Which MCU movies contain Infinity Stones

The common thread of the MCU: The 6 Infinity Stones

The theory with Heimdall and the soul stone is of course very appropriate and is also heavily discussed on the Internet. However, this has not been confirmed and is just a rumor, so perhaps it should be noted. As long as the stone has not been officially announced, one must also consider other theories about the location of the stone (Wakanda, Hela, Adam Warlock). You did at Doctor Strange too.
It is of course the most logical theory, since since Thor 2 the scepter has been assumed to be Mindstone again and again and this is how it happened. Nevertheless, the sentence: it would not be wise to keep 2 Infinity stones so close together is illogical, because you already have a stone in Asgard. The other way around is explained by why Odin left the Tesseract on earth at that time. In addition, he is an organ, gives the required H for the pun and Heimall himself emphasizes that he sees all the souls of this world (Thor).
In addition, I would have liked a more complex article, because you can actually find better articles on the Internet, more on that in a moment.

I've never heard of a seventh stone, but maybe it's in the comics. The artefact of the ice giants (Casket of Ancient Winters) is not an infinity stone, but an ancient artefact that causes eternal winter. In the context of the MCU it is some kind of alien technology and can be compared with other artifacts that are in Odin's treasury, e.g. Mjolnir or Warlocks Eye.
Regarding the stays: the earth is always in focus, because it is the central place of action. Is the same as the constant question: why do aliens always end up in America? ^^ Although it always seems a bit strange, you can explain it here, because I find Transformers where all artifacts are also present on earth, much less creative.
- Tesseract: Earth -> Was hidden by Odin on earth for some reason during the war with the ice giants. Is now in Asgard.
- Ether: -> Dark World. Was hidden in an intermediate dimension by Odin's father to separate the dark elves from their most powerful weapon. Due to the convergence, all 9 worlds / dimensions lie next to each other - and thus also the secret dark world that keeps the aether. The fact that, of all things, an Earthling and Jane find this secret path is then just typical Deus Ex Machina. The aether is now at the collector, presumably on Knowhere.
- Orb: -> Morag, is found by Quill and is followed by the Novas Xandar.
- Scepter: -> Thanos. In the movie Avengers it is suggested several times that Loki received the scepter from Thanos to conquer the world. He can control people through the scepter and the Chitauris obey him. It is therefore evident that Thanos sacrificed one stone in order to receive two later. Because the other declares: he owns the human world and you (Thanos) the universe. As is known, Thanos underestimated humans and therefore lost the scepter and thus the thought stone to the earth. You keep hearing that Ultron was like Plan B from Thanos. I don't see it that way, because otherwise vision would also have to be evil. The Infinity stones seem to be more than just stones, but to have a certain source of energy (perhaps even comparable to alien technology). Tony uses this to create a superior artificial intelligence: Ultron. The program had existed for a long time (Hank Pym?) And could now be implemented. That Thanos has anything to do with it is absolutely illogical: Time, Tony of all people is researching the scepter, Ultron evil / vision good. It's more like artificial intelligence running amok, as you know (Terminator, I, Robot and Co.). Keeper is momentary Vision (earth).
So the stones came to earth by chance, one is still there due to Thanos' mistake, all the others are widely scattered.
About the Celestials or the Elder or even the 4 singularities: Infinity, Eternity, Entropy and Death we don't really know anything, just as little about Thanos (in the MCU). Hopefully more will be explained there, GotG was the beginning.

To the article again: here you could have brought more:
- Tesseract: after he was hidden on earth (Thor), is abused by the Red Skull and disappears into the sea, Howard Stark finds him (Captain America) and researches. From the energy of the cube, Howard derives the idea of ​​the Arc Reactor (self-sufficient energy) and this later results in Iron Man's Reactor in which Tony creates a new element from Howard's plans (and research on the Tesseract) and thus powers the armor (Iron man 2). Research on the Tesseract continued (Project Pegasus), which is why an apparently influenced Selvig took care of the stone (Thor, Avengers Prelude). Heimdall later uses the cube to repair the Bifröst (Thor 2 Prelude). The Tesseract contains the Space stone and supplies itself with energy, creates portals, can transmit energy and reacts to other infinity stones (Avengers). One can assume that he actually absorbed (Red Skull) and maybe even sent the Hydra soldiers to another dimension instead of sizzling them up. What if Tony's Element took on similar properties and became an Infinity Stone himself?
- Ether: While most stones appear solid, the ether exists in liquid form. It was used by the dark elves to create eternal darkness and thus to destroy the other forms of life. After defeating the Dark Elves, he was hidden. It contains the Reality Stone and changes reality and thus physical properties (eternal darkness, rain showers) and could transform the universe (Thor 2). Malekith uses his power and absorbs him and thus becomes invincible: it is quite possible that later the stone will absorb Malekith and that he will still "live" like the Red Skull.
- Orb: the orb contains the Power Stone, the most powerful stone that releases energy to wipe out entire civilizations or even destroy planets. Only powerful carriers can control him and so the Celestials, as well as a group of 6 strangers as well as Ronan never really dominated him. It was only Peter Quill's secret DNA that made him last longer, if only for a short time (Guardians of the Galaxy). The same applies here: the stone could have devoured Ronan.
- Scepter: the most interesting artifact, which is the most enigmatic. With the blue crystal, one thought for a long time that it wasn't a stone at all, before the energy envelope broke through and that Mind Stone has been released. Loki can use the stone to control the thoughts of others, which is why Hawkeye or Selvig, for example, switch sides. How far this mind control extends remains open, considering that Loki Selvig is already influencing from another dimension (Thor, Avengers). After the Battle of NY, the scepter is acquired by Shield before the infiltrated hydra takes it. One researches with the scepter and realizes that different abilities similar to the Terrigenesis crystals can be released. Hydra is doing research on volunteers in Europe and wants to create an army of super soldiers (Avengers 2 Prelude, Agents of Shield 2), with 2 experiments it succeeds. In Quicksilver, the stone releases the ability to run in super speed, Scarlet Witch can influence objects, telekenesis and like the thought stone: thought manipulation. Why, of all things, the twins are the only survivors of the experiment (Captain America 2) are not really answered. Apparently everyone has the potential for more, but only the thought stone can tease this out (Iron man 3). The stone creates an A.I, which becomes Ultron in an Iron Legion. He uses the stone to create his own life with his own thoughts, which is still the carrier of the stone (vision) today.

The thought stone in particular is not really explained and seems to have several powers. In addition to mind control, it also releases forces and creates life. This can all be explained with thoughts and potential, also that an A.I was created out of the stone with your own thoughts, but maybe there is more to it. The scepter reacts to the tesseract and vice versa, both are connected to each other. Quicksilver's abilities are in the broader sense nothing else than the curvature of the room (Tesseract), in which he can move faster (he also glows blue when running). Scarlet Witch's rays are red and she manipulates reality (aether) through visions, but also through telekenesis and psy forces. The stone gives vision life (through the energy), own thoughts and maybe even a soul (soul stone). Perhaps the thought stone can absorb forces from the other infinity stones and transfer certain fragments to the wearer. Or maybe it's just theory.
But you can see that the stones have received attention in almost every movie so far, except in Inredible Hulk, Iron Mna 3 (which explains the potential of Killian's abilities) and Ant-Man (which shows the microverse, which is in connection with the stones). Civil War will also ignore the stones, but explanations about Wanda's and Vision's powers are welcome.