What middle names go well with Riley

Riley?!? Middle name

Hello everybody,

I have a question, and although I no longer look through exactly when to put a middle name on documents:

I don't mean names like Lisa-Marie, but when your name is Paul, for example, but the name Josef is still in the first name on the ID card (the middle name is often the name of a grandpa / grandma, for example).

Do you have to give the name everywhere?

I am particularly interested in the following areas, as these currently affect my life:

  • I registered online with the employment agency because I am still studying after my training and am unemployed for about 2 months between the two. For the period I have to register as a jobseeker. Do I have to enter my middle name in the account? I don't want my money to be denied because of such a triviality.
  • The monthly statement that I receive from my employer only shows my first and last name, but not my middle name. Bad? Can that later lead to problems with the pension etc?
  • if I want to enroll for the course: do you need a middle name or not? It would be stupid if you couldn't study because of a formal error
  • In addition, my second name is not included on my school reports, the certificate of attendance for the intermediate examination (training), in my training contract and in my invitation to the intermediate examination. Bad? Can this cause problems somehow?

In summary: According to my ID, I have a second name, but this is actually nowhere to be found (even my health insurance company etc. don't use the name when you send me mail) - bad or not?

Thanks in advance for the answers, you would help me a lot.