All web CRUD application are web services

CRUD: the basis of data management

So that you can also use the class defined here for database access with PDO, you must the exact values ​​for the four entries$ dbName (Name of the database used), $ dbHost (Name of the host on which the database is running - usually as in the example localhost), $ dbUsername (Name of the accessing user) and $ dbUserPassword (Password of the accessing user).

The "Database" class was assigned three functions in this script: __construct (), the Class constructor, reminds the user that initialization (i.e. the assignment of an initial or initial value) is not permitted. At connect () it is the main function of the class that regulates the establishment of a connection, the counterpart disconnect () is used to terminate the connection.

3. Since CRUD operations can only be carried out using the appropriate interface, the basic grid should now be created with Twitter Bootstrap at this point. The current version of the framework can be found on the official homepage. Unzip Bootstrap in the same directory as the database.php and add another file with the name index.php at. In this you now create the interface: