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Hostinger review

Hostinger offers a variety of hosting services ranging from advanced VPS cloud hosting plans to beginners who just want to start with free hosting that is risk free.

My story with Hostinger

But how can this company from Kaunas, Lithuania hold up against other hosting services?

To find out, I set up an account with Hostinger and added a test page (visit here) to their platform. Because the web host is so easy to use, I have added more websites to my Hostinger account from my other projects and have become a real user of their service.

In this review, I'm going to take you behind the scenes and show you features about my Hostinger account. I will publish some results from my speed tests and the uptime monitor to demonstrate the performance of Hostinger servers.

I've also spoken to various managers at Hostinger and talked about their service over the years I've worked with them. Below is one of their answers.

About Hostinger, the company

Hostinger started as a personal company called Hosting Media in 2004. They later changed their name and launched - a popular web hosting service that is offered for free.

With the rapid growth and expansion, Hostinger has reached a major milestone of having 1 million users just 6 years from the day they started. Today, Hostinger Web Hosting manages over 29 million users and has localized offices worldwide with 150 employees working in 39 countries around the world.

In this Hostinger Review

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Hostinger hosting plans and prices




Hostinger advantages: what is Hostinger doing right?

1. Solid performance: Excellent website uptime + high speed

Part of my Hostinger review is based on proven data. In case you didn't know, my team and I introduced a new system called HostScore to track hosting performance in 2019. We now have a system that constantly tracks server availability every 5 minutes and runs speed tests every 10 hours in 4 locations around the world. The massive data collected by the system enables me to better understand a web host's performance and make a more accurate assessment.

The results of the availability and speed tests on our Hostinger test page show that Hostinger doesn't fool around when it comes to the reliability of the service.

Hostinger hosting uptime

Hostinger hosting speed


2. Value Pack: Inexpensive shared plan ($ 0.99 per month) and great features

Premium features often come with premium prices, but Hostinger offers an affordable plan with a variety of premium features for just 0.99 / month. It's a great deal for users who want a simple website at the cheapest price.

Notable properties

Here is a list of the main features Hostinger offers -

  • Supports PHP 7, HTTP / 2, IPv6 and LiteSpeed ​​caching by default - Great feature for better website speed, available on all joint plans ($ 0.99 / month and up)
  • Zyro Website Builder - Website builder to help design a website with built-in templates available in all shared plans ($ 0.99 / month and up)
  • WordPress acceleration - Optimization for the best WordPress performance, available in all shared plans ($ 0.99 / month and up)
  • Github integration - Handy for web development and versioning, available in all joint plans ($ 0.99 / month and up)
  • Free SSL certificate - For better branding and HTTPS connection, available in all joint plans ($ 0.99 / month and up)
  • Free domain - Save costs, available in Premium Shared and above ($ 2.19 / month and above)
  • Unlimited cron jobs - For website automation and easy management, available in Premium Shared and above ($ 2.19 / month and above)
  • SSH access - Available from Premium Shared ($ 2.19 / mo and up) for more security and easy website management
  • Free EUR - Faster page load times for visitors from different geographic regions, available in Business Shared ($ 3.99 / month and up)


3. Plenty of room for your website to grow: upgrade to VPS and cloud hosting

Hostinger has a number of hosting plans that you can choose from depending on the needs of your website.

There is the shared hosting plan, which is divided into three separate packages: Single, Premium, and Business. Single provides the basic functionality you need to run a single website. Premium, on the other hand, offers more features and performance, while Business offers features and performance for those who focus on eCommerce websites.

A larger website can opt for VPS hosting, which offers the best performance in terms of speed and resources. All of the different hosting plans give your website a lot of flexibility to grow and expand as your business gets bigger.


4. Choice of 7 data centers

Part of Hostinger's vision is to be as present as possible worldwide - that's why there are over 150 branches worldwide. The same goes for their data centers.

To date, Hostinger has 7 data centers in the US, Asia and Europe (UK) where you can host your website. All servers in the data center are connected by connecting lines with 1,000 Mbit / s to ensure maximum performance and stability. This means that you are getting maximum speed for your website.

Having multiple is definitely helpful in keeping your website loading fast, also because it helps reduce latency for users trying to access your website's data that is closer to their physical location.


5. Free and cheap domain (.XYZ at $ 0.99 / year)

For domain name registration, Hostinger offers some of the cheaper prices for domain extensions.

Domain Pricing: Hostinger vs. GoDaddy

Compared to well-known domain registrars like GoDaddy, the Hostinger prices for popular extensions like .com and .net are significantly lower.

For lesser-known domain extensions like .xyz or .tech, you can get it for as low as $ 0.99, compared to GoDaddy, which offers it at $ 1.17 and $ 10.17.

