Which countries do not have nuclear weapons?

Number of nuclear warheads worldwide 2020

Published by Statista Research Department, June 15, 2020
At the beginning of 2020, the almost 13,400 nuclear weapons available worldwide were distributed among nine countries. The two military superpowers, Russia and the USA, have by far the largest nuclear arsenals with around 6,000 nuclear warheads each. This large number of nuclear weapons resulted from the decades-long arms race during the Cold War between the USA and Russia and the Soviet Union.

Distribution of the world's nuclear weapons

In addition to the five "official" nuclear weapons-possessing states, the USA, Russia, China, France and Great Britain, there are four "de facto" nuclear weapons leading states: India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. The former official nuclear weapon states also form the group of permanent members of the United Nations Security Council who have a veto right and can thus prevent the Council from passing a resolution. Of the four other de facto nuclear weapon powers, North Korea has recently risen to become a nuclear power and has since then repeatedly used this status in international negotiations in an effort to relax the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council.

Fight against the proliferation of nuclear weapons

In an effort to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons and reduce the risk of nuclear war, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was initiated by the five “official” nuclear powers and signed by almost all countries around the world. Israel, India and Pakistan, along with South Sudan, have refused to ratify the treaty in order not to submit to the control of their nuclear facilities by the International Atomic Energy Agency. In addition, North Korea left the treaty in 2003 in order to be able to pursue its path to becoming a nuclear power undisturbed. After several nuclear weapons tests, North Korea officially declared itself a nuclear power in 2012.

Number of nuclear warheads worldwide 2020