychoanalysis and conceptual interdisciplinary networking with other social sciences.

The University of Kassel has assigned its human science faculty not only to education but also to psychology, social science and music. Faculty of Human Sciences at the University of Kassel

The well-known university compass is a good starting point for finding out about the German courses in humanities. Link to the university compass

The website is published by the Foundation for the Promotion of the University Rectors' Conference and is an objective source of information that makes it easy to compare different German universities.

Is psychology a human science? An introduction to this discipline can be helpful: Article on the study of psychology.

Further brief descriptions of various subjects related to human sciences are currently in the preparation phase and will follow here soon.