* Note: Please refer to the official website for the best price quote:


6. User-friendly control panel

Hostinger uses the specially developed control panel called hPanel for the shared hosting platform. It works similarly to cPanel, but has a chic design and a modern tweak for usability - which makes it better than cPanel in my opinion.

This is what Hostinger hPanel (the user dashboard) looks like:

The entire layout of the hPanel dashboard makes it easy for users to access key system functions such as managing web files via drag and drop in the file manager, setting up email accounts or changing your password, as well as changing the PHP version and keeping track of the Webs use of host resources (see images below).


7. Accept a variety of payment options

Hostinger makes it easier for its users to pay for their services by allowing a variety of payment methods. You can make your payment using either PayPal, credit card (Visa, Master, Discover, American Express), Maestro, or even Bitcoin.



Hostinger cons: which should be better

1. Lack of support for site migration

To get new customers, many hosting companies help new users migrate their websites. Unfortunately, that's not the case with Hostinger. For users switching web host, you will need to manually move your websites to Hostinger yourself.

Instructions on how to submit your website to Hostinger: Check out this official tutorial. To find another hosting provider that offers free website migration assistance, check out this list.

2. Price increase during renewal

Most of the time, Hostinger plans are quite affordable when you first sign up. However, if you renew, Hostinger will raise the prices significantly. Although they have recently changed their renewal prices to lower the price hike, the price hike still comes as an unpleasant surprise to many.

3. Lack of free SSL support

Installing a free SSL certificate at Hostinger is quite a chore - although the official website states that they offer free SSL in joint plans.

To install a free SSL certificate on your Hostinger site, you need to go to Create a Free SSL Certificate for SSL Free and manually copy the certificate and private key into your account. You can find the detailed steps for installing a free SSL on Hostinger here.




Hostinger web hosting plans

Shared hosting plans and pricing

Hostinger offers 3 shared hosting plans for you to choose from: Single Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting, and Business Web Hosting. Since they all come with a 30-day trial, you can test their services without any risk.

Single web hosting provides the basics in terms of features and performance. For those who need more, Premium and Business offer a range of features such as more SSD storage space and unlimited bandwidth. Business hosting in particular offers you four times better computing power and a free CDN, which is ideal for e-commerce shops.

* Note # 1: Hostinger's Premium Shared Hosting Plan ($ 3.79 / month) is ~ 30% below the market average price according to our 2019 hosting market research.

** Note # 2: Hostinger does not offer dedicated IP addresses for shared hosting users.



VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing

There are 6 levels of VPS hosting on Hostinger, starting with Plan 1 through Plan 6. If you're looking for lightning fast loading speeds, the Hostinger Cloud VPS is 30 times faster than other regular shared hosting services.

In addition, all cloud VPS are equipped with 100 MB / s network, IPv6 support and SSD drives. With Plan 6, you get up to 8 CPUs, 8 GB of RAM, 160 GB of hard drive space, and 8000 GB of bandwidth suitable for any type of website. If you need any help, there are dedicated live chat supports available 24/7.

* Note: Hostinger offers six preset VPS hosting plans. For more information, please visit the official website at Plan 4 through 6. All Hostinger VPS hostings come with a free dedicated IP address and full server root access.




Conclusion: is Hostinger right for you?

Why Hostinger?

Of course, the question arises, "What makes Hostinger better than the others?" And here is the answer I got from management.

Message from Hostinger

Providing people a chance to educate themselves, Hostinger became the industry price leader with a strong community of more than 29 million happy customers around the world choosing to continue their journey with Hostinger and all of the unlimited web hosting features at the BEST price unlock & quality record.

Starting at [Update: $ 0.99 / mo], webmasters can take advantage of powerful SSD-based shared web hosting services - and only for the more sophisticated [$ 3.95 / mo] to take full control of their personal cloud VPS servers.

- Sarune, hostinger

Conclusion - what I really think

Hostinger brings a lot to the table, from fantastic pricing to a variety of server locations and the depth of plan types to grow into. However, these benefits come with some casualties - the lack of migration assistance, for example. Of course, you'll have to settle for plan renewal price increases too, but that's pretty typical.

The bottom line is that Hostinger is a great choice for those looking for an affordable one-stop hosting solution - especially newbies who are just starting out.

Hostinger alternatives

Hostinger is often compared to other budget hosting solutions such as A2 Hosting ($ 2.99 / mo), Bluehost ($ 2.95 / mo), InMotion Hosting ($ 2.49 / mo), and TMD Hosting ($ 2.95 / mo).

In terms of pricing, Hostinger has the cheapest plan in all three shared hosting categories (basic one-domain, intermediate and business plan). Some (like A2 and InMotion) offer advanced features and other benefits - please use our hosting comparison tool if you are undecided.

Compare the base pricing

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