What does CTRL F9

Ctrl + A + F9 pressed closed + saved. Gray fields ..

Nov 18, 2013, 10:21 pm
Invocation name: kadir

       Version: Office 2010


I made a very stupid mistake, wanted to update all fields from the bibliography, googled and recommended the key combination Ctrl + A + F9, pressed everything was highlighted in gray, but then the big mistake, closed and pressed save.

Now, after opening, I had an empty document in front of my eyes.
Then Alt + F9 pressed, everything came back, but the whole text is in gray fields and all fields are shown as code.

How do I undo all of this so that the text is displayed as text again and the references are displayed normally?

Or is that no longer reversible ??? [/ img]

25 Nov 2013, 11:41 pm
First name:

       Version: Office 2010

Hello kadirko,

unfortunately I can only partially help you with your problem. That everything should suddenly be fields must be such a bug. Unfortunately, I don't have any advice here.

However, you can display the references normally again by right-clicking on a field / reference and selecting "Field functions on / off". Then at least your references should actually be displayed correctly again.

With your normal text, I would try to mark it and then set it to standard using the format templates and see what happens. In a pinch, you can always undo it.

Again, the question for you: Have you installed the SP1? This fixes a lot of bugs.

Best wishes_
currently online very irregularly

26 Nov 2013, 12:42 am
Call name: Markus
Place of residence: Cologne rrh

       Version: Office 2010


I'm not d'accord there. It seems to me that you didn't press Ctrl + a and then F9, but that you - as you write in the heading - pressed both key combinations together. Of course, Word interprets this as you press it: Ctrl + a Ctrl + F9. This means that all of your text is now in a Word field. If you were to change the view or press F9, you would get "Error! Bookmark not defined".

- Press Alt + F9 until you see your text "again"
- click with the mouse in front of the first letter of your text
- Scroll to the end of the document with the mouse wheel and scroll bars - not with keys, because they move the cursor
- Hold down the Shift key and click behind the last letter of your text, but in front of the field brackets - your text is highlighted
- Press Ctrl + c - Document text is on the clipboard
- Press Ctrl + End - the cursor jumps behind the "Document" field
- Press Ctrl + v - Document text is inserted outside the field
- Press Shift + F11 - the "Document" field is marked
- Press Del - the thing is gone, your text is still there.


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