How do I change ssd on MacBook

How to change the startup volume on Mac at startup

How to change the startup volume on Mac at startup

tip: You should definitely use Apple's Time Machine to always have an up-to-date backup of your system ready in an emergency.

If you find that the startup volume is damaged when booting up, you should abort the boot process by pressing and holding the power button. Now that your Mac is off, turn it back on while holding down the Option (Alt) key. After a short time, the startup manager opens. This will show you your bootable volumes so that you can choose another one besides the damaged one.

As soon as you have selected a different volume and your Mac has restarted without any problems, you should first try to repair the defective volume or rescue your data (if you do not have a current TimeMachine backup).

Disk Utility should be the first to be tried. This is located in the “Applications> Utilities” folder. There you select the defective hard drive or the defective partition and then click on "First Aid". If that doesn't work, you should follow our alternative repair guide. If this does not work either, we recommend that you call up the system settings via the menu bar and change this permanently under “Startup volume”, as the startup manager does not save this permanently.

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