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Queen Elizabeth: 10 Secret Facts About The Queen

Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne of Great Britain for 65 years. It's hard to believe that after such a long time there are still one or two secrets to unravel about her

It is an iron rule of Queen Elizabeth, 91, not to speak about herself or the royal family in public. Nevertheless, private details about the monarch seep through the walls of "Buckingham Palace" into the press. The British "Sun" compiles ten secret facts.

1. All her clothes are colorful, colorful, colorful

Royal blue, sunny yellow, grass green - the Queen relies on bright colors for public appearances. In muted tones such as white, beige or gray, you rarely see them. The reason: With the eye-catching wardrobe, she stands out from the crowd (especially in England's dull rainy weather) and ensures that she receives the undivided attention of viewers and the press. Pretty clever!

2. She leaves only a soft pink color on her nails

The Queen remains true to herself not only when she chooses her clothes, but also when it comes to her cosmetic products: she has been wearing the same nail polish for 30 years. It should be a pale pink lacquer called "Ballet Slippers". This is what manufacturer Essie reveals on its official website. The Queen's hairdresser is said to have written a letter to founder Essie Weinstein in 1989 and ordered a few bottles. The paint is a bargain by royal standards: a bottle costs the equivalent of eight euros today.

3. Not without gloves

The Queen is rarely seen without gloves. There is an understandable reason behind this: hygiene! With hundreds of hands that she has to shake during an appointment, she doesn't want to acquire any bacteria or even pass them on from person to person.

4. Your socks got on the dog

When it comes to footwear, the Queen swears by the products of the Welsh company "Corgi Hosiery Ldt.". Whether your preference for socks is due to the company name? Corgi is also called the favorite dog breed of 91-year-olds. She is said to have owned more than thirty copies of the cute four-legged friend during her reign. Currently three corgis are officially allowed to name the queen "mistress": Vulcan, Candy and Willow. According to "Sun", a fourth corgi named "Whisper" could have been added in January. It belonged to the late Sandringham caretaker and is said to have enchanted the Queen so much that she asked the Fenwicks to take care of the dog.

5. The trick with the shoes

Even if the noble socks (up to 127 euros per pair) are pretty to look at, the Queen naturally needs proper footwear for her numerous appearances (over 380 in 2016). But who doesn't know the problem: new kicks can pinch and pinch, blisters and chafed skin are the result. Annoying when you have to deal with it in front of photographers and camera teams. So that this does not happen and the royal feet are spared, the Queen should let employees "break in" her shoes. By the way, Her Majesty usually wears simple black shoes from "Anello & Davide" for around 1,100 euros per pair.

6. Cheers, Your Majesty!

Nobody can refuse a drop in honor - this also applies to the grandmother of Prince William and Prince Harry. According to her late cousin Margaret Rhodes, the Queen allows herself up to four alcoholic beverages on some days. Preference is given to gin and dubonnet with lemon and ice before lunch, a wine with lunch and a glass of champagne in the evening. The following applies: only on a full stomach.

7. This European country is a blank spot for the Queen

During her 65-year reign, the Queen has honored 116 countries around the world during 265 official visits, according to the British Telegraph. Record for a British monarch. But, of all places, she has never set foot across the border of a country in Europe: Greece. The reason for this could run in the family and be called Prince Philip. The Queen's husband was born on June 10th 1921 to Prince Andreas of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice von Battenberg in Corfu. After a military coup, the family was forced into exile. An uncomfortable historical aspect about which the Queen could be "not amused" out of solidarity with her husband.

8. Without this snack, the Queen will not travel

While others do not go out of the house without a wallet, cell phone, lipstick - or in rainy England - an umbrella, the Queen cannot do without one thing: chocolate sponge cake! Darren McGrady, who stirred the wooden spoon in the service of the palace for over 15 years, reveals: The Queen always has a piece of the sweet delicacy with her.

9. ... but the passport stays at home every time

Queen Elizabeth is the only British citizen who can move freely around the world without identification. The official website of the Royal Family states: "Since a British passport is issued in Her Majesty's name, it is unnecessary for the Queen to have one." Translated means: It makes no sense for the queen to issue herself an ID. By the way: The Queen does not have a driver's license either, but she still drives around in her car without a license plate. Exemption is thanks.

10. Watch out for these royal signals

The Queen is always polite and courteous at public appearances. In order to signal to her employees that she is secretly not "amused" at all or that she wants to say goodbye to a conversation partner, she uses a series of secret signals. When she switches her handbag from one hand to the other, it means, "I'm bored." If she puts her bag on a table, she says: "I want to go home". Your employees then ensure that the Queen is freed from her predicament.

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